Nunes's Lawyer Sanctioned
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  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins

    Oh no! Someone sued the Clown News Network. Why does this “legal eagle” think he’s so right? I guess he’s part of the loser left, they’re always right.

    • ̇

      Ikr. I hate seeing YouPropagandaTube Shorts like this.

    • ̇


  • Rob

    Now do project veritas v. CNN 😂

  • Tyler Elliott
    Tyler Elliott

    CNN is a crooked organization.

  • Maxim Corbett
    Maxim Corbett

    Cnn is fake news

  • Quercus Robur
    Quercus Robur

    Meanwhile CNN fake news continues.

  • Dave C.
    Dave C.

    CNN is the worst.

  • David Zanini
    David Zanini

    What is this propaganda doing on tiktok

  • Roy Mcmullen
    Roy Mcmullen

    I wonder if him calling another lawyer "one of the world's worst lawyers" is actionable under libel laws?

  • Chance Gauge Ryan
    Chance Gauge Ryan

    You can tell this guy is on the left with his 🤔

  • Tylr Kozelisky
    Tylr Kozelisky

    I’m sad because you didn’t start the segment off by saying “so”

  • People Party
    People Party

    Why hasn’t this guy made a video about antifa???

  • Pualani Casey
    Pualani Casey

    Does anyone believe what you say. I mean, anyone with a brain and the ability to rationally and critically think by assessing both sides, perspectives, and facts of issues, events, or anything and form a rational belief or opinion? Doubt it! My guess anyone who listens to you and believes anything you say does not do any outside research or search out many different articles, facts, commentary, and the like, they just stupidly follow you and the MSM.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    Me Hate Republicans! REEEEEE !!!

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming

    Sounds like you got a criminal judge on her hands

  • Hdog

    Cnn should be banned everywhere and have to pay all Americans back for deception and misinformation and for pretending to be news organization.

  • Sincere Flowers
    Sincere Flowers

    Uh oh - "at least in this instance"... What do you know you bastard.

  • Redwolf Media1
    Redwolf Media1

    Everyone knows C.N.N. is full of liars and propagandists. So clearly this judge was on the take and probably a Leftist that supports Democrats. Trash 🗑!

  • Zurtle Bojangles
    Zurtle Bojangles

    Do you like that fake news CNN got money? Because you are starting to seem not unbiased.

  • Wade Wilson - deadpool
    Wade Wilson - deadpool

    How much do they pay you to be such a betrayer?

  • Andrew Green
    Andrew Green

    CNN lost in that defamation lawsuit against Nick Sandman how about you talk about that

  • Alexander Plummer
    Alexander Plummer

    You know I cant help but notice that almost all shorts I've seen of this guy is left leaning. The law is the law plain and simple, but would it not be a good idea to point some fault at the left as well to show that they as well are not perfect and our country is run by a group of law dodging and exploiting people. Both sides do it so stop trying to make fake agendas. Dont be fake.

  • J J
    J J

    Where was the city located because if it was in la CNN has the judges bought .

  • Bob Apples
    Bob Apples

    I got my white privilege check in the mail. It’s up another $500. Thanks Biden. It’s great to be white

  • G Daddy
    G Daddy

    So ... CNN got away with lying and a liberal judge helped them. I guess that was too long for the title huh?

  • Free

    I'd bet there is some political agenda behind this

  • Cody Chavez
    Cody Chavez

    Fake news lol

  • Jeff Reichert
    Jeff Reichert

    The lawyers that don't agree with your liberal agenda should all be sanctioned. Good to know how you feel about the law.

  • The god Emperor of mankind
    The god Emperor of mankind

    Steven biss more like Steven piss

    • The god Emperor of mankind
      The god Emperor of mankind

      I’m sorry

  • Jack Nogman
    Jack Nogman

    Oh, I thought it was self depreciation, but nope! This guy thinks his asshole leads to another dimension.

  • Rod Munch
    Rod Munch

    I get the feeling this guys hero is Michael Avenatti and he will most likely end up in jail just like him.

  • T Wilson
    T Wilson

    Bro you didn't even explain what he did that was so bad? And any case against CNN seems like a good one to me. They're peddling fake news and misinformation like we're back in WW2 propaganda days

  • Leonardo Del Toro
    Leonardo Del Toro

    Screw CNN and FOX, abolish political parties

  • Mo Fo
    Mo Fo

    This should be called the political hack channel

  • iron man gun 1
    iron man gun 1

    Libs get cash and good people get punished

  • Paul Leavitt
    Paul Leavitt


  • Brandon Griggs
    Brandon Griggs

    Look at how happy this cultist is being able to say he wont see cnn in court. Doesnt matter that there is footage of cnn personalities saying they push fear mongering bs for views and propoganda. Where would he get his news

  • Panda

    If CNN wins anything, its corrupt.

  • Scoobert McRupert
    Scoobert McRupert

    Screw CNN but I’m glad they snagged some money from Nunes, cause screw him harder.

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo

    ew CNN

  • Pachitaro

    Sanction that boy for looking like a thumb

  • Don Wilson
    Don Wilson

    $20,000 winn for cnn ?? That must even them up for the money linn wood won from them in the covington case. Bahahahaaaa!

  • Garrett Skinner
    Garrett Skinner

    Weird how CNN won, with its blatant properganda and bias.

  • JG2733

    LegalEagle - This 30-second "short" format is a disaster. You don't need 30 or 40 minutes, but in legal matters sound-bites are a waste of time.

  • Liam Does Everything L.D.E
    Liam Does Everything L.D.E

    His surname is Biss and I don’t know why that makes me laugh so much

  • Billy Holmes
    Billy Holmes

    Ass worms

  • Trolling Them Softly
    Trolling Them Softly

    About damn time.

