Man Tips Winning Lottery Ticket, Sues to Get It Back (Bad r/legaladvice)
So you gave away a million dollars. Can you get it back?
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  • LegalEagle

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    • GohanSSJZ

      The whole GME and AMC squeeze, including liabilities towards youtubers who create content around what's happening to these stock.

    • Ocrilat

      Objection: The Waffle House case involved $10 million, and this one 3 months wages for a waitress. Ergo, the 'Law of Contingency Fee' clearly states: 'A piece of $10 million yes; a piece of $3000 no way'.

    • Venece Grant
      Venece Grant

      Go girl! Leaving lotto tickets as tips is a cheap punk thing to do. Tip your server in cash. Idiots.

    • AnimeShinigami13

      I think the woman should counter sue for sexual harassment and file a restraining order against the patron. And threaten to sue her former boss for giving up her personal information if he doesn't testify as a witness against the patron. No man likes the SH word being brutted around.

    • Kokanauka

      Wrong link on the end card. That leads to a short, not a playlist.

  • Left Blank
    Left Blank

    Tip: If that happens SHUT The F*** up about it. Repeat after me "I bought it"

  • kweassa

    Suspiciously similar to a certain Nick Cage movie way back...

  • Austin Hightower
    Austin Hightower

    I was banned from r/legal advice because I said get a lawyer but it’s not going to be worth your time

  • batya

    In civil lawsuits, is there the obligation that the people get notified they are being sued by certified mail/assigned deliverer?

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B

    What's the legality of you using clips from TV shows?

  • waawaa

    So the thing about the pool of people having to split the money with 11 others who didnt put money in, how did they win the case to get a split? Surely if theyre the ones suing they have the burden of proof to prove they were in the pool in the first place, so if they werent in the pool how did they prove that?

  • Kylee Ripley
    Kylee Ripley

    Why in the world would anyone give someone a lottery ticket as a tip - thinking that they wouldn't win? If someone is so concerned with having winning lottery tickets, don't give them away and cause a fit when the person ends up winning! That's absolutely ridiculous.

  • Kirill Elagin
    Kirill Elagin

    It’s interesting how he automatically assumed that the OP was a female, although it does not say so anywhere in the post :/.

    • Georgia Rosenlund
      Georgia Rosenlund

      A creepy old guy is hitting on them publicly AND the owner sides with the creepy old guy AND this dude thinks he can win in court?? Yeah that's probably a lady

  • Cosmo K
    Cosmo K

    Interesting... So, if I worked at a convenience store that sold lotto, and Everytime I sold someone a ticket I said "you'll split that with me if you win, right?" And if a customer replied with something like "yeah, sure" - that would be a legal oral contract entitling me to half the winnings? Technically :p

  • Antonio G.
    Antonio G.

    this one is pretty simple, when he tiped the ticket he forfeted his right any winnings of the ticket. with out anything in writing it becomes he said she said so its hard to win on that case. If a person can take back there tip does that mean i can go to a resturant and say i over tipped and demand my money back? no it no longer belongs to me when i tip it

  • beau ferguson
    beau ferguson

    But in "bird law" there are no privacy laws, a duck can watch another duck bathe!

  • Michael Booth
    Michael Booth

    Here's one solution, bar owners pay your servers a proper wage so tipping isn't a needed custom.

  • Thraim

    At this point I'm just surprised the bar owner didn't sue her for part of her tip, too.

  • einfach nur Leo
    einfach nur Leo

    Who the f tipps with scratch tickets? I mean in the US waiters get paid hardly anything right? They depend on tipps to survive and someone puts their lives on a gamble.

    • Usul573

      I've literally never heard anyone say tipping with lottery tickets is a thing. That is absurd. We tip. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out.

  • Jade Elizabeth
    Jade Elizabeth

    I thought lottery tickets were non transferrable? Or is that just the winnings?

  • James Myers
    James Myers

    "Free advice is worth as much as you pay for it."

  • ерунда сэндвич
    ерунда сэндвич

    Never knew such improbability exists

  • Evelyn Witt
    Evelyn Witt

    The question of the email address being given out is wrong when it is said he thinks it is not an issue: Any business I have worked for was not allowed to provide any of my information includeing contact information such as address, phone number, email address, ETC.

  • johndee759

    How did the man find out?

  • Tia Willich
    Tia Willich

    You leave a lottery tickey as a tip once it leaves your hand its a gift . Second what if you leave a lottery ticket that doesnt win your just a dick who left no tip and thats just cruel. A waitress or waiter cant pay bills on your losing lottery ticket . Just tip money and save your tickets for yourself .

