The Foxitis and Foxmania Defense, Because of Course
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  • Ciara Foxx
    Ciara Foxx

    Yea idk man. I get that people are responsible for their actions; but fox is. It's fox. They know what they're doing. It's like getting upset at a child for repeating the wrong thing they learned at school. Fox is in a position of power and authority over a certain demographic, I feel like fox gets to rile those people up, release them on the world and slink away to do it again and again.

  • jake bohanon
    jake bohanon

    "foxmania" is that what all those "short bus" riders have?? Why dont we Quarantine them all in Mississippi or Gitmo??

  • John-Paul Silke
    John-Paul Silke

    Where are the BLM and Antifa court cases? $30,000 of damage at the Capitol vs $4.7 billion across America.

  • Nathan Paske
    Nathan Paske

    Cover BLM rioter defenses next? Oh wait, they never even have to go to court because they have the right politics

  • Shanan Alexander
    Shanan Alexander

    FOX news one moment says they are news and another time says that they are entertainment. They go back and forth. I don’t watch them. I have seen this on IRbin.

  • stefanmuc2k

    I wonder whether that would qualify as mitigating circumstances, though?

  • Boba MacLeod
    Boba MacLeod

    Bros name is Anthony Antonio

  • margo nale
    margo nale

    Well I guess I should believe Don Lemon or Cuomo or other news outlets as they apologize for all the fake new that has been proven just lies. This man is obviously promoting left agenda while besmirching the right. We the people don't need this pointed out to us, we are intelligent enough to be logical. Seem to me ( including this bozo) the left has a sickness and are gullible. The arguement goes both ways buddy

  • K1naku5ana3R1ka

    Is that an insanity plea? xD

  • Donna Krueger
    Donna Krueger

    Yes, people are responsible for their own actions therefore everything that happened in the Capital building on January 6, 2020 Trump can not be held responsible for.

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White

    Why would someone in Antifa be watching so much Fox News?

  • Jared Callahan
    Jared Callahan

    Fox can't make people riot but Trump can?

  • Matthew

    Hate having to work for a living let's just take government money

  • Brian Frank
    Brian Frank

    Omg it sounds like the defendant has the emotional intelligence of a five year old.

  • Bryar Rogers
    Bryar Rogers

    If Fox tells you to pick up a gun and go start shooting it's your job to not do that not theirs with all due respect I'm pretty sure he was just trying to shoot a get-out-of-jail card

  • ProfVRandall _
    ProfVRandall _

    On another note - how about the so-called kissing scene in star trek, season 3 episode 10. Seems to me that they are not kissing they are being controlled and forced to kiss. In Star Trek, Kirk didn't kiss Uhura. It was an involuntary action on both their parts. So both are victims of Battery by the Alien

  • Crazy wyvern
    Crazy wyvern

    If fox could he held liable for this, CNN and all the other ms new networks would he liable for the BLM riots, even though the BLM rioters wont fet in trouble anyways

  • misterpk92

    They were peaceful protests

  • hiiamrick

    Foxitis, Ha, ha, ha ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha What no CNNitis, or MSMBCitis? Proof that Fox News is truly full of DODO!!! Seem Trump and the Republicans' Are just to stupid!!

  • Kyle Booth
    Kyle Booth

    Fox News is just as culpable as Charles Manson

  • Day Late Gamer With Will
    Day Late Gamer With Will

    Lock them up! Lock them up!

  • Yvette Brand
    Yvette Brand

    It’s called mass psychosis! And the cause of the shtty state of the world atm!!

  • Kingcrook

    Please go back into my building simulator game

  • Eric Horchuck
    Eric Horchuck

    Honestly, I believe the rioters have some type of mental health issue(s). Now if a "News" broadcast says that the election was illegally stolen and that the co-conspirators (i e. The Senate) are about to ratify the vote. It almost seems like the duty of a good citizen to defend their country and Constitution. I 100% believe that Fox News should be held accountable for their part in the riot. The news media in its explicit and implicit ability to frame the issues of the day can wield significant power and have a social influence and bring about changes in policies. On January 6th this was shown to be true. The law needs to catch up to the connected society we live in today. It has to realize the impact that misinformation has . News media that deliberately spreads misinformation should be charged with crimes against society. At the very least, any "opinion piece" needs to be differentiated between actual news before and after the opinion. This has to become law.

  • id k
    id k


  • Douglas Shouganai
    Douglas Shouganai

    And thats why making conpanies able to be sued for user's misuse is dumb. whether its drunk drivers or mass shooters, or OKC bombers. we dont blame car manufacturers or soil fertilizer manufacturers and distributors.