  • Infamous

    Hay look ppl that make money making more money what a video

  • Ryan Phillips
    Ryan Phillips

    Communist news network

  • KolegrahmH

    You’re a poison

  • austin h
    austin h

    I can only ever see CNN as CW now. Fml

  • greenLeaf gecko
    greenLeaf gecko

    CNN is crap

  • Thomas Turley
    Thomas Turley

    CNN should be sued for misinformation and so should every news network constantly retracting story's after the lie is already out. It embarrassing we let media run our lives

  • K. Bright
    K. Bright

    Yeah, but CNN couldn’t get charges dropped brought by Project Veritas could they. Dude you are a political HACK

  • David DeKold
    David DeKold

    We really shouldn’t judge a lawyer by who he chooses to represent. Everyone, no matter their crimes, deserves to have legal protection, and our system will not work if lawyers pick and choose clients

  • Muhammad Kingson
    Muhammad Kingson

    Sounds like a frivolous lawsuit 😉

  • Andrew Arellano
    Andrew Arellano

    At lesst i know to not hire you as a lawyer

  • St Peter
    St Peter

    What was the case

  • Duke Cola
    Duke Cola

    CNN is a terrible company tbh

  • Nathan Cabrales
    Nathan Cabrales

    What does it mean for a lawyer to be sanctioned? Is it permanent?

  • Tony t
    Tony t

    Just goes to show how much pull cnn has they created promenade l problems to report

  • Eric

    Trump still living rent free in your minds🤡 😂🤣 Meanwhile, under Sleepy Joe: Highest inflation since 2008 War in the Middle East Dismal Employment Numbers Nationwide Gasoline Shortages Largest Government Deficit in History HAHAHA 🤣

  • «{aesthetic ribbons}»
    «{aesthetic ribbons}»

    He looks like every absent Disney dad wtf-

  • smol buns
    smol buns

    Mfs got biss as his last name.

  • Declan Snyder
    Declan Snyder

    a lawyer is bad because of who they represent?


    How is a defamation case against cnn garbage? Do you not know how many refractions that they make? The number of straight up lies they make?

  • Dan Traverse
    Dan Traverse

    Steven Bias more like it

  • G L
    G L

    A win-lose situation. I wish CNN the worst. (Along with fox, calm down)

  • kade

    Cancer News Network

  • Cayman Hunter
    Cayman Hunter

    8t was bound to happen fighting in these districts supporting such conservative people no matter how much meat was on the bones of the case

  • Hamter with choese
    Hamter with choese

    Please help spread the word that tiktok is taking over IRbin and that we should try to get it off the IRbin platform and same goes for the music.

  • M T
    M T

    We will see if this democrat hack covers the Project Veritas destruction of NY times and CNN.... lol. I won't hold my breath

  • Bart Butterfield
    Bart Butterfield

    Anyone who goes after CNN is a great guy!

  • Spectral Gaming
    Spectral Gaming

    Why does this man look like a vtuber

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer

    What about Nick Sandman that settled his law suite against CNN NYT? How much is what I want to know.

  • simon bosch
    simon bosch

    I know a shit lawyer family. The Morrison& Morrison there in taylorsville utah these guys are trash

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob

    You can call the suit a crock of shit, but it made some solid points. You’re withholding information with the intent to defend the defendant. I’ll do my own research, thanks. Not some synopsis given to me by another lawyer.

  • Coras

    *supports cnn* ewww

  • Brian

    This guy is a clown 🤡

  • Digital Devil
    Digital Devil

    CNN is fake news though

  • Irate Pirate
    Irate Pirate

    Steven Bist. You got dist

  • David Kuznetsov
    David Kuznetsov

    Homeless hungover John Krasinski

  • Jake Ranney
    Jake Ranney

    More like Steven Piss amirite?

  • Bryson

    I get that you are liberal that's cool and all but why don't you ever call their shady or bad legal practices out?

  • Europe Endures
    Europe Endures

    Let someone else work for CNN. Keep your dignity

  • Nick9ine YT
    Nick9ine YT

    In my opinion CNN shouldn’t exist right now because I think it’s completely liberals biased. Not tryin to start an argument tho

  • Trishtian Dailey
    Trishtian Dailey

    "they threw it out... because it was complete nonsense" Okay but what did they throw out? Why exactly? Why wouldn't you just provide the actual facts instead of letting your bias run the show?

  • WTH Happened to this world
    WTH Happened to this world

    This dude is so left he could do a 360 in 5 seconds...

  • Somebody you don't need to know
    Somebody you don't need to know

    20k winnings? CNN won't even notice that

  • Max Hoopingarner
    Max Hoopingarner

    John Ham

  • Earl Man 5000
    Earl Man 5000

    Look in the mirror ass clown! You shouldn't be able to hold a fishing license, let alone practice law

  • Ian Drummer
    Ian Drummer

    Why does legal eagle look like Disney's representation of a dad

  • Johndurham Fakeinvestigator
    Johndurham Fakeinvestigator

    This guy is a real snake. I know an ambulance chaser when I see one.

  • Requiem


  • Vegetable

    Wait can someone explain to me what happened?

  • k L
    k L

    What kind of a fool lawyer like yourself acts so transparent and unprofessional in public?

  • meeska moodki
    meeska moodki

    Steven Piss

  • Dead_Pool


  • Star Wars345
    Star Wars345

    I want to be a lawyer when I grow up can you make a vid of the process you went through to become a lawyer

    • Scott Lato
      Scott Lato

      He will not =privilege Equivalent of Collin bashing America

  • Mr. New Vegas
    Mr. New Vegas

    He represented devin Nunez? Wow what a monster. This channel is so ass.

  • Etienne None
    Etienne None

    If you are a lawyer, you should be sanctioned