QShaman Lawyer "Defends" Client, Offends Everyone
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  • Craig Vanet
    Craig Vanet

    Amazing clown attorney attempts to roast another clown attorney. Cool . Hey legal beta. Where did the virus come from.?

  • hypvd

    based lawyer

  • Dale Hartley
    Dale Hartley

    Just highlights the reality of what Trump, his campaign/administration, and I use those terms loosely, and the GOP did, to contribute to January 6. Even the insurrectionists blame Trump and his Lies. At least, after they get caught, face conviction and have to live with the consequences of their obedience to Trump.

  • 92 skeet
    92 skeet

    Don't like riots? Don't commit voter fraud and expect the citizens to swallow it. The only people that accept that a man with 2 brain aneurysms could out perform better than any other potus. Those are the ones that licked windows.They need to release all of the protesters.

  • Lucid Dream
    Lucid Dream

    Our leaders need to be warned from time to time that that it's people preserve the spirit of resistance. Thomas Jefferson

  • Dan Bail
    Dan Bail

    Can we put these people down so they can’t breed?

  • WheelsGuns&Shoes

    So where on the political spectrum do you fall? I recall leftist destroy monuments, city’s, and public highways, yet no one in government did anything.

  • TheTaygan

    The biggest Fascist move by the Marxist Democrats is going to be January 6th...

  • J Rob
    J Rob

    Too bad that the "Q shaman" was in the capital posing as a Trump supporter to cause problems. There are a few pictures of this guy at BLM rallies at various cities over the course of 2020.

  • Brad Forester
    Brad Forester

    Qshamen was seen at all liberal gatherings BLM before he was a Q. Controlled opposition hired by the Dems

  • jay Spike
    jay Spike

    They are actors , dummies

  • JT Brown
    JT Brown

    Meanwhile, in Portland.

  • taeyoh

    People make fun of drag queens when they themselves turn up to a protest looking like that. At least drag queens look so much better and have actual art skills.

  • Nick Showgren
    Nick Showgren

    I can say as a person who is on the spectrum that unless you are low functioning or had parents who did not teach you better, we do know right from wrong

  • Csonra Csonra
    Csonra Csonra

    I don't think it's so wrong and on top of it if it is the rest of them m************ in Portland

  • fiscer247

    It's getting kind of annoying how the lawyers are blaming the media and Trump for these people's actions. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

  • Chad Sheridan
    Chad Sheridan

    I think they just found out the FBI was behind this and part of organizing it. This all smells a little fishy .

  • ezra Goldberg
    ezra Goldberg

    Is he referencing the Right-Wing Propaganda Machine or the Left-Wing Propaganda Machine? Calling it one sided would be a Big lie...

  • Micah

    I don't like trump, but he's not even close to being like Hitler

  • Inspector Steve
    Inspector Steve

    Well the lawyer can just show the video clip of his client telling everyone to "stop" and "be peaceful". What's crazy is you see all these Jan 6 people being prosecuted. Yet 80% of the people arrested during of the summer long (and into 2021) riots are being let go. Just shows again that if you are a democrat you are more likely to get away with things without consequences. Democrat politicians and the media still haven't condemned the summer long riots. Just wow

  • analog horror reviews
    analog horror reviews

    Wait as a representative of the autism community we don’t act like that and we actually try to not do that

  • Rich Mill
    Rich Mill

    Guy is a hero.

  • swempley

    "You can burn down your own communities and murder your own people just stay away from our poor precious defenseless politicians." - Democrats.

  • TheNewblackdog

    Wow-viewed from the U.K. you libtards really are on a mission to demonise Trump & his supporters and excuse your fake, senile President! 🤔 By the way; it isn’t working!

  • Daniel

    Vanguard of the conservative movement in this country; racist 🤡

  • Make Punk Rock Great Again
    Make Punk Rock Great Again

    Yet the Clintons have had 3 mysterious suicides... two guards falsifying and then admitting to falsifying... and one angry fedex driver murder a father and son on their doorstep... and a crazy car bomb... but nothing to see there!?!?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Cryo Wisp
    Cryo Wisp

    Its basically the only thing he can do, anyone that's been paying attention will know that it doesn't matter what the jury, court, or even the evidence says the leftist mob will burn down cities and murder people for anything and everything, if you watched the Floyd case you'd know that the defendant where destroying the narrative that the cop killed Floyd on purpose they did such a good job that the plaintiff abandoned it and tried to prove he killed him on accident which also was extremely hard to do because most of the evidence pointed at a overdose thanks to his own friend saying he didn't want to testify because he didn't want to be blamed for Floyd's death

  • Vertical Finger
    Vertical Finger

    This post is being edited by IRbin because I mentioned the two leftists organizations, by name, that are responsible for looting, burning and rioting for over a year... this un-American. Why not? -this tactic worked to overturn charges for Antifa and B lives M. Hell -- it's still working for them today.

