Newsmax Settles; Retracts
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  • Dinesh Gowda
    Dinesh Gowda

    Jim left the salesman job from Office and started Journalism

  • Fausto Curiel
    Fausto Curiel

    Does anyone wonder if the settlement is the result of Newsmax being unable to get at the "facts" because Dominion is being protected and therefore early capitulation makes financial sense? I mean if the truth was easy to get to and power couldn't obstruct it, then having power would be pointless, fruitless and short lived, right?

  • Brett S.
    Brett S.

    But this was the perfect chance to prove their BS claims and be vindicated in front of the entire world?! Why would they fold? Oh, yeah. They were lying.

  • J.A. Bristol
    J.A. Bristol

    These networks aren’t guilty of defamation. They reported the claims as claims, not as fact. Legal Eagle’s just a partisan hack.

  • PUMP_666

    I believe the way you are promoting this is misleading-When you say "Eric Coomer" & "Dominion Voting Systems" in the same sentence, you are giving the impression that its Eric Coomer sueing on behalf of Dominion Voting Systems when , in fact, its Eric Coomer suing for Eric Coomer who just happened ti be an exec at Dominion-Dominion itself wont sue because THRY WOULD LOSE THEIR ASSES!!! Those machines are being shown (as we speak) that they were changing votes due to the loaded algorithm & manipulation of votes while being connected to the internet (which they arent allowed to be) BTW, Eric Coomer might have scared Newsmax into settling, But Mike Lindell & Lin Wood will be removing that $$$ from his posession on their countersuits if Mr. Coomer decides to go through with this......Lin Woods specialty is: Liable & Defemation suits........How smug are you feeling now? If I were you, Id issue the story as an "Actualization" & not a "Generalization" & specify it was a PERSONAL suit & not one filed by the company itself........

  • Jack Morningstar
    Jack Morningstar

    Sidney Powell and Lin Wood need to lose their law license!

  • Awol991

    Newsmax had better be playing at least a 1/2 hour retraction during prime time every day for a month to equal the air time it devoted to the wrong way.

  • King James
    King James

    Eric coomer pog 😩💦🥜

  • Lukas Hammonds
    Lukas Hammonds

    Dr. Comer

  • sean mcmanus
    sean mcmanus

    coomer lol that’s a funny name

  • Landon’s Channel
    Landon’s Channel

    Ohhhh so newsmax just funded the legal fees for their pals to be taken down by taking an early out. Wise decision.

  • Yorkshire Tom
    Yorkshire Tom

    I can't help but chuckle whenever I hear the dudes name, first time I thought someone was saying it wrong to be a dick 😂

  • Mr Chef
    Mr Chef

    hehe coomer

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall


  • mi-28 Havoc
    mi-28 Havoc

    He he coomer

  • AbsorbedAlex 1258
    AbsorbedAlex 1258

    Plot twist there the same guy

  • Pierce Pluenneke
    Pierce Pluenneke

    His last name is "Coomer". He was doomed from the start.

  • Tee Wayne
    Tee Wayne

    Gee...I wonder why all of his videos are geared towards making conservatives look bad. Must be a Democrat they are the real masters of manipulation and lies. I guess it's getting harder these days to actually cover things up with more and more people waking up...

  • Norrotaku

    "coomer" kekw

  • Aaron Moreno
    Aaron Moreno

    I see this guy is a hard leftes u are most of the time a cover or sheild for the Dems

  • Deadpoolagain ForceArenaElite
    Deadpoolagain ForceArenaElite


  • Call me Le Bon Bon
    Call me Le Bon Bon

    hehe, "coomer"

  • Blitzeld

    Heh coomerq

  • malgus12

    thousands of sworn in witnesses lots of videos showing irregularities and fraud, fake voter address, dead ppl voting elections rules changed weeks before election, ppl got caught vote harvesting, 100 thousands of votes suddenly appearing in the middle of the night for joe to take the lead, software glitches that transfered republican votes to democrats and then the courts or government didnt even bother to investigate thoroughly unlike what they did in that "russia crap" for 3 years and that crap started without any single evidence and came from a fake dossier and then they say now this has "no standing" and thrown the case right off the bat🤔that sounds very fishy and corruption to me so nah nobody can convince me that election wasnt rigged and that 80 million voted for that brain dead fraud potato sitting in the whitehouse right now.

