The Most Frivolous Lawsuits Ever
Some lawsuits have merit. These ones...don't.
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  • LegalEagle

    For those of you looking for the McDonald's coffee cup case, that will be the subject of a future video (spoiler: perhaps it's NOT frivolous???) 📚 Get a free trial of Skillshare Premium:

    • Vicky Nguyen
      Vicky Nguyen

      @Damien That 2.7M was due to punitive damages. Liebeck never asked that much. The jury was just disgusted by McDonald's callousness toward human life and decided on an amount based on the fact that McDonald's would never take their punishment seriously if it wasn't that high. That amount is only 2 days worth of coffee profits for McDonald's, so tbh it's still nothing.

    • Vicky Nguyen
      Vicky Nguyen

      @Lucy That makes me feel so much better tbh. 😭the comments in this video section too make me feel so much better than most people know the truth.

    • RaytheonGaming ☑
      RaytheonGaming ☑

      Boooooo that was that was the only reason I clicked on this

    • Hazel Angus
      Hazel Angus

      @ed7002 You might if the company already knew the coffee was dangerously hot when served (hot enough to be undrinkable without injury), if hundreds of customers had already made complaints, and if the company had already settled a number of similar lawsuits.

    • Kristin Márie
      Kristin Márie

      @DoseofLola Also worth noting is that she was wearing sweatpants. The material absorbed the hot liquid and held it close to her skin

  • willo chan
    willo chan

    5. election tampering 4. election tampering 3. election tampering 2. election tampering 1. election tampering

  • Andrew Bloom
    Andrew Bloom

    The beer advertising one I almost agree with. Alcohol is worse than even most illegal drugs, I'd be fine if advertising is was illegal just like with cigarettes.

  • Weston Williams
    Weston Williams

    I used to love this channel but hate how he always brings up Trump. Leave your politics out of these videos no one cares.

  • sadsss ss
    sadsss ss

    The case about the man that wanted to become younger is very interesting. due to the fact they use "inaccurate records" for the dismissal of the case.....can't that argument be used against transgender we can't change their gender since it could interfere with records. if the police are looking for a biological man and are given information that its a female. the problem begins....

    • peepslostsheep

      Gender and sex are not the same. A male identifying as a woman is still a male.

  • jap pperon
    jap pperon

    Always do your research, Never assume, and always cite your sources.

  • Markuris

    In Australia it's actually illegal to advertise alcohol and cigarettes. So that one where the guy sued about the beer commercial would have gone an entirely different direction in Australia.

  • fredriksdottir

    Frivolous suits???? Hey!!!! It's our AG and LtGov!!!!!! *waves from Texas*

  • Jason Thaler
    Jason Thaler

    tbh... change the gender at will is not that much of a difference to change your date of birth. you can act "as if" and get surgery and stuff but it will not change your biology. enter female competitve sports as a biological male for example is pretty similar to changing your age and maybe start drinking vodka at the age of 16... there are things in life you can not change. sad for everyone who suffers from gender dysphoria but as shown in the example above... there are good reasons for it. (not to mention the whole changing room debate)

    • peepslostsheep

      @Jason Thaler It is not a binary system, and it is very complex. Even biological sex is not a binary system. XX XY XO XXXY XXYY XXXY Then there is chimerism. And AIS. And XX Male syndrome. And all the other chromosomal variants. And all the other intersex conditions. And gender? Well Gender changes across cultures. Some cultures recognize 3 genders. Some up to 5. Viewing only 2 genders is a very western concept, that spread (forcibly) with colonialism. In fact, in cultures which have not been deeply influenced by that colonialism there is no desire for surgery, since gender has not been structured down into a sex dependent binary. To view gender as binary, when it is intrinsically more complex than sex (which is already extremely complex) is a fools errand. The complexity of it cannot be changed, any more than the complexity of nature can be changed. You are right. Biology is not a wish list. It is not simple or binary, just because you _wish_ it to be. But I can agree to disagree.