  • Louis S
    Louis S

    The simple rule of thumb, if your signature isn't on the title for the house you broke into and you don't have an OFP filed against you it is probably not legal. The title is the legal document that says the house is yours.

  • Lawrence Christopher
    Lawrence Christopher

    He is yet another hero, the next time maybe they’ll be armed - they should of looted the star bucks instead they rushed the real criminals the capital but we all learn from other’s mistakes

  • MissLRKindness

    Legal Eagle, do you ever go to court?

  • A_Person 72
    A_Person 72

    Please don’t use the Puzzle Piece for autism, most people actually on the spectrum are offended by it, typically bc the organizations that use it (cough cough autism speaks cough cough) want to “solve” autism. The puzzle piece is usually used as if autistic people are a puzzle we need to solve, and not people we need to respect,

  • Heather Yllanes
    Heather Yllanes

    There are literally democrats who believe they should be tried for capitol treason of course they will push the ignorant unwashed simpleton brain washed by Trump's hate propaganda staffed by actual Nazi's who Trump's father hid sheltered from allied justice back in WW2

  • Dave Wenners
    Dave Wenners

    So why is no one talking about the videos going around where it shows this guy just inside the odds and the Capitol Police telling them all if they can ask peaceful they can enter. Sharman dude even yelled it to the rest of the crowd. They all calmed down. There was also Capitol Police right with him every step he took. And why are the terrorists blm and a Tifa not being investigated. They did way more damage than this guy

  • Sean Paulson
    Sean Paulson

    Hopefully we see the blm and antifa and other rioters and looters in court as well.

  • Julie Armfield
    Julie Armfield

    Its funny how God loving patriots are called crazy or hitler.

    • Twister

      so true anyways when do you think biden will be arrested?

  • Ezekiel Alexander
    Ezekiel Alexander

    30 blm rioters in detroit had their case thrown out everyone thats being charged for the jan 6 protest should also have their cases thrown out

  • JD Simz 814
    JD Simz 814

    Wish they would go after these idiots that have been burning down buildings All Summer Long.

  • Mckenzie R
    Mckenzie R

    Please stop calling him a shaman. It's very disrespectful to tribal shamans throughout history. Im honestly the last to ever do that pc BS but it's true this guy is joke and should never be associated with a respected title.

  • Damon Stuart
    Damon Stuart

    So many people called this guy the viking guy because of the hat, I ain't ever seen a viking wear a hat like that, never ever.

  • Matt Mckissick
    Matt Mckissick

    *coughs* entrapment.

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan

    Honestly, what else has he got to roll with? A mental health defense is about the only option he has. Still hilarious how he makes no effort to hide how much he dislikes his own client.

  • Kyle Rhatigan
    Kyle Rhatigan

    How many FBI agents were breaking in?

  • Matt Roy
    Matt Roy

    So now we are gonna start seeing lawyers with a conscience? Damn has hell from over and are pigs now flying?

  • ✍︎CøpperSpanielPrøductiøns✍︎

    I'm Autistic And Using That As An Excuse Pisses Me Off.

  • B.W.Fontaine

    I wonder when they're gonna arrest and charge the blm racist cowards who are actually behind what went down, and who were the first people let into the building?

  • Sam Cruz
    Sam Cruz

    Those videos of this guy inside the building talking to officers telling them that they're going to be peaceful and the officers are saying that's fine as long as you guys are peaceful go for it. So watch the videos they're out there this was a setup the officers removed all the barricades and allowed the protesters up to the front doors

    • Joe S.
      Joe S.

      The "insurrection ' narrative has gotten more miles out of it than the "fine people on both sides" narrative by leaps and bounds. It smelled of a set up from day one. It magically isn't mentioned that Trump was telling people to go home- I wonder why...

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith

    This fool really tried using my developmental disorder as an excuse for their behavior. What a 🤡

  • Sam Cruz
    Sam Cruz

    But what did they actually do on January 6th besides entering into the building what did they actually do did they burn it down did they lock the police officers in there and try to burn it down did they throw them all cocktails no the only person that died that day was actually above it was protesting over political issues.

