Police Robots
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  • Aarush Shankar
    Aarush Shankar

    Still looks cute

  • Neil Kaufkart
    Neil Kaufkart

    "Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law."

  • Edit

    Didn't Boston Dynamics say their bots wouldn't be used in the military field?

  • S G
    S G

    Only a matter of time before they put guns on them

  • CoolRalph986 XB
    CoolRalph986 XB

    I really want to walk up it to and ask the police officer "can I pet it?"

  • Yagi Toshinori
    Yagi Toshinori

    Defund the police tho

  • Kimberley Hosmer
    Kimberley Hosmer

    Having Fahrenheit 451 flashbacks!

  • dyscea

    They are just a tool and accountability traces back to the tool user.

  • Joshua Weber
    Joshua Weber

    Read the pedestrian by Ray Bradbury. That’s what this makes me think of

  • SomeMineral

    I'm still gonna bully MEE6, idc if it gains intelligence and decides to kill me or not

  • Help your cat to drive.
    Help your cat to drive.

    I love it.

  • shosha101390

    The lady saying “oh shit that thing walks better than a dog” made my day

  • Herobrine 1
    Herobrine 1

    There's actually laws if I remember correctly about ai

  • Gavnasty 00
    Gavnasty 00

    “Sir my robot dogs X-ray vision sees the drugs in your ass”

  • WoNe Martin
    WoNe Martin

    Two words to negate a robot.... STEEL CORE..... not that I'd be inclined to do that to a LE robot. But we never know what the future holds.

  • A wild Meme
    A wild Meme


  • David Chaves
    David Chaves

    You knew gia haspel.... You can never be gd or lead ever again

  • Tr1

    The future is now old man

  • semicolon ;
    semicolon ;

    I thought Boston dynamics ToS stated that you couldn't use their robots to harm other human beings

  • Giorgio Elgar
    Giorgio Elgar

    It would be a shame if these very expensive robots were to like be damaged or something

  • John Peltz
    John Peltz

    I think the real issue is weather they should be allowed to identify people without any cause and/or retain any information relating to them

  • Parker

    has this guy done any videos on the riots with BLM or Antifa etc...?

  • Tristan Toole
    Tristan Toole

    It's not very hard to figure out. Sensors fall under the same category as cameras: If you are out in public, there is no expectation of privacy. If you are in a private business or home, they need a warrant, permission, or probable cause. Don't want a robot dog sniffing the illegal drugs on you? ...leave 'em at home or don't get 'em in the first place.

  • larry jervik
    larry jervik

    Look they can have robot dogs but ONLY if you dont put weapons on it that shit would be the worst

  • Memphis Kash
    Memphis Kash

    we will literally be living in psycho pass in a few years

  • Soulful Anubis
    Soulful Anubis

    Everything all fun and games until robo-dog comes running at you in the dead of night

  • Weareall1island

    Do not spend your time moaning and frightened of the coming robot uprising. You will be more likely fried through your augmentations. Hahajajaa

  • Dustin Manke
    Dustin Manke

    Robots are money, police are lives. When you take the risk out of your job it changes how you do your job. This could be a slippery slope.

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H

    I bet they programmed the racism in it

  • Junkie_Cosmonaut96

    Half life 2

  • GaijinWolfR34

    I've seen this one before. It's called Chappy

  • sl0ptart

    How would it be any different than using a drug sniffing dog to detect drugs?

  • Samuel

    They should’ve captured the consciousness of a dog and put it in there, that way it would still have a dog’s adorable personality

  • Kevin Seghetti
    Kevin Seghetti

    To get your tag in you should have said "we will likely eventually see them... In court". 😎


    Yeah I found putting a garbage can over its head basically stops it

  • Vcmt N' k
    Vcmt N' k

    Who joked about it

  • hunterkiller1440

    "Why is America so robophobic?" - Sam L Jackson

  • Grog Grueslayer
    Grog Grueslayer

    The robots would be ok if they have the proper programming. If a Democrat programs one... expect to be shot at for missgendering somebody, not using their preferred pronouns, or simply for being white.

  • Vlad Cazacu
    Vlad Cazacu

    The police canceled it, cause people said its 'creepy'. IDFK how is this scarier than a german shepherd running at ya

  • Aunica Todd
    Aunica Todd

    That robot reminds me of the one from “Fahrenheit 451”

  • Aunica Todd
    Aunica Todd

    That robot reminds me of the one from “Fahrenheit 451”

  • NCR Trooper ThanksDoctor
    NCR Trooper ThanksDoctor


  • Kyle Glenn
    Kyle Glenn

    Of course it infringes on 4th amendment rights.... no different then a high tech camera, it just has mobility

  • stickersadd20hp


  • a filthy Eggboy
    a filthy Eggboy

    But does it also piss beer

  • this is star
    this is star

    Watch soon there is going to be robot cops and one will lose its memory trying to find out who it is and end up being taken by some criminals.