  • Nihility Mandate
    Nihility Mandate

    Does the capital riot actually count as anything in the grand scheme of things? I mean literally the only people that died were the zealots. The police officer died of a stroke. And honestly the other riots around the country and surging crime rates seem to be a lot more impactful than a useless show of zealots making a fool of themselves. In addition, to inflation and all that good stuff. I mean rather than this guy being prosecuted, or maybe even in addition to, maybe the people throwing Molotovs should be actually held accountable. Or the ones like burning down entire cities. These clowns are clowns, a lot of pizazz and lights, but really quite useless.

  • HappyHippieGaymer

    Yeah fox news has openly admitted they are not a news organization. They can make up whatever they want with almost no repercussions. If im not mistaken the US had some limited regulations on networks using the name and format of news knowingly misinforming the public till the 80s. I bet you can guess when fox news was made?

  • Jake Raymond
    Jake Raymond

    But then how is Trunp responsible for what he said before the riots? He told them not to rush the building but he's now the bad guy?

    • Better Yeetboi
      Better Yeetboi

      The issue is that he spend months ramping up his audience, convincing them that the election was stolen and that the whole thing was rigged, and on the day he told he audience they have to "fight for democracy"

  • Darkfire6123

    I was gonna comment something but here Have some cheese: 🧀

  • Dead Mans Patriot
    Dead Mans Patriot

    Well FOX does *make* them feel good about how trash they are.

    • Daniel Ryan
      Daniel Ryan

      Christopher Hitchens on George W Bush: “He’s not at all well read, completely inarticulate, uniquely un-curious, and he’s actually proud of all those things.”

  • King James
    King James

    That’s Tim Dillon 😂

  • Joe Will
    Joe Will

    Because it’s equally likely CNN, MSNBC or any number of other factions could be held liable for creating the same type of hysteria. They don’t want to set that precedent.

  • Game Grub
    Game Grub

    Ah yes, the old "He told me to kill him" defense

  • Rick Heuft
    Rick Heuft

    They should all be required to affirm that Trump lost the election and Joe Biden won in a free and honest election. Also, they need to recognize the futility of attacking the Capitol Building since there was nothing members of Congress or the Vice President could have done to change the election outcome without violating their oath to the Constitution. This nonsense must never happen again.

  • Ernesto Marrero
    Ernesto Marrero

    Wow, those terrorists keep getting more and more stupid.

  • stlbullet

    Oh my god both political extremes just can NOT take any personal responsibility can they?

  • scott cisek
    scott cisek

    Funny how Antifa isn’t facing any charges for the destruction they caused last year... bunch of terrorists

    • Better Yeetboi
      Better Yeetboi

      Antifa isn't a group with a leaded, people aren't members by signing up on a website or by walking around with special red hats. Antifa is just an idea

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Remember the left doesn't care if BLM and Antifa killed over 50 people and caused 2 billion dollars worth of damage. All they care about is orange man bad and Russia.

    • Daniel Ryan
      Daniel Ryan

      The right wing victim complex really is quite something

  • Janyce Brown
    Janyce Brown

    Fox news has made half of America crazy😬

  • Tristan Morrow
    Tristan Morrow

    :-) completely irrelevant, but Where can I get a nice Legal Eagle jacket like that lol srsly

  • Zakumei

    I could see this less as a tactic to get him off charges, and moreso as a precedent for a case against Fox for inciting hysteria and mass terrorism through disinformation

  • Zakumei

    Imagine admitting your clients guilt trying to blame it on someone else. dude needs a refund for that loo

  • J.A. Bristol
    J.A. Bristol

    we get it, youre a leftist hack. And no, Im not a conservative republican. Im a slightly-liberal democrat.

  • Pam Simpson
    Pam Simpson

    Its called bad actors were present to create a optic. Why don't you discuss BLM and Antifa's rioting, murders and looting?

  • Spyrox

    if people were responsible for their own actions, then companies wouldn't be in trouble of some random girl on the internet decided to put gorilla glue in her hair and then sue the company. So I'ma call BS on that statement.

  • Camo Dude
    Camo Dude

    But the police literally let it happen.... 😂

  • jordan dowd
    jordan dowd

    What words exactly incensed the man?? That his defense was Bogus and that he'd have to face the consequences of his actions?¿?¿? Typical trump supporter.

  • InuranusBrokoff

    Lol, at all the fox comments like all msm isn't propaganda. I'll excuse myself though, everyone here is woke...

  • PedroKruvi

    What about the brainwashing defense, could an approach like that not have him get a lower sentence, and also implicate Fox News somehow?

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson

    I thought it was being obsessed with foxen.