  • Ryan Vaughan
    Ryan Vaughan

    Don't give lottery tickets as gifts or tips. No body wants your gambling addiction as a gift. Don't be a jerk, and tip in cash.

  • Jeremy Leuck
    Jeremy Leuck

    You should do the Always Sunny Lottery ticket episode

  • Shannaz Lukitomo
    Shannaz Lukitomo

    Watching this for my Contracts MEE

  • Salem Broheim
    Salem Broheim

    My mom was my dad's bartender so maybe I'm a little biased. Anyway, if you're gonna do it, be a gentleman about it, and make sure you take no for an answer. And FFS, don't sue them lol.

  • Simon Gray (AKA Rap God)
    Simon Gray (AKA Rap God)

    If he tipped his bartender with the winning ticket he's going to be wasting all of that lottery ticket money on lawyers just to get the winning ticket back.

  • Am Lily
    Am Lily

    This story makes me LIVID omg, sometimes people deserve to die

    • Am Lily
      Am Lily

      I just watches videos about the death penalty and the whole time I was fighting for life sentence but I still stand by this

  • D20doodles Doodles
    D20doodles Doodles

    Greeeed never do something you'll regret. Also real tips in money are better.

  • yueshijoorya

    The manager only sided with him because he is customer, I hope.

  • yueshijoorya

    Oof, IRL Brent asked her out lmaooo. Definitely had something to do with the rejections. Miserable chap.

  • Liam Crough
    Liam Crough

    Hey LegalEagle, loved the video. Looked pretty obvious that there was no valid contract as your analysis of the lack of consideration and offer/acceptance was spot on, could also add that in the context there was a lack of an intention to create legal relations. Would it be worth exploring the possibility of a constructive trust arising? The common law would clearly fail to enforce any alleged agreement between the two parties but in the realm of equity, perhaps an equitable consturctive trust could be in place whereby the man was the beneficiary and any proceeds were held on trust? Again this has issues of certainty of object as the funds received from the lottery ticket dont currently exist but I would think that if I was representing the man then this would be the route to take. Could it also be possible to argue a breach of a fiduciary duty whereby the bartender has used her position to gain a financial benefit? These are all a bit of a stretch but would be really interested to hear what you think. Hope to get a reply :D

  • Scorch428

    def cant be giving our your employeess email.

  • Scorch428

    If you leave somethign as a tip , that doesnt mean its still yours if you want it later....

  • ashe tolman
    ashe tolman

    Not me realizing 5 minutes after you said it you made a Rick and Morty reference 💀 2:33

  • jmo82592

    I would not even accept a lottery ticket as a tip. The people wasting all their money on them are mentally ill, and you should expect these scenarios if you win on a gift ticket.

  • mushieslushie

    The guy tipped lottery tickets not expecting them to be winners (or of an amount that significant anyways) and probably got away with not tipping a normally expected amount by doing this. If this was a repeat customer and not something just left on the table, I wouldn't accept a tip like that and tell the guy to keep it hoping for a real tip then and in the future.

  • Ben Goldstein
    Ben Goldstein

    Great vid

  • Richie Vaillant
    Richie Vaillant

    America needs to get a bit of GDPR in its life!! I shuddered at the notion the employer gave out a personal email address and the fact that's legal!!? wow

  • Larry Mahnken
    Larry Mahnken

    Don't hit on women when they're at work. Ever.

  • RedBlackFilms

    Is it just me or does LE look like a Pixar character walked into the real world?

  • Xelor Dragon
    Xelor Dragon

    Talking about non contract laws is interesting. Gets me thinking about magic the gathering, it's reserve list, how promissory contracts work and what wizards of the coast would face if they got rid of it.

  • Marilyn V.
    Marilyn V.

    Back when I was in high school, a mere 50 years ago, our business law teacher explained “ the law of gifts.” Wouldn’t this apply? Plus the guy has no proof the ticket he gave her was the winner. She could have purchased it herself.

  • Um Yes
    Um Yes

    Losing lottery tickets are the best ones to give away.

  • Marianne VC
    Marianne VC

    Watch the film "It Could Happen to You". It's also about a waitress and a lottery-ticket tip, but a lot more uplifting then these real life cases.

  • guineawuv

    Yeah, but what happened with the kidnapping?!

  • Igor Soares
    Igor Soares

    "He was Brent from The Good Place" she couldn't have been more efficient in helping me visualize this man.

