Why Won't the Dog Speak?
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  • Joe P
    Joe P

    what da dog doin

  • lootsorrow

    I misunderstood the phrasing of 'lawyer present' and was wondering if there's some kind of cultural tradition in America where the client has to give their lawyer a present before or after the trial.

  • Justin Silvasy
    Justin Silvasy

    This is not a dog, this is a lawyer. Even so, 13/10, please send more dogs!

  • Adam Livesay
    Adam Livesay

    If you dont really have a lawyer and instead rely on free state lawyers, do you still have the legal right to speak to your lawyer before anyone else?

  • G. Waits4Gainz
    G. Waits4Gainz

    LOL yesssss

  • Ariisake

    my lawyer has advised me to state that the dog is indeed, a good boy

  • just Norr
    just Norr

    Hey its dicker from the incredibles

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma

    Why was it 13/10?

  • JJJBunney001

    This is definitely a smart idea but people need to realise context is key, as always. I hear too many story's of people pulling this move for a simple breath test or if a cop pulls you over for traffic infringements. The best thing to do in those cases is always respectfully comply with the officer at the time. At least that's how it works were I live. Trying to pretend you know the law and pull this is how people end up in altercations with police

  • Leona DuLac Ackermann
    Leona DuLac Ackermann


  • H.K

    I cant even. In times like these i look to Patrick Clouds take on the topic. If a minority were to do that theyd be absolutely effed.

  • Da Sloth
    Da Sloth

    ok so i missed the meme can someone give me context please n thanks

  • Lamar Williams
    Lamar Williams

    I don't get it... Should we out should we not talk to cops before getting representation?

  • Tommymyguy

    He looks like the dude from forge of empires

  • Herbsewell

    I wish I had this lawyer 20 year's ago we'd be filthy rich right now. Wait, actually I probably wouldn't have gotten into that accident that permanently broke me, and I probably would've walked, or not have even been caught that other time...

  • David Ferrer
    David Ferrer

    OBJECTION The good boy doesn't deserve a 13/10, he's well past the twenties

  • ytirar

    good boy until proven bad

  • Puer Latinophilus
    Puer Latinophilus

    Ok he got his lawyer present. Now speak

  • Paul L
    Paul L

    never EVER speak to the police. the only thing you should ever say is "lawyer"

  • Real life Bambi: Deer at the Farm
    Real life Bambi: Deer at the Farm

    Smart Husky!

  • Jason W
    Jason W

    Lawyer Dawg

  • tenkaminari

    If the dog accepted that biscuit, would it be charged for talking bribery?

  • Christel Headington
    Christel Headington

    Was that Major ?

  • ppunion

    My country is consistently ranked one of the least corrupt countries in the world. I have not broken the law to my knowledge. I generally trust and believe in the police in my country (I don't live in the US). But I will never say anything beyond what I'm legally required to before speaking to my lawyer. The worst part is... It's not even about protecting myself. It is about not creating headaches for my lawyer.

  • silversleek

    Hey LegalEagle, this is unrelated to the video, but I wanted to know if you'd consider playing any social deduction games on your channel, such as Werewolf/Mafia/Among us. It would be very interesting to see a lawyers take on just how to keep yourself from being voted off (or killed).

  • Orden Just
    Orden Just

    The dogs that I want to hear speak are the drug-sniffing dogs. After all, a defendant has the right to confront the witnesses against him/her. If the dog remains silent, the judge should dismiss the case and hold the dog in contempt.

  • thenorup

    Please stop these shorts!!! They are filling up my sub box!

  • Isabella Rivera
    Isabella Rivera

    Can you talk about what’s going on with Roe v Wade with the Supreme Court and what it means please

  • Anthony Menolascino
    Anthony Menolascino

    Do a short on the comments the Qanon Shaman guy's lawyer made in court. The one where he called the capitol rioters braindead and on the spectrum amoung other less tasteful things

  • Jonathon Polk
    Jonathon Polk

    Your honor, I move for the court to recognize the witness as an expert good boy.

  • Tim

    One thing I've never understood completely: If you are arrested and say that you won't speak without an attorney present, how are you expected to contact your lawyer, and if you don't already have an attorney, do the officers contact a state appointed defense attorney or are you expected to find one while you're cuffed in an interrogation room?