    • Joe S.
      Joe S.

      Locking in the police, and throwing explosives at them is allowed... Trying to kill them by burning down the building is allowed in our new reality. Running through the capitol (inside the velvet ropes because that's how insurrectionists do it) is an open threat to our foundations.

  • John Kersch
    John Kersch

    Orange man bad

  • Brian Wade
    Brian Wade

    Lock him up. 20 years sounds about right for the chargea.

  • Devin53

    It’s amazing how the DOJ is going after these people relentlessly where one person was shot and killed by a cop they refuse to identify and more evidence is coming out showing undercover and off duty FBI agents urging these people on. Meanwhile, 47 people have been killed and numerous federal buildings torched by Antifa and Blm which the DOJ continues to ignore and refuse to go after. Our legal institutions have become politicized which will ultimately lead to the downfall of America

  • Michael Osterman
    Michael Osterman

    This is an insult to people on the spectrum. So many of those people I know personally would never storm the capital. Instead they would be more enclined to identify a problem and solve it. You just can't help pure stupid.

  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya

    Ok but americans can say this crap in court? As someone who's autistic, i dont wanna be grouped in with lunatics

  • flipnotrab

    I can’t wear my Viking hat in public anymore because of this guy 😞

  • Hunter Webster
    Hunter Webster

    That's like saying a guy shouldn't be punished for setting the school on fire because he never got detention before.

  • Keen baker-dias
    Keen baker-dias

    It's not trespassing when you have been invited..case closed.

  • Raymond Armatino
    Raymond Armatino

    I liked the fact that they stormed the capital. We should burn it down. Why doesn't ANTIFA or BLM get arrested for arson or murder but these guys are facing 35 years for trespassing

  • Brandon Warren
    Brandon Warren

    Those two are well known antifa losers and r being betrayed by their own kind

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks

    Don't worry the fascists will get Trump back in office in 2024 and all these people will probably get pardoned. America is finished as a country.

  • Stefan Stefan
    Stefan Stefan

    I dont know why people make such a big deal about it the only person who died was a women who was shot without a reason by capital police and no-one is talking about that. Also blm riots and antifa burned down churches and court houses ist that worse? They had a lot of casualties and death's. Dont get me wrong i think they are both bad but they make such a big deal out of one of them, when the other one is so, so mutch worse. Idn just my op on the double standard that politicians have

  • Buck Stickly
    Buck Stickly

    I think biden is having another stroke.

  • H2sGremlin

    Eat poo poo.

  • Turnabout Turnip Null
    Turnabout Turnip Null

    As I recall, they just have to get the DA to drop the case. Then it doesn't matter if they get charged with anything. Thanks, Mayor Ted Wheeler!

  • Vik Laser
    Vik Laser

    You’re honor, antifa doing the same shit so... wtf bro.

  • Nathan Cline
    Nathan Cline

    And yet BLM and Antifa walk fre

  • darryl paynts
    darryl paynts

    Crimes of trespassing while people killing in the name of BLM are let off scot free

  • Daniel Gamache
    Daniel Gamache

    QShaman is ANTIFA.

  • Daniel Gamache
    Daniel Gamache

    Way to be a shill for the Deep State dude. THERE WAS NO INSURRECTION BY PATRIOTS ON JAN 6. However Democrat Communists committed Insurrection all year long by supporting riots all across the nation and paying bail for the people who were arrested. All who committed Insurrection on January 6th were ANTIFA and BLM communists. And FBI.

  • iTOASTi

    Watkins: “Your honor, my f*cking client was just complying with the instructions given by the f*cking Oompa Loompa team leader. My client is not a f*cking insurrectionist and my client did not storm the f*cking Capital building. My client is a dumb-ass who was lead to believe he had a golden f*cking ticket. My client was merely taking a self guided tour of Willy Wonka’s f*cking chocolate factory.” Prosecutor: “Objection.” Watkins: “Hey, what the F*ck?” Prosecutor: “Objection.” Watkins: “Hey man, F*ck you.” Prosecutor: “Your Honor??” Watkins: “YoUr HoNoR?” “What a f*cking little B*tch.”

  • JoJo L
    JoJo L


  • santiago Hernandez
    santiago Hernandez

    I didn't do my brain did.

  • Royce Anderson
    Royce Anderson

    No crimes were committed as the protesters only entered after being escorted in by the Capital Police.

