Trump DOJ Spied on Reporters
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  • Victor Vicenty
    Victor Vicenty

    You all bully him by himself and he still ain't scare of none you's another he's freaking right the agenda is for F the people not help them. Trump was 200 percent RIGHT.

  • TowelHeadFred

    Democrats investigating trump about russia for four years *I sleep* Trump looking into corrupt media *Real shit?*

  • bernie weber
    bernie weber

    Too bad. Lol. It's an investigation. Are you people that stupid?

  • Iowa Girl
    Iowa Girl

    Legal Eagle, Trump was right. Why do you think that they all were against him and censoring him. The news hasn't been real for years and years now except for local news. BHO administration appointed people to news rooms to help prioritize stories WTH is that about? Were you bitching then?

  • Neil Abeyta
    Neil Abeyta

    Yet he did what he said he would do an more, nobody wants to acknowledge this little point ! More people we're employed everybody no wars great trade policy made china accountable and let me be clear he proved that whenever negotiating it was ALWAYS AMERICA FIRST !! Independentl of foreign energy No wars More stock market record days Donald Trump knows how to run a business and ballance the books ! Unlike politicians who milk it ! Now look at the mess joe has done in 4 months ? No even capable of answering a random question, corruption of his son, his btother all mixed up in exploiting foreign affairs for self enrichment. Social media keeping silent of Joe's funny business

  • Tom Escobar music
    Tom Escobar music

    I truly don't like Trump but "the fake news are the enemy of the people" is very true

  • RanGer498

    You mean you all are upset about this but not the fake russia investigation🤣

  • nateo 4201
    nateo 4201

    I love huh they put words in his mouth and I do not care for trump he’s a self centered prick but he said “fakes news is the enemy of the people” which it is fakes news can cause a lot of trouble why do you think the nazis used it

  • nateo 4201
    nateo 4201

    But when they do that to him it’s okay this new double stranded in America really cracks me up

  • A Dw
    A Dw


  • Berman Donahue
    Berman Donahue

    Sounds like what a dictator would do to me

  • Zachary Crago
    Zachary Crago

    Anyone who thinks things like this aren't common practice for the government, present or past is simple out of touch with reality.

  • Recordkeeping and Information Security Agency
    Recordkeeping and Information Security Agency

    Ministry of State Security: "aw dang they took our jobs!"

  • Brian Bomofob
    Brian Bomofob

    This means literally nothing. U wouldn't know who u were unmasking till they were unmasked. Who knows why they wanted it, maybe the fake Russia collusion, that sparked an fake impeachment perhaps? Use this level of scrutiny on ANY democrat especially Biden. Ur heads will explode

  • Franz Walkup
    Franz Walkup

    Trump was right the media is the enemy of the people.

  • Dom A
    Dom A

    because not unlike yourself these ppl are deceiving the American people and need to be taken care of.

  • T Rex
    T Rex

    I dont care what side of the political spectrum a person is, they should all hate today's MSN. They lie to all of us. Legal Eagle talks out of his rear. Just like how he said Trump was a conspiracy theorist when he said Obama spied on him during the 2016 election. Somehow it was legal then. Somehow the all of a sudden the constitution matters when they want the protections from it.

  • rickabay

    Yes in america mainstream news chanels like cnn tell their audiences it is the news but its politically motivated truth distortions... There was no collusion with Russia.... but "reporters" wear pushing it, it is a national security matter when people difame their president in order to replace with a pupet....

  • That Big Red Beard Guy
    That Big Red Beard Guy

    Every administration does something similar so no shock here the people lost there power along time ago

  • Josiah Childs
    Josiah Childs

    So wait? Obama is caught spying on an incoming presidential candidate and I'm supposed to care when the new one does the same shady type of crap?

  • Thomas The Tiger
    Thomas The Tiger

    Do you realize he must have a map on his wall.

  • Titanium temple
    Titanium temple

    Sure would be allot easier to take you seriously, well if you weren't a clown partisan .... well you get the point!

  • Joseph Tobin
    Joseph Tobin

    MSM IS the enemy of the people, spreading lies, hiding truth, and protecting the socialist swine that seek to destroy this country. Btw, Obama did everything you're accusing Trump of.

  • J3tt

    That's what happens when people elect a POS of a person as president start the term with that stuff and end it with a insurrection 4 yrs later all is just sad

  • Terry Curtis
    Terry Curtis

    Liberalism and leftists are a mental disorder. And cnn is fake news they know it's falsehoods they are reporting . But they'll say anything for the right amount of money.