  • Kiki Purchases
    Kiki Purchases

    I don't now if you have any experience regarding to buying houses and apartments, but at this time you should talk about the biggest frauds companies do when they sell you apartments or houses. Lately i have a lot of friends who have gotten scammed by companies since the law is very difficult to understand for people. they have no idea what they sign and what certain sentences actually mean in contracts. for example when someone buys an apartment then they do not actually own the apartment until the person, who sold it to them, has payed 100% of the debt to the bank (Even if you have paid 100% amount for the apartment but you still do not own it)

  • Elizabeth Calvert
    Elizabeth Calvert

    I think the dislikes must be from other lawyers who had represented or had to represent clients who did talk to law enforcement without their lawyer

  • Fu Zer
    Fu Zer

    Dog: I won’t talk without my lawyer present Human:Here’s ur lawyer present 🎁 Dog: I killed three dogs

  • Fu Zer
    Fu Zer

    No u didn’t get it. He want his lawyer present 🎁

  • ainajäni

    You should really take a look at Bad Legal Takes on Twitter, delivering top tier screenshots of people claiming things are against the law for any minor inconvenience. ✨

  • Gabby N
    Gabby N

    Fun fact: Huskies don't bark (or very rarely, and then only once). They can growl, though. (Written by a former housemate-of-a-husky)

  • Miramosa

    As for why: You might misremember whatever the police wants to talk about. You might panic and (say you were being questioned about someone dead) and say you don't own a gun when the police hasn't brought up how the victim was killed yet. You don't know the law. You know the vague cliff notes of the law. The police officer is a professional witness for the purposes of the court. You lawyer knows the law. Let your lawyer speak for you so that the correct things are said at the correct time. Everything can be recorded and fuckups make your life worse. Don't talk without your lawyer present.

  • MathewWithOneTea

    "Who's a good boy?" If I've learned anything from this channel, the answer is... "It depends."


    honestly if i ever got arrested (i dont commit crimes so id be innocent) id just cry a LOT and scream LAWYER and yell and sob like for real having bpd would not be helpful there ...


    this is the best video on your entire channel

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte

    Dog must sign a contract to receive the biscuit.

  • Raymond Reddington
    Raymond Reddington

    So dumb

  • ThisIsMego

    13/10? Somebody is following the exploits of DogRates

  • BlazzerRazzer

    Ive got a legal question. If i kill someone who was commiting suicide did i commit murder, like if someone jumps off a roof to kill himself and i shot him while he was falling and he died is it murder

  • Patrick Gartner
    Patrick Gartner

    I pray I can be as good a boy in the future.

  • Vitoria Ressineti
    Vitoria Ressineti


  • I'mweird

    Can you read thirst comments about you

  • Kyle Bogen
    Kyle Bogen

    13/12 ;)

  • Aaryan 182
    Aaryan 182

    Holy crap the camera quality on this>>>>

  • Twenty Five Bucks
    Twenty Five Bucks

    What the dog doin

  • hentaioverwhelming

    *ProZD good boy doggy intensifies*

  • nightsage217

    It is still a weird law. You have to literally tell the law enforcement units that u want to exercise that right. I think on this channel a while ago, a man is known to exercise the right for straight 3 hours, and then break it after that for adjusting miss-information, only later his right not to talk is presented as not obvious. BS still. But Law is weird.

  • CAP198462

    Except that a dog cannot be charged with a crime in some US states, and a cat wouldn’t get caught.

  • Crabser ✓
    Crabser ✓

    Day no. 3 of asking legal eagle to review r/KarmaCourt

  • Tiber Septim
    Tiber Septim

    this is the kind of quality content I'm youtube for

  • ZxZeroStelar


  • Neil Jopling
    Neil Jopling

    Did I miss the Arbor Day video on living tree constitutional interpretation or is Legal Eagle dropping the ball on timely topical videos?

  • April B
    April B

    Person: "Who's a good boy?" Dog: "Objection, Your Honor. Leading the witness."

  • Dingle

    College: If you refuse to talk because you cannot afford a lawyer and the state won’t provide you one for kangaroo courts, then we’ll just say you’re guilty and that’s why you didn’t talk. Punished.

  • Jack Ross
    Jack Ross

    Could you do a SAW gets Layered? Specifically around John Kramer? I wanna know exactly what he would be charged with if he was ACTUALLY caught. The film brands him as a murderer however what he says in the film isnt wrong, he has never ACTUALLY killed anyone. so it'd be cool to her from a professional what he would be charged with had he of gone to caught and the films were real.

  • noitall man
    noitall man

    I watched this video, here is my invoice: Opening Browser and dialing in settings 0.25hr Watching video 0.25 hr Thinking about video 1.0 hr Department review and assessment 1.5 hr Research into whether it is funny 1.5 hr Internal meetings 1.0 hr Email correspondence dictation 0.25 hr Write email 0.5 hr Review email 0.25 hr Total bill $3,250

  • Evadooker

    what da dog doin

  • Bill

    Fido? More like Fi-Do invoke his Miranda Rights!

  • TheSpacecraftX

    Adverse inference: Allow me to introduce myself.

  • Pablo Santos
    Pablo Santos

    Love the outfit!! 👌

  • Geoffrey Winn
    Geoffrey Winn

    Ha ha!