  • artao5

    Newsmax devotees will just say that they were forced to retract by the Deep State.

  • Rig Roll
    Rig Roll

    Eric Coomer

  • sadfient


  • Tom Snider
    Tom Snider

    I’d have demanded the settlement have a big bold 30 second statement at the beginning of every broadcast “WE LIED ABOUT DOMINION FOR MONTHS,” and make them run it for three months. Sure, the conspiracy people will scream “The Deep State is making you say that,” but it would be some nice wholesome crow for Newsmax to chew on for a while. Money’s nice but reputation is everything.

  • Daniel

    Easy to spin as deep state silencing the truth speakers, this does nothing to pierce Trump cult, sad when you realize that people choose what they want to believe over reality time and time again

  • Mosstachio

    Hehehe, coomer

  • Signal Bear
    Signal Bear


  • xxvii xxvii
    xxvii xxvii


  • Cameron Pearce
    Cameron Pearce

    Haha. Coomer.

  • Eli Holter
    Eli Holter

    Eric Coomer huh? Hehehe

  • Evan Wines
    Evan Wines

    Hahahah his last name is Coomer

  • Gaylord Mousetrap
    Gaylord Mousetrap

    This guy sounds exactly like philly d

  • Jacob brown
    Jacob brown


  • emongral

    Wow it’s a good thing there was nothing at all suspicious with the Dominion voting systems. We should just have them do anti-virus and computer security on everyone’s computer system. It’s a good thing for our country they have so many people out there shilling for them.

  • Frog God
    Frog God


  • U.S. Marine Corps
    U.S. Marine Corps

    Seriously both sides are always spreading slander. But the left and democrats never seem to have to retract a damn thing. Funny huh how that works.

  • aboppy6

    Haha, coomer

  • Scott Chrest
    Scott Chrest

    I'd ask your political affiliation but that's not relevant. Newsmax is the least of America's worries....CNN(Communist news network) MSNBC are the real concerns only telling partial stories and intentionally clipping videos together to fit their narratives..... Newsmax shows whole clips of and unedited versions of events so if your honest and true to what you preach you'd take a real look at the facts...unless your one of them at which point making this video makes sense......even the blind can see the mainstream Media is unfathomably bias with a left wing agenda!!.....defend that....

    • Zachary Taylor
      Zachary Taylor

      Sorry to say, but CNN is democrat, not communist. The dems are still highly corporate, as is the gop. Any communist would hate all forms of corporatism. If you have actual examples of CNN or the democrats pushing Marxist philosophy(edit: actual Das Kapital or the manifesto level reasoning), I would be interested (and somewhat surprised) in hearing about it. McCarthyism is still strong enough to censor the far left very strongly though (for better or for worse). Know the enemy before bashing them.

  • Thomas Le Dank Engine
    Thomas Le Dank Engine

    Why do you look like a knock off ted cruz

  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T.

    Coomer. His name is Coomer...

  • Gfuel Drinker
    Gfuel Drinker

    Ha Eric Coomer

  • Brandon Corley
    Brandon Corley

    It's kinda weird that is the only lawyer outlet that is trying to build "they are being caught" narrative while I'm seeing "they are being caught" from the right side of this the union is going to be dissolved soon enough 🤭🍻

  • BirdBoy

    Eric Coomer That’s almost as bad as being named ‘Harry Dick’

  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine

    Heh, Coomer.

  • bluetrilobite

    In summer 2016 in preparation for potential accusations of voter fraud in the US as well as a response to contemporary controversial elections in Africa, the BBC wrote an extensive article listing various circumstances that would likely indicate voter fraud of some type had occurred. After more than 4 years, in November 2020 the article was taken down because people were noting that the 2020 US election had checked all the items on that list.