  • Travis Bohanan
    Travis Bohanan

    All politicians are dirty

  • Yah Yeet
    Yah Yeet

    CNN communist news network

  • Gary Vaughan
    Gary Vaughan

    Look into past presidencies. This practice has been done all the way back in the Hoover Administration. Don’t just limit your disgust for this practice to an Administration, focus it on the practice itself. There in, the conversation lie.

  • Stixky

    You are delusional


    You were proven wrong in your own video. He said " the fake news the enemy of the people". Remember the Russia hoax perpetuated by fake news?

  • Sharlene Tidwell
    Sharlene Tidwell

    You are Deluded Fool

  • Patriot Rabies
    Patriot Rabies

    All the nonsense they put him through. Lie after lie! There are many snakes in the grass that should be investigated. Guy that made this vid is obviously pure BS🥴

  • jeremy wiegand
    jeremy wiegand

    Disturbing is the disaster we currently have in office. This country needs another alpha that tweets mean stuff lol. Man I miss his bashing of cnn and putting America first. 🇺🇸

    • Nicholas Nicholas
      Nicholas Nicholas


  • Cory Jay
    Cory Jay

    All aboard the trump train

  • Cam Pate
    Cam Pate

    Bruh they used the same technique to spy on Trump illegally when Obama was in office. And nothing happened to Obama. Don't localize this to a Trump thing, politicians have done this for literally decades

  • Devin Crawford
    Devin Crawford

    They were doing a investigation of leaked information because the CNN report was very accurate or related to the situation and Barbra Starff was connected to both sides.

    • Devin Crawford
      Devin Crawford

      Should probably note it was most likely a investigation.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G

    Yeah yet you don't mention a thing about blm but you sure know jan 6... you were all into the russia russia russia bs but ignore bidens china china china... you're partisan and it shows. Let's start with hunter shall we?????

  • Ugnius Mayer
    Ugnius Mayer

    Remember when they called Trump a dictator for doing 8 executive orders? Biden is at 40 n those arent his own... Many of those got wrote long bevore Obama, gues they have to get back At 2016...

    • Ugnius Mayer
      Ugnius Mayer

      @Andy Mills not American

    • Andy Mills
      Andy Mills

      Perhaps an executive order to correct the failing in way schools in the US teach English, might have also been worth considering?

  • Fi

    Seems kind of obvious to me. Just imagine you replace ‘Trump’ with maybe say, a Russian name. Might make more sense if you put it in that context and think of the way that person might operate in Trumps former position.

  • Turnabout Turnip Null
    Turnabout Turnip Null

    If they didn't do anything wrong, then they have nothing to worry about. If I recall, that's the justification for the Russia collusion investigation. Maybe don't enact frivolous investigations that clearly have no merit?

  • Odd World Gaming
    Odd World Gaming

    I won't listen to another thing about "shady" trump If us the people can't hear about hunters shady foreign deals with his dad that are being censored

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross

      "Outgoing Attorney General William Barr said Monday that he saw no reason for a special counsel to take over the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden, son of President-elect Joe Biden, undercutting President Donald Trump yet again." You mean the laptop and investigation that Trump's own AG and DoJ said there was nothing to.

  • X

    Reporters and fake news are not the same bro.

  • Marksman

    Why do you look like that

  • Brad Forester
    Brad Forester

    Shut up karen!!!

  • Julie Armfield
    Julie Armfield

    It seems you're mixing him up with the democrats.

  • LilacDoe

    How do conservatives think this is acceptable? I seriously don't get how hate over abortions or LGBT rights can override this behavior.

  • Anthony Harrington
    Anthony Harrington

    Just a reminder if the news reported on Biden telling the Ukraine government to fire the prosecutor looking into his son and his corruption 17% of voters would not have voted for him. Biden bragged about getting the prosecutor fired for looking into his son and with holding aid.

  • Mary Wright
    Mary Wright


  • Traveling Man
    Traveling Man

    Not for no reason at all, assuming you are a nobody in the DOJ. The subpoenas had to be based on articuable suspicion, facts,, evidence, derived from am initial investigation into leaks from the Whitehouse by the very ppl charged with maintaining government info. Its called an investigation, not a random retrieval of someone's personal data! Hopefully even you could set your bias aside long enough to figure that out! Where is your objectivity?

  • John Kersch
    John Kersch

    The FBI/Russia investigation? You mean the one that was an absolute sham? Yeah, Trump had 0 reason to go after the media. Gtfo.