  • Lizica Dumitru
    Lizica Dumitru

    How would a RoboCop "spy" on a human differently than a human cop?

  • jlox K
    jlox K

    The courts would give these things human rights if they could. Don't just "wait to hear what they say".

  • Stefan Stefan
    Stefan Stefan

    I think is kind of a good thing, they are staring to use robots, imagin peoples trying to call robots racists :😂 can't waite

  • Tanya Garcia
    Tanya Garcia

    It's a dog crossed with a horse

  • Mdmelastrange

    Oh, it walks better than a dog... Robot walks up to a tree, lifts leg, little springs and washers spray tree....

  • Yung Cris
    Yung Cris

    That’s legit gonna be how the robot war starts

  • Hund Gawf
    Hund Gawf

    *People shall now uprise to take over to go cops*

  • M0NST3R rl
    M0NST3R rl

    This is like the mechanical hound in Fahrenheit 451

  • Skylar 1
    Skylar 1

    Can't Wait For irl Detroit become human release date

  • kintoki kintoki
    kintoki kintoki

    Well you have to understand tactic... While the criminal are dismantelling the Robot providing a reasonable suspicion to its human collegues to lock the passant now avered criminals those robots serves too as a distraction and a fixing point allowing the humain collegues to swiftly arrest murder or what else they super inflated egos tell them to do with the passant now turned very undeniably criminals...

  • Vincent H
    Vincent H

    Yeah, like, why not just expand the job of a police officer to robots or even just say the robot is a tool/equipment for safety in detaining criminals. It seems way more obvious to me than others make it seem.

  • Captain SmolletKermit
    Captain SmolletKermit

    And if you dont do anything about the robots, I'll see you in court

  • Marcus Gamer
    Marcus Gamer

    Pathetic can that dog even piss beer into a cup?

  • Dr. hmj Gaming
    Dr. hmj Gaming

    I feel like a good rule of thumb is if they catch you doing or carrying something illegal, they can arrest you.

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones

    I swear if a stupid ass police dog has weed sensors on it and lights me up in public, it’s going down. Idgaf thats more nazi than hitler.

  • Kurt Berliner
    Kurt Berliner

    Imagine spending all this money for a robot that you can easily disable (there are tips online about weak spots for anyone interested). All that money spent on policing rather than fixing community problems that lead to trouble. They’re spending money for the solution to a problem that could’ve solved an earlier stage. Same with buying anti-homeless crap

  • Unwanted by Society
    Unwanted by Society

    Police get robots and homeless people get spikes on benches if you don't keep feeding it quarters. Right. That totally makes sense

  • Benson Giang
    Benson Giang

    I feel like since the police are controlling the robots the robot is more a tool than an individual that can breach some sort of law? It's like police is allowed cuffs, guns and tasers etc. I feel like the robot dog is just under that. However, when AI become advanced enough for say a humanoid robot capable of doing police duties on its own autonomously then that's when I feel there could be issues.

  • Wolfang Studios
    Wolfang Studios

    My proposal is: anything of the sort will have to be semi-autonomous, with a control operator supervising and standing by to ensure the right steps are taken, and to take control of the unit if need be

  • MeowCow 21
    MeowCow 21

    What do they even use it for and why would it be better than using a RC car

  • MaxBlight

    Then concealed carry folks gonna start getting arrested because they're red hot. Definitely gonna be a lot of court cases.

  • ღSwnsasyღ _
    ღSwnsasyღ _

    Got enough in that $6B police fund for a damn robot dog but cannot fund the school system.. Priorities at its best.. Smdh

  • ih8myfriends

    Defund. Pay the cops more, don’t waste money that could go to their wages.

  • Wilbert Lek
    Wilbert Lek

    That's really dumb. "are people allowed to operate remote controlled robots?" OF COURSE THEY ARE! What? There are airlines so now nobody can fly a plane privately?! The police have cars so citizens can't use them anymore?!

  • reznap

    There is also the military one.

  • Douglas Williams
    Douglas Williams

    Taking steps to save dogs lives..no training to save black lives!?

  • Zaidoon Almahdawi
    Zaidoon Almahdawi

    It's only 70,000 with a 24,000 dollar camera!