    • Andrew T. Ha
      Andrew T. Ha

      @bluetrilobite This too of course is a complete fabrication. No counties in the US excepting human error reported an actual excess of real votes counted. By human error I mean a person misplacing a decimal point or entering the wrong data.

    • bluetrilobite

      @Andrew T. Ha just to address the turnout argument since that's what you used, some counties (deep blue democrat controlled counties in the contested states) reported 120%, 150%, 300%, and even 700% voter turnout.

    • Andrew T. Ha
      Andrew T. Ha

      Bluetrilobite is lying or misinformed. I searched for "BBC Africa voter fraud 2016" and immediately found the article on BBC's website. Furthermore, the 2020 US election does not check all of the items on the list. The first item on the list is "Too Many Voters" - you never get 98-99% of voters in an honest election. In 2020, the US voter turnout was 67%, a 5% increase from 2016. Already from Point 1 Bluetrilobite is lying to you. I speculate they never even read the BBC article.

  • Gail Gayw
    Gail Gayw

    eric.... coomer lol

  • 1996 Peugeot Tulip
    1996 Peugeot Tulip


  • lasagnagame

    Hehe "coomer"

  • Edgar Blackwell
    Edgar Blackwell

    Leave it to legal eagle to use a cartoon from the 1950s about business and investment as background filler It's called "It's everybody's business" if anyone is interested

  • Heraclitus of Ephesus
    Heraclitus of Ephesus

    Haha Coomer "I'm gonna coom!"

  • 99.6% Survival Rate
    99.6% Survival Rate

    If you're counting retractions, start with CNN and MSNBC. Those two are in the thousands. Newsmax shouldn't have buckled, Coomer is guilty.

  • Seasoned Potatos
    Seasoned Potatos

    What is newsmax and why do I care? Its just another agenda pushing news company. All I care about is the weather lol


    Newsmax lies are just a fart in the wind compared to the gigantic explosive diarrhea shit storm lies that are spewed on CNN daily.

  • Herold

    He he “ coomer”

  • Simone Cau
    Simone Cau


  • MrSlowestD16

    It's unbelievable how stupid these companies were. I completely understand that they have a bias to sell and this story helps that but WHYYYY would you assert these things as fact and open yourself up to these lawsuits? The way Fox does it (Tucker Carlson at least) seems like a good "cover your ass" way to handle it, just pose everything as a question so nobody can sue you for slander - "But what about these reports?" "These reports say," etc. etc. But how these companies were dumb enough to assert these rumors & what-not as fact and open themselves up to these suits is just mind boggling.

  • SocialDownclimber

    who has the rights to publish the retraction? Is it protected under IP or copyright law?

  • Lawrence Lee
    Lawrence Lee

    Eric Coomer Hehe

  • Luke Honnor
    Luke Honnor

    You, idiots, don't get it it was a condition in the settlement. Does not mean it was not real hahaha

  • Rick Kasten
    Rick Kasten

    A "huge" retraction that none of their viewers will ever see, will ever know about or will ever care about.

  • BL1N


  • that-one-guy from-that-one-movie
    that-one-guy from-that-one-movie

    Heh. Coomer.

  • jam

    Haha Eric *coomer*

  • Holy Doggo
    Holy Doggo

    Heheheh Eric coomer

  • Ming Lee
    Ming Lee

    Eric what? There's actually people named COOMER?

  • James Tucker
    James Tucker

    Dominos will fall on Nancy pelosi justice shall be served dominion shall be served Arizona maricopa county audit 2020 fraudulent election see ya in court

    • Zachary Taylor
      Zachary Taylor

      Well we will see, won't we.