  • SnazzyJazzyJay

    It wasn't me Slim Shady said to do it again.

  • Tee Wayne
    Tee Wayne

    Then I guess that all the rioters from all the BLM and Antifa riots have CNNitis or MSNBCmania. Lol...Let's all be honest here. Riots are bad no matter which side you stand on...

  • Niki G
    Niki G

    Remember that American diplomat's son who, a few years ago, committed a hit-and-run and escaped the country with the help of his diplomat mommy. And when they were caught she hired him a lawyer who claimed that his client was not responsible for his actions due to "affluenza"? Yeah, that. Hello déjà vu, nice to see you again, I remember you... Moral of the story, you ARE responsible for your actions, unless you try to argue in court that you are not. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Pirate Piratesman
    Pirate Piratesman

    Yeah, being a moron isn't a legal defense

  • Anna Peterson
    Anna Peterson

    Was excited for a second thinking this would involve actual foxes.

  • Mário Ferreira
    Mário Ferreira

    So Isis recruitment videos are completely legal? Could they run ads and have an Isis channel on American TV telling people to do terrorist attacks?

  • Raziel

    pleading in-Hannity

  • ijustcant buyaholdensorry
    ijustcant buyaholdensorry

    Same as blaming trump. Thanks for the info. Now just tell the democrats supporters

  • Captain

    Can’t wait for this can be used to protect rioters when they riot and call it “twittermania” or “bidenitis”

  • Zed Zul Zorander
    Zed Zul Zorander

    The massive amount of cuckery here is depressing. A single, tremendous herd of sheep sprinting to slaughter.


    Rioting consist of entering a government building where there are armed security to keep people out that do not belong, but burning and looting of commerical and privet residents while civilians are inside is peaceful demonstration. What has this country become. Where someone can peacefully remove your life force and nothing happens but if you so much as have a difference in opinion with the government no matter what you do you are terrorist and rioting... I say if they can give out a pass for destroying communities they can surely give a pass on being waved into a government building by the armed security that is there to control access to said building. But I guess reality doesn't make for views or ratings.

  • Grizzly

    Ok what about them lieing to us false advertising

  • Jarrod Hudson
    Jarrod Hudson

    Why aren't all the other people that burned down business and looted them faced with the jail time as well is it because they are ran by democrats

    • Daniel Ryan
      Daniel Ryan

      They are. Many people were arrested and charge. Turn off InfoWars and Fox and try living in the real world.

  • stickersadd20hp

    Lock 🔒 up all these TRAITORS.

  • antiochus87

    I'm pretty sure the sort of thing Fox do should be considered a crime (inciting overthrow of the government, inciting violence and more)

  • Michael Lionheart
    Michael Lionheart

    Wait, so it turns out that Fox is fake news??? But But Tucker said...!!!

  • Jason Witt
    Jason Witt

    I'm genuinely curious why he never does any videos about the violent rioters from the left that has been burning down our country for a year.

    • Jason Witt
      Jason Witt

      @Better Yeetboi you mean like the capital cop that shot an unarmed woman through a door killing her? Again why did they not find any weapons on anyone at the capital of your saying they had so many.

    • Better Yeetboi
      Better Yeetboi

      @Jason Witt yes out of all of the protest across the country, only a small percentage had any property damage. And im assuming they were coming inside to harm them based off the fact they brought zip ties, hammers, and bricks and they were assembling a guillotine. And innocent people shouldn't be victimized, like you might have seen the clip of cops shoving an innocent elderly protestor to the ground.

    • Jason Witt
      Jason Witt

      @Better Yeetboi have you ever heard of a coup that didn't involve people with weapons? Or do you believe that there was weapons at the Capitol too. Even though there's never been a weapon found there? Oh you probably believe that the capital officer got killed on the 6th because he died from a seizure. Despite the fact that his family and medical provider said that it was unrelated to the capital.

    • Jason Witt
      Jason Witt

      @Better Yeetboi hahaha small percentage? Billions in damage and countless innocent people victimized. I guess you believed the reporter that told you the protests were peaceful while standing in front of a fire.

    • Better Yeetboi
      Better Yeetboi

      Because there's a difference between a small percentage of protest about racial injustice and police brutality turning violent and an armed insurrection not protesting anything moral and admirable, but trying to attempt a coup because they were upset with the results of the election.

  • lager283

    KMA Fox news

  • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge

    "People are responsible for their own actions" not in 2020/21

  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers

    Actually the riots were started be the left and encouraged by the guards at the capital building. Hard truth for some of you I guess

  • Chris VanMatre
    Chris VanMatre

    Wtf CNN has literally been doing this for years. Endorsing fear and violence and defending BLM riots.