  • Daniel Stone
    Daniel Stone

    Hack the robots use them teach the police the lesson that they so frequently teach others without any repercussions.

  • AngryDog GoodBoy
    AngryDog GoodBoy

    Robocops would probably be safer than human cops at this point. Robodoctors are already better diagnosticians than human doctors. And a big reason why, is because the robot does not (necessarily) come with a whole heap of bias and personal feelings and experience and shit. Robodoctor comes with a database of knowledge and system to cross check for any possible illness.

  • Spygul Turtle
    Spygul Turtle

    In a perfect world, more information = better policing. But the current state of bias in the judicial system makes me worry. Mabye AI tends towards more fair police/public interaction, maybe the bias of the data will perpetuate current problems... Idk, it's a morally difficult question. Edit: this is just a question of fully automated patrol units. If they are remote-controlled, the only change is that officers are safer: If a violent criminal attacks a robot, its a shame, but if a violent criminal attacks an officer, it'll probably end in bloodshed. So far not sure about full automation, but remote-controlled "droids" is probably a good idea.

  • e schwarz
    e schwarz

    Creepy AF

  • Inuyasha TT
    Inuyasha TT

    detroit: become human

  • MCdude

    Ah, anything to fill their pockets!

  • mraroin 3
    mraroin 3

    So why do they get robot dogs which costs tens of thousands of dollars (not 100% sure) but cant afford better training for their officers (your barber gets more training than most cops)


    I am all for robots being the police, probably would cause less death on both eands

  • Chris Handsome
    Chris Handsome

    Man, they really did Blade Wolf wrong... They scrapped most of his parts and weapons and left him like this...

  • Katniss Artemis
    Katniss Artemis

    Police robots make me think of that one doctor who episode where the Daleks become police for the Queen. Interesting

  • Gail Gayw
    Gail Gayw

    how about instead of more tools of force, we address the issues that cause crime, like poverty and addiction. acab

  • Zakumei

    a shaped EMP emitter cant come soon enough...

  • Rodrigo Rodero
    Rodrigo Rodero

    I believe that by the time we have full blown humanoid bots patrolling the streets and being able to use guns, and make arrests if and when necessary their programming and AI will be MUCH more advanced than what it is today

  • iksskan

    Wouldn't this be not allowed allowed since Kylo V United States with the ratio being if something isn't extremely widely available to the public it cannot be used for searching. Since robots aren't in public use, the police won't be able use to do make searches or stop anyone. P.S I am not from the USA, so my understanding of American case law is limited to say the least.

  • John Anadale
    John Anadale

    Well, in the military, robots and AI aren't planned to make killing decisions probably no matter what. A future military conflict might look something like, soldiers sitting infront of desks, and the AI clippy identifies a target and pops up with a prompt: "Kill? Yes/No" but it is extremely unlikely that a machine will ever have the ability to make lethal decisions on it's own even though the military may like to imply otherwise. I imagine such technology will act more as a sensory extension for police and probably would not have lethal capabilities since an AI has no grounds for self-defense as it isn't in danger. And as far as one that is being controlled remotely, it's not that different from driving a car, it's just controlled remotely. It's interesting to think about though and will likely bring up some issues that nobody has even thought of as well, so there's no need to rush into relying new technology too quickly.

  • Raythepan

    After reading 451 Fahrenheit from Ray Bradbury, this is terrifying lol

  • luvondarox

    Wait, wait, wait. Did the department name that robopup "Diggy Dog?" What's that say on the side of his body?

  • Don Gotti
    Don Gotti

    Police dogs: Dey tuk err Jerrrbss!!

  • Phillip Oliver Holtz
    Phillip Oliver Holtz

    Skynet makes the laws.

  • Blacksmith8rock

    IKEA robot

  • glophey

    It’s great to see the police buying robot dogs when teachers can barely afford pencils.

  • davy1458

    If the robot has special sensors and programming to spot and detect crimes then the first people it's going to arrest are going to be the cops...i bet the damn robot won't even be able to make it out of the building.

  • rando walker
    rando walker

    this sounded like it was going to go full chapie if you haven't seen that movie your missing out

  • Takeshi Kovach
    Takeshi Kovach

    Why police are allowed to search on suspicion?

    • Cool_Username07

      Because, if they think someones gonna get crack when they're goin into a shady alleyway that's a crime, and they need to stop it

  • New Guy
    New Guy

    Police robots can bring down accidental shootings if you think about it

  • Nicole

    But um that's just scary, not even from a constitutional standpoint that's just incredibly frightening

  • JorgeTLW

    welp time to dismantle the microwave dear, we're gonna need to emp the terminator hounds.....