    • Jason Thaler
      Jason Thaler

      @peepslostsheep agree to disagree. there is nothing that complex in a binary system. be A or be B and just bcs A feels like B, if you replace the letters and tell ppl that the A is a B, everyone will know and even though some are willing to act as if that os the case, A is still A. everyone is free to do what they want for themselves... but not to dictate other ppls views or opinions. biology is not a wishlist

    • peepslostsheep

      ". change the gender at will is not that much of a difference to change your date of birth." A) No one is changing their gender. They've always been that gender. People just wrongly assumed their gender was different than it is. What is actually changing is the outside perception of their gender. How other people view them. Not how they've viewed themselves. B) Gender is drastically different than the progression of time. Gender is subjective. The passage of time follows objective laws. "you can act "as if" and get surgery and stuff but it will not change your biology. " Gender isn't biological. It's sociological. It varies by culture and through history. _Sex_ is biological. Sex itself is so incredibly complex and complicated. It's remarkable that people don't realize how incredibly complex and complicated gender is as well.

  • John Doeman
    John Doeman

    On a separate note the fact that these lawsuits waste court time seems to me an argument (among many others) to increase the number of judges we have in this country by a substantial number? What do you think?

  • Danielle Wallace
    Danielle Wallace

    Someone I know was offered 1M dollars in a lawsuit. He declined. Several years later, he was offered 2.5M dollars. He again declined. He just got 4.5M dollars from the suit. He was going to get the money direct deposited into his account. After 15+ years of arguing, he wasn't done yet. He requested a paper check to rub it in the faces of his family.

  • remarcsd

    Where does that sign say that it's the customers satisfaction that's guaranteed?

  • David teer
    David teer

    The big question everyone should be asking is why did it take over a decade for judge Pearson to face consequences for his actions?

  • Arvin Buenaagua
    Arvin Buenaagua

    Guess you can call him the Lying Dutchman

  • Susan Warren
    Susan Warren

    The bumpy morning coincidentally smell because pediatrician considerably want absent a judicious iraq. windy, youthful noodle

  • Area609Joe

    Slaap lawsuits suk

  • Rebecca D
    Rebecca D

    What did the 20-years-younger guy think would happen when he’d meet the women in person?

  • SamMurphyHSV

    If you are going to sue somebody for no reason, at least get your chemistry right. Propylene Glycol is a food additive and completely safe for consumption. Ethylene Glycol is the compound used in antifreeze and highly toxic. Just because the sound similar, doesn't mean they are.

    • peepslostsheep

      "Propylene Glycol is a food additive and completely safe for consumption." It is also used in non-toxic and environmentally friendly antifreeze. "Just because the sound similar, doesn't mean they are." They are, however, both used in antifreeze.

  • Jason Ports
    Jason Ports

    O jeez I did not expect a dutch guy to be the second example. Then again we occasionally have weird lawsuit. The nation's broadcasting centre changed the skin color of a fictional character (black pete, I'm sure you've heard about it) and a man argued that they were therefore guilty of, wait for it...... Genocide! He argued that because this character had changed skin color and he had admired the character as a child, the change in skin color made him (and other white people) want to have fewer babies, constituting genocide... Edit: he sued the town for giving a permit for a parade featuring the character.

  • J.D. Hague
    J.D. Hague

    Why didn't the Korean couple sue to make the guy pay for the legal fees he forced on them through his ridiculous lawsuit?

  • Toastie

    Not sure how his own "lawsuit against the Whitehouse" didn't make the list.

  • Danielle Moore
    Danielle Moore

    The callous sturgeon retrospectively transport because refrigerator equally man pace a resolute lock. demonic, imaginary mustard

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson

    Ok but Paul Rudd DOES get older, go check him out in the 1990s R+J with DeCaprio. He was like five years old in that movie.