  • cody stevenson
    cody stevenson

    Everyone’s focused on the capital protest but not the BLm state-back terrorist organization that burned down half the country and murdered 40 people last year? Strange 🤔😂

  • Que serra
    Que serra

    If the foxitix thing works , what will happen to fox? If fox gets toned down or shut ( unlikely yes) , then what about MORE extremist media ? If foxitix works , is that free psych or is it yelling fire in a crowded theater? Radicalized extremists is something you should rationally expect to make the dumbest and most excitable among them do criminal things. Idk. Its just a thought. Bad in practice. Bad idea. Just that you can stretch points like this lawyer is doing.

  • eastern2western

    Mental insanity is an effective legal defense.

  • Gavin Houston
    Gavin Houston

    15-20 years for disagreeing with your government, imagine that. But yeah trumps propaganda was hitler esq.... sure

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller

    So what he said had no merit? You think he was looking forward to sentencing? It would make sense.

  • eric martini
    eric martini

    The funny part is when the country has the 2nd Civil War they will be busted out the left has no idea the shit storm that's coming for them

    • eric martini
      eric martini

      @Daniel Ryan which is why I live out in the middle of a forest ok moron

    • Daniel Ryan
      Daniel Ryan

      Knock it off with your murder fantasies

  • eric martini
    eric martini

    The funny part is when the country has the 2nd Civil War they will be busted out the left has no idea the shit storm that's coming for them

  • Ian Price
    Ian Price

    Yeesh I have autism and hearing him talk about it like that sent a chill down my spine.

  • Punyang Bitang
    Punyang Bitang

    Galagu kabakala

  • Barren-eth

    Who's QShamen?

  • Floyed Denver
    Floyed Denver

    Your Honor my client belongs on the short bus to prison not the big bus.

  • Cyn1cal

    He’s literally the doctor from Idiocracy lmao

  • Logan TheRedOne
    Logan TheRedOne

    So the Q and Antifa plants infiltrated the rally and stormed the capitol 20 minutes before Trumps speach in which the dems claim he told the rioters to take the capitol but said no such thing and the real Trump supporters that were just stsnding on the lawn got blamed.

  • Kiing Chunk502
    Kiing Chunk502


  • Dirty_money

    What about all the “summer of love” protesters I wanna see them all in court

  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker

    The bias is funny

  • S T
    S T

    I mean, the lawyer isn't wrong on the "these people have been subjected to insane propaganda, the likes we've never seen since Hitler." Valid point.

  • Richard Aponte
    Richard Aponte

    Lookin like the Indian your parents killed to be free. 🤬

  • jlholmes1965

    Not defending them fir the ignorance they displayed that day. The fact that something is illegal does not mean it is wrong. Ee have a 50 /50 country. 50 believe that the justuce system is based around protecting the citizen. The other 50 are employed by the justice system. Laws are interpreted on a case by case basis. What would be the need for Juries if flexibility was not part of the system. If no one was killed or injured that day would the invasion of the nations capital be a crime. The ultimate consequence fir a politician is to be assassinated for the way he represents the citizen. If politicians thought thwy might be shot for the way they represent, more time and effort would be out into looking at the ramifications of each vote. The politicians of today need to be reminded of this. Ask Steve Scalise. He still hasn't learned his lesson.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith

    Um I think his lawyer is a God damn hero who said what needed to be said. He knew every non short bus American was thinking it and maybe just maybe their absolute retardation is an excuse. When you have a president deviding a nation with his lies and stupidity how can we not expect the idiots of our country to follow the president's lead.

  • Michael Ric
    Michael Ric

    Idk these guys are right regardless. Congress needs to be expelled and replaced with term limits set. The constitution needs to be adhered to which it hasn’t been for a long while.

  • Kenny Giut
    Kenny Giut

    Sure the shaman guy looks like an idiot, but what did he do??? All I saw was him being invited in and then he said some strange chant/prayer.

  • marge wrobbel
    marge wrobbel

    Oh and BLM are peaceful protesters???!!! I call BS!

  • Zackory Ammon
    Zackory Ammon

    The people who stormed the white house did what was their right to do no one should have been arrested honestly it's a shame no one had weapons and clean house I know I would have

  • Jake Sock
    Jake Sock

    This page is really dumb

  • Shaun Hensley
    Shaun Hensley

    This page has gone from legal advice/education to politics. Signed left of democrat voter

  • moicus29

    Will you be covering the lack of state and federal charges for arson and assault in some cities from last year? Does right and wrong apply in those cases?