  • Adrian Rodríguez
    Adrian Rodríguez

    I have the bell selected, why aren't shorts appearing on my notifications??

    • tigerofdoom

      Time to contact a lawyer

  • Keovar

    What's the 13 a reference to?

    • Keovar

      @Ser_Lagsalot - Ah, thanks. I hadn't heard of that before.

    • Ser_Lagsalot

      Probably a reference to the twitter user DogRates, which rates dogs on a scale of 11/10 to 15/10. Because all dogs are good dogs.

  • Matt N
    Matt N

    new video posed, Another request to react to People vs Larry Flynt

  • Condemned D
    Condemned D

    Make him a lawyer dog!

  • Nerd of Theatre
    Nerd of Theatre

    This is the kind of content I signed up for

  • DiscordChaosGod

    Don't you mean 13/12? :D

  • Stratelier

    Today's shorts are not just shorts, they are _short_ shorts.

  • Jack Macguire
    Jack Macguire

    I'd be really interested to hear your take on Jung vs. AAMC, especially since you've done some collaborations with Dr. Mike recently!

  • Nobody’s DNA
    Nobody’s DNA

    Please, comment on the show All Rise!!!!!

  • Andrea T
    Andrea T

    I feel like with my Cats, they would be the lawyers and just stare at law enforcement basically telling them "if you do anything out of line I will sue your asses into the ground"

    • Jason W
      Jason W

      Cats: "We pay your catnip salary!"

  • Valentina

    Oh man I thought you got a new puppy :(

  • Bright Lights
    Bright Lights

    what da dog doin, judge?

  • mozolejos

    I have a mission, and it is to either get you to please react to the movie Serial Mom, or to receive a cease and desist from you.

  • Alexander Hay
    Alexander Hay

    objection: counsel died from laughing

  • Robert B
    Robert B

    Can you do a piece on the new Texas abortion law that uniquely allows anyone to sue anyone involved in an abortion? It looks like it has a major issue with legal standing to sue, since they’d have a hard time arguing they suffered damages personally. The legal fees part though seems to encourage people frivolously suing and closing any abortion provider due to legal fees. What does constitutional law say about this?

  • Chinedu Opara
    Chinedu Opara

    DOGjection, your honor!

  • Garret Sealey
    Garret Sealey

    So hey, there's this new abortion bill that Governor Abbott just signed into law. I'm sure there's quite a few people out there that would really appreciate a break down what this means. Thanks for the hours of free content.

  • Gabriel Fraser
    Gabriel Fraser

    There's a 46 minute video simply called "Don't talk to the police", explaining in great detail how talking to the police can screw you over even if you are 100% innocent. Talking to the police will never help you in court, nothing that you tell them will ever strengthen your case, it can ONLY weaken your case. Notably, some legal systems, like the UK, are a bit different. In the UK, there are some details you need to disclose to the police ASAP, or they will come back to haunt you. But even then, you should ALWAYS have a lawyer present.

  • Jason Hoffman
    Jason Hoffman

    Seriously what kind of sad life does it take for someone to make time to downvote something like this?

  • Scott Mitchell
    Scott Mitchell

    Devin just revealed that he follows WeRateDogs on Twitter

  • Apauc

    Number one rule my public defender friend says: Don't talk to cops.

  • Nana Noah
    Nana Noah

    Plot twist: the lawyer is lectern-rioter's lawyer.

  • Tenshine1 Productions
    Tenshine1 Productions

    Can confirm.... huskies do not do anything for a treat

  • Kyle J. Norris
    Kyle J. Norris

    Too many shorts.

  • robert linke
    robert linke

    okay, now i have to ask. is there any precedent of an animal being a defendant in a trial? not the owner of the animal, an actual animal being tried.

  • Kaspar Vatle Gjertsen
    Kaspar Vatle Gjertsen

    Guy looks like my dad if he had hair

  • Jay Buck
    Jay Buck

    Should've pawsed for thought.

  • William Langley
    William Langley

    Legal Eagle "Definitely 13/10 would represent in court" Prosecution "Your Honor this dog has committed Genocide"

    • Astarath


  • PastaPro Gaming
    PastaPro Gaming

    Please do the panera suit

  • Crimson Halo
    Crimson Halo

    Leonard French would be proud, he's asking for a lawyer dog.

  • Feliciano Agas
    Feliciano Agas

    If Matt Gaetz, Rudy Giuliani and any or all of the Trumps were convicted in New York, and if Andrew Giuliani were elected governor, could he pardon them?

  • MrLego3160

    He's not refusing to talk to the cops, he's just refusing to talk. I'm vaguely certain that even the most defensive lawyer would say its okay to talk sometimes without their presence

  • JJDoodles

    He should react to the dog attorney on tik tok next.