Secret DOJ Memo: No Obstruction Prosecution
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  • J Jones
    J Jones

    Prosecutorial discretion only applies to Democrats.

  • People Party
    People Party

    I keep scrolling and nothing about antifa

  • F

    Why Barr didn’t charge Hunter Biden?

    • Stephen2462

      Because the story Gulliani cooked up about him was never more then half-assed slander.

  • Shanan Alexander
    Shanan Alexander

    Why isn’t trump in jail?!

  • Peter V
    Peter V

    Bill Barr definitely deserves to spend time and money as a defendant. But Ghouliani first imo.

  • Jason Rupp
    Jason Rupp


  • Alan Davis
    Alan Davis

    Same thing happened with Killary.

  • Howard

    It's a club and you ain't in it, but it's got us arguing over nothing while they do as they please.

  • Michelle Skeddie
    Michelle Skeddie

    Why wouldn't you want it in Court? I want to see go away for life for leaning on the scales of justice to protect a criminal. It's just like the UK getting rid of their prosecutor DOJ because he was leaning on the scales of Justice, that's who Trump wanted back in for UK prosecuting DOJ. The worst of all was trying to make that President Lie on international TV, I mean Treason is Treason.

  • Matthew

    Obstruction like spying on a person running for president

  • Marty Gray
    Marty Gray

    Low hanging fruit first; take away law license. Then, metaphorically, take off the mittens/velvet gloves and put on _hard knuckled_ tactical gloves then legally get busy on his fat, funky arse. And let's not forget others who followed illegal orders - example, law enforcement who cleared Lafayette Square for donald's silliness.

  • Yourdeadmeat69

    The DOJ balked whining please don't release my memo. OOPS.

  • Michael R. Williams
    Michael R. Williams

    Trump is the best president ever your grandchildren will read about him in the history book in schools. How great of president. He is and was bet ya. Trump 2024 al the way

  • Eric van Bezooijen
    Eric van Bezooijen

    Spoiler : the Biden administration DID appeal the decision. Hopefully a sign that releasing the memo would lower the chance of these crooks heading to prison.

  • Brandon Link
    Brandon Link

    That's explains why Barr didn't, so why isn't Biden's AG charging Trump?

  • Octo Gita
    Octo Gita

    Is this really legal? It seems like it shouldn’t be, and it feels wrong

  • Leon

    I swear his administration was full of a bunch of idiot's.

  • Herbsewell

    Trumplicans: he was honestly narcissistic, he's better than you Me: God please stop this isn't Funny anymore.

  • Mad Man
    Mad Man

    Why is biden more worried about getting one over on trump than saving lives in Israel

  • K. Bright
    K. Bright

    How the hell do I get you off my FEED? Your a political hack pretending to be a lawyer.

  • Crossword131

    P.S. in camera means in judges chambers or in private

  • Ana Saint James
    Ana Saint James

    So the question here is why would Bill Barr want to be in department of Justice if he wasn't going to really do his job. Just another cushy paying government job yeah that's the ticket. Hmmmmmmm

  • AxelQC

    Sounds like perjury to me. Barr needs to be disbarred and sent to prison.

  • DragonEyeGaming Arce
    DragonEyeGaming Arce

    This guy is the good version of Attorney Tom. Attorney Tom is so cringy and comes off a bit dickish but this guy really shows you how the law works and does it in a super charismatic way.

  • Scott Capron
    Scott Capron

    Liberal Hacks

  • Morgan Naomi
    Morgan Naomi

    I just want someone to look at me the way Barr looks at Trump

  • ღSwnsasyღ _
    ღSwnsasyღ _

    This is my surprised face 😑

  • KUTTR-

    The wheels of justice turn slowly , but turn they do.

  • Doug Canney
    Doug Canney

    Barr approached Trump and told him, “appoint me so I can get paid again and I’ll make sure no one presses charges on you for being a lying, crooked, thieving piece of crap like you’ve always been”. Of course he did exactly that. How he got confirmed is another story and set of charges hopefully.

