Lockdown Fighters?
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  • InVert Your Cross
    InVert Your Cross

    I genuinely love this guys content. I always wanted to be a lawyer but things just never panned out right. His level of intelligence and legal jargon are extremely inspirational.

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam

    She the type of person to scream about freedoms and rights but only for herself. Allegedly

  • orran animates
    orran animates

    She look like eve

  • wayne p
    wayne p

    It's a grift looking for donations.

  • DrumWild

    She looks and sounds batshit crazy. Good in bed, but use a fake name and don't let her know where you live. People like her are terrifying.

  • Bert Visscher
    Bert Visscher

    That is one case I would love to watch!

  • pls don't ban me again you libtards
    pls don't ban me again you libtards

    I really hope people are joking about actually suing her over that..

  • Phoniex Crystal
    Phoniex Crystal

    Um ok so when did we start actually listing to meth heads and crack heads This lady is not right LoL 🤣😆

  • Rockin BoBokkin
    Rockin BoBokkin


  • Common Sense
    Common Sense

    George Washington made all his soldiers get the smallpox vaccine with the LIVE virus. Taken from the pus of infected people there was a chance of death from the vaccine itself But compared with the chances of surviving that infection out on the battlefield without the vaccine was terrible !! More soldiers died of illness than fighting. He didn’t ask them permission. Those soldiers took his orders.

  • Søren Hulemose
    Søren Hulemose

    Sue her sue her sue her

  • Kenneth Kennedy
    Kenneth Kennedy

    It seems as if you could just talkm

  • Christopher OBrien
    Christopher OBrien

    Their Battle will be LEGENDARY!!!!

  • Dogecoin Collector
    Dogecoin Collector

    I have a weird feeling that this lawyer is in bed with the commies currently taking over the US.

  • SarcasticSnake64

    Please sue.

  • Jeremiah Wills
    Jeremiah Wills

    This dude Lmao

  • Gamer Dylan 6
    Gamer Dylan 6

    I've always found it funny that people oppose the lock down so viemently. Like, if you want to die of disease so bad just move to Brazil already.

  • George Mitchell
    George Mitchell

    Do it

  • George Smith
    George Smith

    When did president take place over the constitution?

  • Professor Swaggamuffin
    Professor Swaggamuffin

    I'm a straight man but damn this dude is handsome.

  • ShutUp Meg
    ShutUp Meg


  • 1 Out Of 7.7 Billion
    1 Out Of 7.7 Billion

    The govt doesn't want to give the people the power WE ALL COULD OF HAD. They're selfish, self centered and greedy liars.

  • ricardo sierra
    ricardo sierra

    Do it man!! We behind you all the way!!

  • Medic

    We gave up our freedoms long ago

  • lucy smith
    lucy smith

    This is textbook smart yet somehow dumb as a shoe she’s literally Dr Lawyer Mclawyerson and has the same sense as a sofa cushion

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G

    Do it

  • Hopeless Aromantic
    Hopeless Aromantic

    i saw some dude on fox news (dunno his name) and he said that the country has been shut down for no real reason.

  • Kalash Nikov
    Kalash Nikov

    Attorney tom is cooler

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    Oh, they want to call the capital hill protest a "riot" when NO fires were set, NO cars were burned to the ground, NOTHING was stolen, NO shops were destroyed, there was NO looting and NO ONE was hurt. But yet when BLM are LITERALLY rioting in the streets doing ALL those things including attacking and beating innocent people in the streets they refuse to do anything but LIE and call them "mostly peaceful protests". Biased anyone?

  • CMUK

    Simone is a warrior in a world of pathetic cowering sheep. She has more integrity in her asshole than most of our, so called "doctors"

  • Every Man
    Every Man

    i think you should sue her for trademark infringement as The Legal Eagle

  • Every Man
    Every Man

    i think you should sue her for trademark infringement

  • KickSomeAss

    Good for her.

  • ItsUnova

    Everyone is talking about the name. But is no one else worried that she’s peoples doctor? Lol

  • Brandon Griggs
    Brandon Griggs

    Can you do one on why antifa doesnt get convicted for all the crimes they commit?

  • Bryar Rogers
    Bryar Rogers

    At this point we're really just staying home to protect the elderly for the elderly are our past who can give us information about the past so we can build a better present to build a better future with all due respect those who follow her I'm just going to say she is likely going to get them all killed and end up killing the past if we kill the past we will not be able to have a future.

  • J.A. Bristol
    J.A. Bristol

    Just cause something’s legal doesn’t mean its right. Lockdowns and face covering mandates are collectivist garbage.

  • Nope that aint it chief
    Nope that aint it chief

    Sue her and her crazy eyes!👀

  • MWSin1

    "This law is illegal!" "You don't really get how this whole 'law' thing works, do you?"

  • Slapshot44

    I don’t really think you can sue for ™️ infringement as she isn’t making educational videos like you are. I get it’s a joke lol, but just saying it’s not really an arguable case IMO.

  • andrew justice
    andrew justice

    They weren't there to take the capitol. If that was the case.. they would still have it.

  • William Gentry
    William Gentry

    Jan 6 riot...lol If you want to see an example of a peaceful protest perhaps you should visit Portland

  • Favorite Mustard
    Favorite Mustard

    HEY! Jill Biden is a Dr. too!