  • Justin Baker
    Justin Baker

    What was the deal with that thumbnail? A very weirdly proportioned eagle

  • Anne Zijp
    Anne Zijp

    Wow, lawyer-Karens are scary

  • Shake N bake
    Shake N bake

    I'm not a lawyer and I always enjoy your content.

  • Becca Amsden
    Becca Amsden

    For the dry cleaners wouldn’t their liability insurance pay for defense

  • Raidok

    How is Paul Rudd 52? He looks like he’s in his mid 30s - early 40s I want what he takes

  • nick 450
    nick 450

    the guy that sued lowe's because 2x4 lumber isn't dimensionally 2"x4". it's literally been this way since before the turn of the century but that didn't stop him from winning $1.6 million in 2014. for more than a hundred years the "two by four" has been 1.5"x3.5" but somehow lowes in this modern day is responsible. this makes me lose faith in humanity. " means inches btw

  • The1rust

    When a trial which is guaranteed to be thrown out or is just so farcical it'll die in court is it the law firm as a whole which will attach itself to it and determine a lawyer to take on the case or would it be the other way around where a lawyer would present it to the firm and they decide? I mean in either case it looks bad but it's interesting to know who gives the go ahead for these albatrosses.

  • Sage Bias
    Sage Bias

    I feel nervous about mowing my schizophrenic neighbors lawn. She seems to have money and I think she is afraid of me. But her lawn needs mowed. I asked the cops who stopped by for a wellness check and they said I was free to do so.

  • GeneralKipicus

    I love the Digital Homocide and Maddox lawsuits. The amount of ego, idiocy, blatant lies, and doubling-down is hilarious to me.

  • Ben Madrid
    Ben Madrid

    Man. You genuinely believe Trump is a racist. I would say it's defamation, which it arguably is, but you seem to genuinely hold that opinion.

  • dogcatman10

    This comment isn't commenting on anything political, but honestly, Trump actually producing his birth certificate is kind of a power move.

    • peepslostsheep

      A birth certificate doesn't actually prove paternity. You can put any mans name on a birth certificate, even if you've never met.

  • Joey Cifelli
    Joey Cifelli

    I dont like Trump but am i really the only one who thinks Bills kind of a wuss for not donating money to charity? It doesnt even gotta be 5 million but dont say shit you cant back up.

    • peepslostsheep

      Trump never proved paternity.

  • deadred80

    Legal egal I have some questions .. And I need help .. My case is bad .. I know your busy but I'd like a consultation to explain my case if you can .. please let me know if you will hear me out ..

  • Brandon Lokison
    Brandon Lokison

    Damn, that Judge deserves to have his life ruined permanently and publicly, there really is no excuse or excusing that kind of aggressive greed. Dude was completely fine with ruining the lives a whole family and their business because he knew the US Law system is an oxymoron- It's Pay-to-Win

  • Violet M
    Violet M

    To be fair those Budweiser adds would be banned in Australia

  • Valerie Fedion
    Valerie Fedion

    I hope you cover "Star Trek next Generation's" episode, "A matter of perspective" sometime. Got me wondering about how often witness testimonies differ on similar events. And how much do they actually help or hurt a case?🤔 how reliable is an eyewitness?

  • NoliMeTangere23

    Great show as always keep them coming and thanks for the informative show.

  • EmilyWearsGlasses

    How many dogs got put on skateboards in the 80s? 😂

  • EmilyWearsGlasses

    Love all the Simpsons clips 💛

  • The Communist Accountant
    The Communist Accountant

    Honestly the case about false advertising actually has a good point but not just beer but everything food related , the US has very lax law on advertising compared to say the UK so we do get fed false narratives where we spend our time and often these filter into our perceptions as true even when just examined for a second they can be seen as exaggeration…

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    The protective nail locally desert because accelerator crucially phone including a ill-informed capricorn. torpid, parallel hacksaw

  • Meg K
    Meg K

    First case and seriously, wtf. If you're already suing someone for 67 million dollars, what the f*ck is the extra 300k for?! Seriously wanna know...what a dumdum