  • Kevin Doble
    Kevin Doble

    The american people are about to watch massive evidence revealed about corruption and the selection and of course you'd focus on this with everything else that happened and happening


    They can't

  • Jason Crampton
    Jason Crampton

    Legal Eagle you're out of order. Trump will hold the title of president for life no matter how much you dislike him. He is not former anything.

  • iněffablě

    Barr didnt charge Trumpf with Obstruction of Justice? Obstruction of Justice.

  • Tom Snider
    Tom Snider

    Wait I’m confused here, since I’m not a lawyer, don’t we WANT to see Trump and Barr in court? I mean wouldn’t that mean they were finally being held accountable for their actions?

  • John Schoen
    John Schoen

    It's just not there. The entire charade was in danger of collapse and exposing the underhandedness

  • austin oehring
    austin oehring

    Could we all stop the hate? Thanks.

  • Born Mexican Raised in America
    Born Mexican Raised in America

    It is just a political witch hunt. The judge is a Democrat and with side with the narrative. There is no justice in this country. The innocent get punished while the criminals are released to terrorize the people.

  • tokyworld

    US needs accountability, or else anyone entering the WH could do as much crime they want. Only if they're Rs. If Rs could pull the trigger on Dems, they'll definitively will.

  • players duplos
    players duplos

    Bill Barr looks like Bill Gates but fat

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch

    Or maybe...Trump didn't obstruct justice. I mean, I sure wish we held all these other politicians to the same scrutiny as Trump. Watched a congresswoman inciting a crowd to violence directly multiple nothing charged

  • Truth Honour
    Truth Honour


  • Paula J Howard, Storyteller
    Paula J Howard, Storyteller

    Ok. Where's the Repug outcry about lying to Congress? Or is that only saved for a Democrat accused of having extra marital sex?

  • Crow Eater
    Crow Eater

    Surely because you need a crime to obstruct

  • Jack Rodarte
    Jack Rodarte

    What you mean why he didn't charge Trump. Its cause his head is all the way up trumps ass.

  • Signum Ignotus
    Signum Ignotus

    Why does this guy only talk about conservatards? Talk about some libtards for once.

  • Grunchy

    So now that the Mueller report is going to be released we can finally get to criminal charges? I have news for you: rich old men who don’t have time for jail and who can walk away from billion dollar casinos, and who have their own jet aircraft, may not stick around to “participate” with the “cops.”

  • spacedoutcowboy

    Love to see Barr go to prison, playing soap soap who's got my soap in the men's shower...

  • Suchart Boontid
    Suchart Boontid

    How did they get away with this? Since Bill Barr took office, the Mueller investigation stopped, Epstein "committed" suicide and Mike Flynn went free (despite being so obviously guilty), that's just to name a few. Is there no justice left in the US?

  • MyNew Phone
    MyNew Phone

    We all know why

  • James Rooks
    James Rooks

    He didn't press charges against former President Trump because former President Trump had done NOTHING ILLEGAL!😡(you went to law school & don't understand that when you charge an innocent person it gets overturned?!)edit:I'm sorely tempted to agitate to have Legal Eagle arrested for promoting fascism!😡

    • Eldorf The_Wise
      Eldorf The_Wise

      No matter what Mueller found, 10 charges of obstruction of justice IS a crime. If you stand in the way of ANY investigation by law enforcement, from the DOJ/FBI all the way down to your local police department, THAT is obstruction and it's a chargeable CRIMINAL offense that includes JAIL TIME. Please do not take my word for it (because I know you won't). Ask any judge, any prosecutor, any lawyer (preferably a defense lawyer), any cop on the street.

  • Fred Zoidburg
    Fred Zoidburg

    Yawn.. the president can fire anyone without cause. Why would barr charge trump when ZERO was proven? Independent team found zero “ conclusion”.. therefore zero damages were established. Real obstructing case is Clintons emails … hunter bidens investigation.. the plant to spy on trumps election committee… all of these… nothing.. so I think we are splitting hairs at this point.