  • 1940’s time Traveler
    1940’s time Traveler

    As a right wing conservative, these rioters do not represent us. They are a small minority. Most conservatives I know denounced the riots and do not condone it. Peaceful protest > rioting

  • PokeRay90

    So when it’s Donald Trump who “incites” people are NOT responsible for their own actions but Fox News is innocent. Yeah, makes sense.

  • IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers
    IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers

    Blhahaha people know the truth of cnn involvement.

  • John Levinson
    John Levinson

    Why weren't those protesters hunted down and prosecuted????

  • John Levinson
    John Levinson

    What do you consider all the other riots mostly peaceful huh


    This guy is a communist how can yall listen to him.

  • Learning2A2Day

    Wait?? So people make their own choices and do things on their own? I thought you have said Trump caused people to do things?

  • Dimas Akbar
    Dimas Akbar

    What does the fox say? Okay imma head out, sorry

  • Kyle Pierce
    Kyle Pierce

    Don't need a defense for just actions. Here to them all getting off Scott free 🍻

  • trent merrell
    trent merrell

    Ok now I know you are liberal propaganda. How about you try talking about some shit that doesn't divide people?

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan

    These people are junkies. Their drug of choice was Trump’s Twitter and right wing talk media. They spent hours every day getting their fix. And anyone who has dealt with junkies can tell you, when faced with withdrawal they will get desperate and do anything to try to keep getting their fix.

  • Rickard Boberg
    Rickard Boberg

    Fox will soon need to add a disclaimer due to all their BS. "For entertainment purposes only!" That should've been the outcome of the lawsuit against Tucker Carlson at least.

  • anondecepticon

    It may not be a defense, but can we at least acknowledge that anything purporting to be NEWS carries the expectation of adherence to the journalistic code of ethics and standards, which Fox flagrantly violates on a regular basis? E! Entertainment News has more journalistic integrity in their reporting of celebrity gossip, ffs. If the FDA can regulate what’s allowed to be labeled “ice cream” to prevent unscrupulous manufacturers from misleading consumers, surely we can have a federal regulation governing what’s allowed to be called “news”?

  • serephita


  • Esme W Vimes
    Esme W Vimes

    Can we just have a Stream of the first 48 hours each convicted insurrectionist spend in prison? Most people are going to get away with what, in my opinion is a true act of disrespecting this nation, our flag, our democracy, and committed vandalism, looting, and desecrating our Capitol, commiting murder, mayhem and acts of violence while threatening bodily harm to elected officials along with the murder and violence against the police. But, but all means, lose your shit if a citizen takes a knee in silent, non violent protest against inequality when the National Anthem plays to a nation that still doesn't treat everyone equal. Yes, I'd pay to see the first 48 hours each of these insurrectionists spend in prison, where their hero won't spend half a second to think about them or what he incited them to do.

  • Pichi Bomb
    Pichi Bomb

    Tbh Fox News sounds so biased and mean. I watched one video because I wanted to see what it was like and it was just rude af

  • MatthewOfGilead

    Ah yes. Orange Man bad.

  • Bolt187119

    Too bad we cant see the rioters who have been causing destruction for about a year now in court :/

  • Zombies Personal Chanal
    Zombies Personal Chanal

    Sounds like the trans panic defences but for treason

  • Pesopiddy

    They didn’t say “Hey! Let’s meet up at this time and over throw the government”. You got talked into it with a bunch of boomers online and now you wanna toss blame. Grow up.

  • CC Titan
    CC Titan

    Tell that to Charles Manson

  • SouthernChick

    Same way President Trump isn't responsible for someone's own actions! He didn't cause that riot!

  • Music

    Could they not be charged with inciting violence?

  • Mr. Waylon
    Mr. Waylon

    anti trumpers never talk about the citys burned by their comrads only the capitol that had people in it and caused barely any damage

  • E Emerson
    E Emerson

    I have a genuine question, why are we only focusing on finding and prosecuting those at the January 6th riot, what about the BLM riots over the summer that caused over $6,000,000,000 in damages, and left hundreds dead? What about prosecuting those who set up the "Capital Hill Autonomous Zone" where multiple people ended up dieing because emergency services couldn't get in?

  • thEannoyingE

    Being gullible is a defense now?

  • The Nicolas Cage
    The Nicolas Cage

    Does that mean, the cigaret and all other skinny girls advertisement are also not to be held responsible for the message they put out there? 🤔

  • Fred Bowers
    Fred Bowers

    If Fox is innocent, so is Trump. People stormed the capital of their own free will.