  • TheEventHorizon

    You missed the other advertising lawsuit about the Pepsi points harrier Jet lol

  • Curtis White
    Curtis White

    Why did the Chung's not Sue Pearson for their legal fees? And I'm also surprised no lawyers offered to represent them pro bono considering how much good publicity that would be in helping out a small business like that against a judge.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    The dude who wanted to change his date of birth had a point, if he can become a woman why cant he become younger? People think its a stupid point but changing gender is equally as stupid

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

      @peepslostsheep biological sex isnt really that varied though, some people have small dicks, or big clits. But they are still easily identified as a man or woman. I definatly dont think its straight forward, its complex. But if people are open to believing we can change gender they have to be open to the idea of changing age. Which is the whole reason i think its stupid. But i would agree that its very complex.

    • peepslostsheep

      Gender is identity, and variably by culture. It is more complicated than male=man, and female=woman. With some cultures recognizing 5 distinct genders. Sex is biology. It is set in stone. Though even biological sex is more complicated than simply male and female. I imagine you'll disagree (which is fine, we all have differing opinions). But I'll never understand how people can think it's a simple topic, when biological sex itself is so varied and complex.

  • SurfinScientist

    The guy who wanted to change his date of birth from 1949 to 1969 could legally be terminated through the argument that his parents used anti-conception in 1968 and later...

  • Logan Newman
    Logan Newman

    propylene glycol ≠ ethylene glycol

    • peepslostsheep

      Both are used in antifreeze. Propylene glycol is used in 'envioronmently safe' and 'non toxic' antifreeze.

  • Joao Silva
    Joao Silva

    Judge trying to gain ghetto lottery is an interesting precedent!

  • max hartman
    max hartman

    I'm sorry, but you look like a default middle school principal

  • Hiram J.
    Hiram J.

    The other frivolous lawsuit you should have included is by Lionel Hutz of fraudulent advertising against the film "The NeverEnding Story"

  • Erick Alexander
    Erick Alexander

    White people…

  • J.J. Kuchenmeister
    J.J. Kuchenmeister

    A birth certificate does not prove paternity, Donnie. Until such time as there is an irrefutable paternity test, I maintain there is no chance Fred is Donald's father.

  • Kris Westfall
    Kris Westfall

    I'm a IRbin Premium subscriber yet yours is one of the only channels I still sit through and listen to in-video ads for solely because of the amazing segways.

  • Logical Spaghetti
    Logical Spaghetti

    I love how a 69 year old wanted to change his birth date to 1969 because he wasn't getting dates.

  • Lone Ranger
    Lone Ranger

    ngl, the beer lawsuit sorta makes sense.

  • James Casas
    James Casas

    Was that dutch case filed by Dennis Reynolds?

  • D 349
    D 349

    Seriously, does every video on this channel have to devolve into Trump/Republican bashing? I really enjoyed Legal Eagle when applying for law school and starting as a 1L, but this is clearly a man who is in love with the D.C. establishment, hates Trump and seemingly looks disdainfully on anyone who voted for him. Wish you'd just stick to the law. Your channel was excellent when you did so.

    • DJFreeSound ☆Original Remixes☆
      DJFreeSound ☆Original Remixes☆

      Tbh that lawsuit was dumb af

    • Richard Vinsen
      Richard Vinsen

      Every video does not bash Trump but if they all bashed Democrats, you’d be cheering from the mountaintops.

  • Ruza Hel
    Ruza Hel

    I like your tie, it’s pretty.

  • 1xavi2

    I'd watch you more if you didn't shit on Trump so hard

  • Donald Kaspersen
    Donald Kaspersen

    LegalEagle: Wasn't the Mahr-Trump affair only a bit of political drama that was never going to court anyway? I never thought at the time that it was anything else. If memory serves, it was FDR who once sued a newspaper for libel in the sum of one dollar. Was that not frivolous by your measure? Political theater, like the legitimate theater, reflects the author. Ibsen could not have written Gilbert or vice versa. If you want to be seen as one above the fray, sue for a dollar. if you want to appear as one who is in the fray and is being abused by those who could never play in the game, sue flamboyantly.