  • MrSlowestD16

    Barr lied? I'm shocked.

  • Kuro_Neko

    Is it still possible to file the charges against Trump?

    • Eldorf The_Wise
      Eldorf The_Wise

      The statute of limitations have not run out yet, so yes, if the DOJ decides to pursue this, he can be charged.

  • J-Dubb

    Deciding what your preferred outcome is and then backfilling all the details seems to be the political modus operandi of far too many of our elected officials, government servants and media journalists today.

  • Chereese Ferreira
    Chereese Ferreira

    Jail Bill Barr too!

  • maninredhelm

    Isn't Barr pre-emptively pardoned for all past and future crimes, as well as any crimes he might commit in alternate timelines?

  • Lurdiak

    Barr's entire understanding of the judicial branch's ability to overrule, constrain or punish a president seems to be entirely contained within the famous Nixon quote "When a president does it, it's not illegal". I have never seen a bigger fan of unilateralism.

  • Clinton Turner
    Clinton Turner

    I didn't know where to send this to ask YOU... why are there NO CHARGES being drafted against the people(GOP reps and Trump family) for inciting this coup attemp? And it was an attempted overthrow of the US and the will of the people. WHY? I'm a disabled Combat Veteran of 14 years active service and I knew that the GOP/Trump fear mongering would cause this absurdity. If a guy with Ashbergers can see this so clearly, why can't the justice system?

  • Alex Chapman
    Alex Chapman

    I didn’t know Elton John worked for the U.S Government!

  • w4fjhDU514I1

    Is there some reason the Garland DOJ can't or won't just release everything?

  • B Ank
    B Ank

    Your idiots barr is who allowed all of bidens tyrannical 30 EO's to be implemented.. And this wanna be back street boy is biased or just says what a bunch of snowflakes want to hear so he gets clicks

  • Adrian Mark
    Adrian Mark

    Isn't it obvious why? Trump has buildings with his name on it. The law does not, and has never applied to people who own with buildings with their name on it. You can kill someone and be President of the United States, no one is going to bat an eyelid as long as you own a building with your name on it.

  • draco argentum
    draco argentum

    Weeee! More evidence that the core members of the past administration, that turns out, are corrupt as hell.

  • Rotten Kidd
    Rotten Kidd

    I say we get Stone Cold Steve Austin to replace Barr. Tell Steve “ I think the orange guy is hiding beers”. Then hold on!!!

    • Eldorf The_Wise
      Eldorf The_Wise

      Austin: Trump, you're under arrest on 10 charges of obstruction of justice. You have the right to remain silent, etc.... Trump: But I'm Donald Trump!!! Why do you think you can arrest ME? Austin: Because STONE COLD SAID SO.

  • Jake Springsteen
    Jake Springsteen

    Why wouldn’t you highlight the entire sentence, why you gotta leave the last few letters un-highlighted 😭

  • Anonymous

    Literally half the nation don't care Barr lied

  • Rayhan Lahdji
    Rayhan Lahdji

    This video ain't vertical, chief

  • Benedict Holland
    Benedict Holland

    So? You said it was fine. It was perfectly legal. Same with the Sakler family. It was fine and legal. You said so. You told us all.


    because he’s a corrupt spineless discount Ted

  • Quantum Technician
    Quantum Technician

    Barr won’t be the first US AG to go to prison!

  • CLipka2373

    I wish YT would show portrait-orientation thumbnails for portrait-orientation videos, so I would know better than to click on them... I find them really annoying to watch on my PC, as they waste so much screen real estate. (And I guess even on a smartphone I'd prefer landscape orientation videos. You can turn those devices 90 degrees with just a flick of the wrist, you know.)

  • E. Baron
    E. Baron

    I don't know who to believe anymore, on one side legal eagle argues pro Dem ant repub Legally and then Ben Shapiro does the same but pro repub ant Dem... I feel that the videos of them individually is a "strawman" situation.

  • CLipka2373

    Isn't failure to prosecute for obstruction of justice... obstruction of justice in itself?