  • Meagan Call
    Meagan Call

    What if there *was* an oral contract? As you point out early on in the video, servers are paid to be polite to customers, and it seems like this is not a situation that allow a person to enter freely into a contract. It's not at all outside the realm of possibility that the customer, who habitually left lottery tickets in place of tips, also had a habit of saying, "Now if you win, you're going to split this with me, right?" And if the server responds, "Haha, yeah of course," is that now considered a verbal contract?Servers who are dealing with inappropriate customers may often say things to humor the person rather than risk getting in trouble for being "rude." I'm not sure whether this could be proven in a courtroom (unless the shitty manager testifies on behalf of the customer) but it would really suck if a bartender's obligation to play nice results in a ruling of having "agreed" to a contract.

  • Vitor Carneiro Tonera
    Vitor Carneiro Tonera

    American lottery is crazy. Here in Brazil lottery tickets are (google translate here cause idk for sure how to say in English) “bearer titles”. That means that if you have the paper is yours, doesn’t matter who bought it. If you want to make it exclusively yours you need to sign in the back of the ticket as well write your phone number, address and other information, then only you can claim the prize. The only way I can think of a lawsuit here is if you got robbed. Otherwise, you have it, it’s yours.

  • Janice Seppala
    Janice Seppala

    And who would say no to you??? I mean, have you seen you???

  • Jerome

    The irony is, if you sue someone over a relatively small amount of money, after all the lawyers are paid, there won't be much, if anything, left to split and enjoy.

    • FOS

      You don’t need an attorney in small court claim

  • Anthony

    You gave up your right when you thought tipping with a scratch card, was acceptable.

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    Can’t believe that persons manager gave her email

  • bo dangle
    bo dangle

    If you win any money don’t tell anyone, that’s the best way to do it

  • bo dangle
    bo dangle

    Lol tipping with a lottery ticket, so basically his intention was to not tip at all because most lottery tickets are worthless

  • Rob Setters
    Rob Setters

    Your a snob

  • Ken Dreamer
    Ken Dreamer

    How about you don't tip lottery tickets. Wow people are stupid.

  • Mikkel

    Who even use a lottery ticket as a tip? Apart from douchbags.

  • Eli G
    Eli G

    2 :39 into this video and... what are you talking about? When are you getting to the main point the title promises?

  • Fenna Bronwasser
    Fenna Bronwasser

    I cant believe the privacy and data protections regulations of the US

  • ShureLock

    Why the hell do people tip with lottery tickets if they aren’t prepared for them to win

  • Lea Shimanek
    Lea Shimanek

    So this guy sexually harassed the bartender while not paying her for the services she was providing for YEARS. Then he goes back on his word about allowing her to keep the winnings and ultimately causes her to quit her job resulting in lost wages. Sounds like a great human being.

  • forgotaboutbre

    Leaving lotto tickets is a dick move. Just leave ur server cash, that way there's no strings attached.

  • JavierM3

    Mo money mo problems 😈

  • Useraccount85

    Glad to see you cite Bird Law. 2:34

  • Timo Berlin
    Timo Berlin

    What a beautiful man!

  • Anthony Slazas
    Anthony Slazas

    There trying to get away without tipping. When it wins they want money wow NO YOU GET NOTHING.


    you deserve millions more subscribers you’re seriously such a likable dude

  • Danny0_

    I am not surprised by anything in this story. You have to be a dick to tip on lottery tickets.

  • bigswole7777

    Loved that biggie reference

  • TheoriginalmissQuinzel

    It could happen to you

  • Donald Roehrig
    Donald Roehrig

    Because this was a tip, would the employer or other servers be entitled to anything? In most cases, all tips must be reported to an employer and included in tax filings as such. Also, some employers require tips to be split between servers, bus boys, and cooks. Just curious.

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido

    Hitting on a bartender or waitress already sucks. But doing it when you are consistently stiffing them on tips takes a remarkable level of audacity.

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido

    Admittedly, sharing an email address seems pretty tame? Not nearly as bad as giving out your real address or even telling them when you are on shift imo. Still a major dick move but not really exposing her to anything the weirdo couldnt do by just looking her up on social media.

  • Leo Boulevardier
    Leo Boulevardier

    Unless you have a case involving trees, r/legaladvice generally tells you you're out of luck.

  • Graham Van Dyke
    Graham Van Dyke

    Imagine being such a crappy person you stiff servers because you're that cheap, and then when they actually get something out of it you sue them.