  • Gaston Folder
    Gaston Folder

    So what!🤧

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright

    Trump wouldnt have been elected if the Fed Gov would know their place and do their job.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    New is fake, they want to control what people think.

  • Hail to the King
    Hail to the King

    Goes to show that this lawyer is a cock sock. What did you have to say when Obama did the same thing but against his political rivals, even against Trump himself? I'm not saying what Trump did was right but it's hypocritical to demonize Trump for what the President position has been doing for years.

  • Steve bupkiss
    Steve bupkiss


  • Daniel Margolis
    Daniel Margolis

    Republicans: “No, this is okay. Trump was sent by God. We’re patriots! Benghazi!”

    • Nathan Stewart
      Nathan Stewart

      @Daniel Margolis Benghazi was under Obama

    • Daniel Margolis
      Daniel Margolis

      @Nathan Stewart Benghazi: multiple Republican investigations. Insurrection: Republicans do not care.

    • Nathan Stewart
      Nathan Stewart

      Benghazi? Explain?

  • KW 916
    KW 916

    It's pathetic that I still see this crap trashing him. I guess they need to keep gouging away this they think it will help beat him when he runs again......and wins.

  • Greg O'Keefe
    Greg O'Keefe

    If you genuinly think that mainstream media is out there to help you, you actually delusional.

    • Nicholas Nicholas
      Nicholas Nicholas

      You may want to throw in fox news,newsmax,oan and infowars

  • craig burey
    craig burey

    But can’t we all agree that the ones that deliver fake news are in fact the enemy of the people?

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds

    Trump 2024 ! When you're the president and you have CNN trying to ruin everyone's life you get to do things like that. Also that we can find out how big the swamp is and what media outlets are not part of it.

  • Tee Wayne
    Tee Wayne

    This dude is obviously a left winger, probably working with the democrats to spread more disinformation and propaganda...

  • Middle Man
    Middle Man

    When your called a racist and a traitor for four years straight by the media mob. No reason huh🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Marcus Barnes
    Marcus Barnes

    There's irony in this guy not knowing this is legal and Trump won't end up in court and that Obama did this too. Or does he know and Trump was right about fake news.

  • Sarah Fwiend
    Sarah Fwiend

    So all those peeps are crooked too lol. Idc what the last Admin did. I'm more concerned with what ALL HAPPENED before 2016 and what the current Admin is doing. You DO REALIZE The Admin before 2016 and the Admin now are SPYING ON EVERYONE? Lmao, you Leftists crack me up. Us Real Liberals don't claim you. You're petty and pathetic.

  • Nikhil More
    Nikhil More

    So Obama tapping Trum's phone is ok, but Trump tapping phone of reporters who talk in Chinese term is not ok?👍 Good to know

  • Rolling a Fat Blunt
    Rolling a Fat Blunt

    It's been 6 months already. Stop it. Get some help.

  • MotoGem

    I hope it ends up in court! These so called news reporters are propaganda idiots! That's why " President Trump's DOJ" went after them. To blatantly tell lies to Americans to divide us is wrong! This guy talking is another roach that should be stepped on!

  • Maxx Life
    Maxx Life

    Lol yeah so crazy can you believe this, doing what countless other presidents have shocked

  • Brian Wade
    Brian Wade

    Worst president in the history of the United States of America. Equally disgusting are the treasonous republicans. Beyond delusional.

  • Misty Tharpe
    Misty Tharpe

    Considering what they all did to him, (Illegally) and got away with it Scott free. I fail to see your point.

  • david stothers
    david stothers

    What an idiot lol..

  • Furiousbeard

    US mainstream media is biased and corrupt. They may not be the enemy of the people but they certainly aren't good.

  • justin breault
    justin breault

    Ya God forbid the president looks into people pushing the Russian hoax for 3 years, how dare he try to find the rats and swamp creatures.....the nerve of some people

  • john crow
    john crow

    If you dont know why. You dont know shit. Your'er literally lying yoir ass off.

  • Jessica SmokeyMcPot
    Jessica SmokeyMcPot

    The more we learn about him the more disturbing things get. We were sooo close to losing our democracy and people really don't give a shit or even believe it. Our government is super fragile and it wouldn't be hard for people like him to take advantage of that.

  • greg naranjo
    greg naranjo

    Crooked unethical journalist from cnn

  • Billy Wolf
    Billy Wolf

    Explain to me how reporters aren’t the enemy of the people. I mean all they do is lie and make shit up all of them CNN and Fox news all of them are liars!