  • Sierra Guru
    Sierra Guru

    As if we couldn't tell that when it was happening. Sweating like a pig and summarizing a document he hadn't even had time to read.

  • PercyPercy 1
    PercyPercy 1

    So they chose not to charge Trump, but now the memos are coming out and who knows how things will go down. Question: Do pardons have to be published at the time of issue? If things go south for the 45th president, is it possible we might find former President Trump just happens to have a secret self-pardon in his back pocket, or is that not valid (issue of validity of self-pardons apart) if he did not announce it while in office?

  • Sokar12345

    Also, water is wet!

  • GroovyVideo2

    creepy donald

  • Arlo Bandersnatch
    Arlo Bandersnatch can't charge someone with obstruction of justice without a properly predicated investigation. The "investigation," such as it was, was never properly predicated. I don't see the point here.

  • gymkhanadog

    So Barr really did stonewall for Traitor Trump. I knew it would come out after Typhoid Trump was gone.

  • GreenLuthor

    Wow, an Attorney General decides not to prosecute someone and then the reasoning has to be made up after the fact? Good thing no one ever told Loretta Lynch about this in regards to Hillary Clinton, who knows what might have happened. (Oh, wait.) (Of course, if Lynch hadn't, then the Democrats would have had to run someone else in 2016, and Trump never would have been elected in the first place, so... really, standup job all around.)

    • Mary Terwiliger
      Mary Terwiliger

      Hillary Clinton was investigated many times and there's never been any evidence of wrong doing. Maybe you've confused America with some weird fantasy dictatorship of yours where people can be prosecuted for political opposition. Clearly that's the world you want.

  • Bhargos

    @LegalEagle: You should check out the Red Dwarf trial.

  • Sknerus McKwacz
    Sknerus McKwacz


  • Brayden Rankin
    Brayden Rankin

    When is Zack Snyder’s Department of Justice coming out? I hear it’s a decent improvement over what we got here.

  • TesserId

    Now let's see if the swamp Trump wouldn't actually drain actually cares. Any predictions?

  • Tob Raham
    Tob Raham

    "I'm your law & order president" ........"except when me or my friends are breaking the law. Then we'll trample the US Justice system to get our way". There should be an addition to the constitution. No more Republicans for President.

  • Dr. Florida Man; PhD
    Dr. Florida Man; PhD

    What’s your reaction to the guy who appeared via Zoom in a Michigan court as BUTTFUCKER 3000?

  • heighyew

    There was no part of the memo that figured into Barr's decision. He had made that decision before the memo was even drafted.

  • GreyWolfClimber

    The whole Trump/GOP/Qtip crime syndicate has to be dismantled. And ALL its ringleaders jailed for life.

  • Deioth

    Wasn't there a chant... some sort of saying... uhh, OH! OH, YEAH! LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP

  • Simone Cau
    Simone Cau


  • Nick Shvelidze
    Nick Shvelidze

    The US is such an undemocratic shithole.

  • itto sitto
    itto sitto

    Bars going to jail... sounds fitting

  • YamiOni

    So, if the President commits a crime, and the AG purjures themselves to avoid prosecuting said crime... Isn't that treason? They're willfully allowing a high-level government official to avoid prosecution (and perhaps removal from office.) If that isn't betraying one's country, I don't know what is...

  • ethzero

    Barr lied. My faith has been shaken to its core.

  • Travis Faulkner
    Travis Faulkner

    i was just wondering, how is the Disney casting for the dad character? Do you sit there while they draw you... do they just have you on file since every Disney father ever

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte

    Looks like someone has a possibility of going to jail too.

  • meliavar

    Can Trump get charged now? Or that's just a gone chance?

  • TheEvertw

    The first one to suffer when democracy fails is Lady Justice. IF the US is serious about democracy, these finding should lead to a conviction for Barr.

  • Louis David
    Louis David

    Can you please review "for life" It's a really good law show

  • Frank Savage
    Frank Savage

    I didn't really get this, why would Biden administration file an appeal for. What does that mean and what would it do?