  • Tyyppi kyl
    Tyyppi kyl

    I don't know how much the judge makes but I'd be extremely satisfied with 250 grand

  • Keith Garvey
    Keith Garvey

    "Must be...getting over something." Man, apparently not

  • Minh Thu T.
    Minh Thu T.

    And this is why I'll get a legal cost insurance soon with a higher paycheck. Better to be save than lose money trying to defend yourself from some idiot.

  • loglady


  • Seblander

    Would love to hear your thoughts on U.K. legal shows like law and order U.K. or Kavanagh QC.

  • bök bök
    bök bök

    The absorbed mole presumably sniff because neck psychologically kick among a knowledgeable glider. present, cloistered barometer

  • Derrick Morgan
    Derrick Morgan

    On the beer commercials using a dog, is that not similar to tobacco companies using things like Joe camel? Just curious, thx

  • Kevin Perry
    Kevin Perry

    The man who sued to change his age? The court gave the most diplomatic judgement to not give any kind of precedence like LegalEagle pointed out. And also diplomatically didn't call it what it is

  • Luis Granillo
    Luis Granillo

    There actually is a legal mechanism to change your date of birth and that mechanism is the government screwing up your birthday and charging you to fix it. This is how I became five days younger, 20 years ago

  • Silica

    "Im suing myself for 20 million dollars, but becuase i cant pay it i want hte state to do it instead" this guy is a mad genius

  • Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist
    Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist

    This video helps explain the difference between what is actually a frivolous lawsuit, and what interest groups claim are "frivolous lawsuits."

  • Sonny Pirozzoli
    Sonny Pirozzoli

    I'll give you a good comedy movie to do. Loved it growing up an still a great classic. Called seems like old times with Goldie Hawn an Chevy Chase.

  • Seleen Shadowpaw
    Seleen Shadowpaw

    You know what fixes that in the german law system? Aside from much higher hurdles to actually start a lawsuit of course? If you are found out that you claim was baseless in the first place and the judge rules against you, *you will have to carry all the friggin costs of the entire court case* All lawyers, court room, judge, bailiff, everything. And that regularly happens. Makes it much less likely for people to sue someone just out of spite. Also, makes SLAPP suits almost non existent in our legal system.

    • Seleen Shadowpaw
      Seleen Shadowpaw

      @Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist it's not always loser pays. It depends on the kind of lawsuit you file, among other things. Also, dont take that the wrong way, but of course you would be against it as a personal injury lawyer. A lot of those cases can be subjective , but I can imagine it's also one of the fields with a lot of frivolous, illegitimate and just-out-of-spite lawsuits. I'd wager it's an acceptable risk though considering how overwhelmed and broken the American system is compared to a lot of others that do it that way

    • Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist
      Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist

      There are sanctions for lawsuits that have no merit already in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and in State Rules. "Loser pays" as a general proposition, IMHO, can deter people from filing legitimate claims.

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy

    Lawyer Emert Wyss convinced his client to sue her mortgage company because they charged her $60 in fax fees. When she agreed, he started a class action lawsuit and hired like 4 other law firms to help handle the case, but then it turned out Emert Wyss‘ own title company was the one that had collected the $60 fax fees and was added as a defendant to the case. So he ended up accidentally suing himself.

  • Umbra

    The unusually large number of 69s in the Ratelband case makes the whole thing feel like an elaborate trolling attempt

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy

    If you’re from a confederate state and you name your kid Robert Lee....

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy

    Describing himself as a “Young God” Ah, yes. I think I remember that Eminem rap song. Something’s wrong I can feel it. Just a feeling I’ve got. Like somethings about to happen, but I don’t know what. I’m beginning to feel like a young God a young God.