    Lol if you think this is bad y’all should see what joe biden and hunter are up to

  • James Lee
    James Lee

    You seriously don't know why Trump obtained those records? And you practice law?

  • Gorilla Moto
    Gorilla Moto

    Gives one instance, Obama had 8 years of it, Bush gave us the “Patriot Act” which allowed the government to spy on Everyone on Earth.

  • clint beast-bud
    clint beast-bud

    Well maybe if you Americans took a bit of effort in your primaries you wouldn't get shitty candidates, and then subsequently spend five years crying about it haha

  • burants

    Reporters ??? My ass they all conspired against Trump but worse the American government and constitution and now we see their plan come full circle with Biden destroying America from within

  • bad burrito
    bad burrito

    Fake news, Semantics, speculation and hyperbole. The socialists' favorite tools

    • bad burrito
      bad burrito

      @Chuck U Farley ad-hominum attacks are another favorite tool of the socialists.

    • Chuck U Farley
      Chuck U Farley

      You're just simping for a billionaire who left his own supporters with federal charges from the Capitol riot while he golfs.

  • carlos ortega
    carlos ortega


  • dave woodsman
    dave woodsman

    Good hopefully those cheating democrats get caught. The whole world knows they cheated.

  • Mike Dunham
    Mike Dunham

    Seems like you have it out for President Trump !

  • Bluedemon Gaming
    Bluedemon Gaming

    Didn't Biden rig the polls and hide it really poorly though? Lmao so kuch trump hate when both republitards and democraps are worthless cheaters.

  • Michael Cogar
    Michael Cogar

    Another partisan hack on tik tok who wouldn't dare do real reporting on both sides.

  • magic squid
    magic squid

    I can't believe people think trump is an honest and nice sad 😢

    • Mytotim

      The sad thing is that people think biden is better...

  • Lzwerzx

    The president of the United States of America did something corrupt Like that's never happened before.

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson

    Nothing shaded about it when are making up lies and creating story’s from nothing

  • Aden Kay
    Aden Kay

    America is doing fantastic under JB and KH isn’t it. ???? Isn’t it????

  • Joe Ammel
    Joe Ammel

    Searching and seizing tons of records without a specific reason is, by definition, a "general warrant," one of the abuses of power that the U.S. was founded *against*. Trump was quite literally the Founders' worst nightmare.

  • Carl Franz
    Carl Franz

    I always enjoy watching him misrepresent something so obviously.

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller

    Thank goodness Biden gets blown by the press corp rather than confront him on his lies and mistakes. It's a pleasant change now if only we could silence those other people that are actually paying attention.

    • Angelo

      @Fi really? That’s great news. Show me an article.

    • Fi

      You obviously don’t pay attention to anything but Fox. If you did you would know that liberal media very much has been calling out Biden on all his mistakes and false promises. Constantly.

  • Nick Gendron
    Nick Gendron

    Has anyone in these comments heard of the patriot act? Or the guy we named president called Obama? Before your say anything trump did was egregious spend 5 minutes researching what other presidents have done lol CNN shouldn't be allowed to spew their diarrhea like false information to gullible ppl that would watch it with any seriousness

  • Cher

    When the media blatantly lies to the American people for their own agenda then they should be investigated. Journalism is now a complete joke. Show me what President Trump did that was illegal! Go home cry babies!

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean

    The liberal mind is a VERUY disturbing place!

    • Nicholas Nicholas
      Nicholas Nicholas

      @Jimmy Dean hey now dont bring your mom into this

    • Jimmy Dean
      Jimmy Dean

      @Nicholas Nicholas lmao 🤣did mommy say so?

    • Nicholas Nicholas
      Nicholas Nicholas

      Your thinking of the Republican mind,it's a common mistake

    • Jimmy Dean
      Jimmy Dean

      @Melissa Sylvest I am not THE Jimmy Dean.......but I got that sausage though!

    • Melissa Sylvest
      Melissa Sylvest

      I know the real Jimmy Dean. You sir are not that man.

  • JoJo L
    JoJo L

    Some lawyer to leave out the most important detail.. ADAM SHIFF WAS LEAKING INTEL!! Sydney Powell would mop the floor with this Micheal Avanetti wanna be.. this guy is a hack.. 🤣👍

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross

      Sydney Powell, you mean the Lawyer who's defense is "No reasonable person would believe there was fraud in the election" who then goes on to say I'm her defense that there was fraud. You mean the Lawyer that in her own defense said there was no way a reasonable person would believe there was fraud but she believes there was fraud, but no reasonable person would believe such a thing.