  • SirStrange

    Rule of the video! Never give someone a lotttery ticket

    • Chineduj Chinedu
      Chineduj Chinedu


  • Sojiro Shibainu
    Sojiro Shibainu

    Almost makes me wonder if he filed a frivolous lawsuit so she would be forced to defend in court, which might force her to reveal her home address or other personally identifying information he could use to stalk her. I once had to take a shopkeeper to a human rights tribunal because they kicked me out of their poster shop for being 'Chinese' (I'm Asian, but not Chinese, but regardless, being Chinese isn't grounds to have someone removed from a business place). But I ended up not taking the case to arbitration because I would have been forced to put my real name and home address in order to file my case and have it heard, and I found out from someone who used to employ that shopkeeper at his own poster shop that this shopkeeper had an illegal side business selling illegal weapons (knives, etc.) and that he was bad news... and I didn't really want someone like that knowing my legal name and address where my sister and I lived.

  • Norm Rayos
    Norm Rayos

    I really thought he was gonna say; “So this isn’t exactly legal advice, but just general life advice...please don’t be Brent.” I mean, it still works.. ETA: if I thought any Nicholas Cage movie would come true in Florida...I definitely didn’t think it would be, “It Could Happen to You.”

  • Krokey

    That tldr was great

  • DJ Dipstick
    DJ Dipstick

    "it's also the same in bird culture" lmfaooo

  • armalite

    Nice tie.

  • VP Perf
    VP Perf

    So… he tipped lottery tickets but want them back if they are worth anything…

  • I Must Bust
    I Must Bust

    If you tip with a lottery ticket you're essentially trying to avoid tipping. If you miss out on a big payout you deserve it.

  • Ituze 07
    Ituze 07

    This is such a dumb lawsuit he lost it didn’t he hear in Elementary School “Finders keepers losers weepers”

  • Gilmore Mccoy
    Gilmore Mccoy

    Why won't you share a cut with the person who blessed you with the ticket 😱🎟️🎫???

  • Pamela Fasolo
    Pamela Fasolo

    Maybe she could argue that the lottery winnings made up for all the times she had useless tips and all the harassment she had to put up with. How cheap can someone be to tip them what you think is worthless and when it’s not, demand it back.

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L

    I never understood giving lottery/scratch tickets as tips/gifts. You're basically saying "here, have some trash" and then in the highly unlikely scenario you didn't give someone trash you gave away a fortune on accident. It's just stupid.

    • Layton Jr
      Layton Jr

      On average, a lottery ticket is worth less money than its price (because corporations need to make money), so basically you're paying a lottery corporation instead of paying the waiter

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee

    Even if likely fake, it’s interesting to see how it would go down.

  • XxOriixaa

    Objection, your honor. The defendant was not an employee at the time of her email being shared, by her former manager.

  • 042873E

    Have you reviewed Tom Hanks Philadelphia?

  • Lim Kloosterboer
    Lim Kloosterboer

    12 peeps win 118 mil. But when it had to be devided it was 12 who got 6 and 6 others had to split 13.8. That still leaves out 5 peeps and 32.2 mil

  • Rick Ricochet
    Rick Ricochet

    How do you prove an oral agreement between two people? It's just one person's word against another

  • .kndrdfndindngoudng

    This is why you never give away a lotto ticket, most cases it is a dick move, but in the narrow case, you are a massive chump.

  • Génesi 1177
    Génesi 1177

    First change your email, or use a disposable email…. Crappy boss glad you quit

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    I have a feeling he going to lose this

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    I already enjoyed your channel but the fact that you made a Rick and Morty reference (albeit quite subtly) galvanized my viewership.

  • Video Game Vision Quest
    Video Game Vision Quest

    Ok, I know the SNL sketches were only about a minute long, but could you do an Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer review episode? I lit up like a tiny child when I saw that Phil Hartman clip pop up in this video, hahaha.

  • Ethan Webb
    Ethan Webb

    It seems as simple as you gave a gift to someone, it's not yours anymore, the end.... is it not

  • Jfanz

    'Free legal advice on the Internet is.. bad.' Is the walking, talking embodiment of free legal advice on the Internet. 😜

  • Miraj

    You just inadvertently taught me why the last dentist's office I did business with did not pursue that 90 dollars for a cleaning after we had a falling out over a much more expensive procedure that they refused to complete after being paid in full. Oooo. Also, love your vids. Been watching for some time from a distance. IDK if I've commented before, but yay knowledge!