  • Brandon Barbacovi
    Brandon Barbacovi

    Petition to get rid of Fox News and newsmax who is with me

  • ღSwnsasyღ _
    ღSwnsasyღ _

    Oh please, that was a BS apology... The funniest is the guy that the morning show brought on that told him if he's happy now that he lost to Dominion for all their lies🤣🤣He kept going and going calling them liars before they cut him off.. The topic was supposed to be about SNL and Elon being on it or something..

  • Joey gaming
    Joey gaming

    I mean the democratic machine admitted that they “fortified” the elections, that’s why hunter Bidens laptop wasn’t talked about on mainstream media until Biden was elected. Besides I doubt a lot of people know Biden was a segregationist when he was first in office.

  • Grant Connolly
    Grant Connolly

    He's gonna cooom

  • Kansas City Shuffle
    Kansas City Shuffle

    The fake news neck beardian giving up the ghost.

  • Gordo Gonk
    Gordo Gonk

    How glad i am to not be named mr coomer

  • Mr Fweebles
    Mr Fweebles

    Eric coomer. Haha. Coom.

  • Andrew Abraham
    Andrew Abraham

    So they were forced to lie in other words. Not surprised. These crooks will do anything to silence the truth

  • GhostDogg


  • Warlord M
    Warlord M

    Eric Coomer fantastic

  • Nope Person
    Nope Person

    Anyone else noticed his name is cumer

  • Faub

    Liberal trash

    • Zachary Taylor
      Zachary Taylor

      Conservative trash See how ad homineims never accomplish anything?

  • Rod Steel
    Rod Steel

    That's mostly because the cases were heard in front of liberal judges. Moreover.... Leftist are not and have not been transparent regarding this entire process. God is still in control though..... we win in the end...

  • The_Gaming_ Otaku
    The_Gaming_ Otaku

    Lol coom

  • Pingo Zingo
    Pingo Zingo

    Eric Coomer

  • Travis Sharon
    Travis Sharon

    I hate what you stand for, why does youtube keep recommending you, and your pro tyranny propaganda?

    • Jun10r1117

      IRbin recommends what you are interested in.

  • Charlesmadeit

    Coomer lol

  • Nels Blair
    Nels Blair

    Objection: the terms may not be public but it is plainly false to say that “the terms of the settlement are not known.”

  • Orlando Fernandez
    Orlando Fernandez

    Imagine going get an education to be a lawyer and coming out this stupid

    • Orlando Fernandez
      Orlando Fernandez

      @Zachary Taylor question for question? Just form a question. Try an actual response

    • Zachary Taylor
      Zachary Taylor

      And your certifications?

    • Orlando Fernandez
      Orlando Fernandez

      @Nicholas Nicholas lmfao yea like that. Are you gonna form a sentence or just "?"

    • Nicholas Nicholas
      Nicholas Nicholas


  • cartanfan -youtube
    cartanfan -youtube

    Lol Eric coomer

  • John Summers
    John Summers

    Please stop tiktok...sellout pos

  • Doug Stanton
    Doug Stanton

    Can I get some Coomer jokes. Please and thank you. 😂

  • whina bell
    whina bell

    I object! The 'T' in 'Often' should be silent!

  • Nick Morpus
    Nick Morpus

    *gleeful dabbing*

  • Jack Barman
    Jack Barman

    When you lose to a Coomer

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Like other news agancies haven't been sued and lost for defamation. Ever heard of Sandman? Your a partisan hack. All MSM is bad!

  • Craik man
    Craik man

    Eric coomer

  • Bleep Bloop
    Bleep Bloop

    Noooo his name is coomer

  • dusty crusty homeless man
    dusty crusty homeless man

    eric WHAT

  • Uncle Elmer
    Uncle Elmer

    You have to watch what you say. Period. Can’t just heave out comments without thinking things through.

    • Zachary Taylor
      Zachary Taylor

      I honestly find it kinda funny how much many people (left and right) seem to care so much about what some stranger on the internet thinks lol.

    • Daniel Ryan
      Daniel Ryan

      People bitching about cancel culture, acting like your words and deeds having repercussions is a new thing.