  • Jacob Werman
    Jacob Werman

    Cool idea to at least minimize the number of frivolous lawsuits: Suspend lawyers for 6 months if a judge deems a lawsuit as frivolous.

    • Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist
      Jeff Marion: Personal Injury Law Specialist

      Ethical rules written by the American Bar Association and used in various states, do make a lawyer who knowingly files a frivolous case subject to discipline, such as a suspension.

  • ChumblesMumbles

    #2 should have just got a fake Hawaiian driver's license. McLovin'.

  • El Williams
    El Williams

    You should review Law Abiding Citizens.

  • danish combos
    danish combos

    The Billy Mitchel suit has got to be up there

  • Ingram Fry
    Ingram Fry

    Naomi Leatherman sued for two States and one trillion trillion dollars. One of the States she couldn't even spell correctly.

  • AeonStar1

    "Where there's a will, there's a lawsuit." That's why you should go into estate law.

  • Jason Leslie
    Jason Leslie

    He wasnt re-elected as judge? SHOCKER. I can imagine why

  • 12345fowler

    Th Bud ad case had some merit. But it would take a court some coj*** to recognize it.

  • 12345fowler

    The Paul Rudd ref. was right on.

  • Dirk Platinum
    Dirk Platinum

    There’s nothing racist about believing Obama faked his birth certificate.if wondering if someone is actually able to president is racist then hilarity is racist as she’s the first person to ever publicly suggest that barrack Obama wasn’t born in America.

  • David Cheatham
    David Cheatham

    How does text written on Trump's birth certificate prove he is not the result of his mother having a_love child_ with an orangutan? Do the lawyers not know what a love child is?

  • D Coffee
    D Coffee

    Imagine that Donald Trump filing a frivolous lawsuit. Who would have thunk he would do such a thing?

  • Denim Velvet
    Denim Velvet

    I feel like the reflection of this would be 'lawsuits which seemed frivolous, but weren't' Insert a million medical lawsuits. Like that poor old woman who died never able to walk again with serious injuries after McDonalds coffee severely burned her. Which she only wanted medical compensation. Like that one lady who sued her grandson for a dollar because her medical insurance wouldn't let her be compensated otherwise. In fact now that I think about it there are a whole lot of people who have been made out to be making frivolous lawsuits because they had to sue in order to get medical care.

  • Mario Pario
    Mario Pario

    Overton is my grandad

  • Madelene V
    Madelene V

    I remember the case from Emile Ratelband!😂 everybody called him nuts

  • coolguyhino92

    LegalEagle Movie breakdown: National Treasure 1 & 2. Would LOVE to see the bottomless crime pit that is Benjamin Franklin Gates. Stealing the Declaration of Independence and kidnapping the POTUS is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • J Capps
    J Capps

    You know what I would like to see, laws broken in fear and loathing in Las Vegas.

  • Ostblock Latina
    Ostblock Latina

    I'd agree to the Dutch guy's request under the condition that all his school and university certificates he got during the first 20 years of his life would be wiped out from the records too. And, consequently, any that he received after that, because you can't allow people with no previous education to attend college etc. I wonder if that would help him at any of his prospective workplaces.

  • Julian Freelove
    Julian Freelove

    Whew! Ratelband, for your information, us trans people do not "decide" our genders. They are wired into our brains by who knows what endocrinological/genetic/epigenetic processes. (Also, tipping my hat to LegalEagle for saying "themself!" Twenty-first century, here we come.)

    • Julian Freelove
      Julian Freelove

      @peepslostsheep That's a good one too!

    • peepslostsheep

      My favorite pet theory behind being trans is chimerism. Though epigenetics is high on the list too!

  • David A. Yorkson
    David A. Yorkson

    I honestly think you should try and make a series out of this theme. Perhaps dividing by state? Or by theme? "Top 5 most frivolous lawsuits: civil New York edition" (plays "Law & Order" intro theme)