  • Floor Wall
    Floor Wall

    "Really across the country"

  • not bob
    not bob

    I think anyone paying attention this woman Caesar is perfectly obvious that she's acting exactly like a profiteer I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't believe anything she says

  • A Poor WW1 Veteran
    A Poor WW1 Veteran

    The jawline of an angel

  • Syniqk

    Not really sure but a lot of these shorts are on pretty much only illegal stuff from the conservative side of politics. I hate all politics so no affiliation with either just noticing a trend

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales

    My first thought when i saw this was SUUUUUUEEEEEDDDD

  • Sarah

    But u not gonna see me in court too now🥺

  • Shelby Rogers
    Shelby Rogers

    Sue her plz

  • Michael Aniszewski
    Michael Aniszewski

    In Pennsylvania we voted on that the governor's emergency power we strip them of it we got 54% of the vote stripping him emergency powers

  • mad_cloudz

    Why are they finding blaming everybody else when the main instigator was the orange bastard

  • M3 dunkman
    M3 dunkman

    Dam she looks like skeletor with flesh he man to the rescue

  • Dat Tax Pony
    Dat Tax Pony

    Eh. Sorry man. It's that damn common phrase thing that gets ya every time.

  • Jake Raymond
    Jake Raymond


  • marky quindoza
    marky quindoza

    Sure her! Finish her!

  • Phillip Zachary
    Phillip Zachary

    Look up the movie Legal Eagles staring Robert Redford.

  • (skiz)

    These people are just grifters. They don't care if it works.

  • WackyRussianDude

    No let them try - Let's see the natural selection doing it's magic

  • Mysta

    You should now do some stuff on the BLM protests..

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Sue dude. She seems both like a Karen and a... wait no... no... karens are bad people... she seems like a karen.

  • ThoseWhoStayUofM

    Locking down religious institutions is not legal. You're painting with a broad brush and you're doing a disservice to your viewers. Honestly, I question whether you're actually an attorney or actually took a con law class in your life.

  • Jason Swackhammer-bowman
    Jason Swackhammer-bowman

    I'm sorry to say bro but you remind me of Justin Trudeau your look and even your voice 🤬🤬

  • Joe Verna
    Joe Verna

    She has crazy eyes.

  • Paladin The grey
    Paladin The grey

    Omg please sue her/them for copyright!! I’d love to hear what they would say or do about it!

  • Soul Man
    Soul Man

    Devon, Do it, Do it, Do it, Please sue her, it would make my year.

  • evilSWA - beyond pandora films
    evilSWA - beyond pandora films

    Man that’s so rude that she’s using the same term that you ripped off from the past several decades and decades and decades (read over a century) of legal use… Rude 1869 is the first recorded use of the term btw.

  • B U R R
    B U R R

    Yall are supporting horrible criminals

    • Teäme Brhane
      Teäme Brhane


  • Super locke
    Super locke

    it’s these kinds of people who haven’t even read the amendments, or articles of the constitution and have no idea how the legal system works

  • Ernesto Marrero
    Ernesto Marrero

    Do it

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson

    Go get em LegalEagle! 👏🙌🤌

  • Jason Crampton
    Jason Crampton

    Sorry not going to work there for you Legal Eagle. Just because you use that as your name on IRbin doesn't make it copyright infringement. The term Legal Eagle has been around far longer than you have been. You would lose that lawsuit so fast your head would spin.

  • Rex Jolles
    Rex Jolles

    There's actually an abandoned law firm near me that looks like a pirate ship with a plank and everything called leagle eagle lmao

  • Juanita Smith
    Juanita Smith

    You all arepos everyday liers

  • InuranusBrokoff

    I respect your hustle man, I see who you pander to, and realize that they are the demographic that would create the largest revenue stream on YT. I, on the other hand, am thinking about pretending to be a flat earther, and seeing how many of those goons I can get to flock to my banner.

  • ruiner down
    ruiner down

    50 shot in Chicago just last night.... this woke trash is obsessed over unarmed protest

    • 69

      Different circumstances

  • Josiah Riesen
    Josiah Riesen

    Could you sue her for defamation because she is using the name of your IRbin channel and ppl could think your involved in her 'dream team'?

  • Lilu Korbin
    Lilu Korbin

    You are very authoritarian

  • Luke Egan
    Luke Egan

    Why y’all never talk about the BLM riots that went on for months or the multiple hate crimes antifa have committed or does only Capitol Hill matter to y’all?

    • 69

      Because BLM was about not being killed by the police and the Trump riot was because their favorite candidate lost a fair election.

  • Pedro Garcia
    Pedro Garcia

    I feel like the term legal eagle has probably been around awhile. I think taking scrub would be an abuse of the IP system considering she's not trying to trick people into thinking she's you.

  • Alex Seiffert
    Alex Seiffert


  • ItsCael

    I’m Australian so I have no input on this but why are the BLM protests not called riots when they did essentially the same thing??? (Don’t come at me I’m genuinely confused) bc from what I saw on social media and newspapers they were both just as destructive

    • Samuel Kidane
      Samuel Kidane

      @69 always have, always will.

    • 69

      @Samuel Kidane yep all the media wants is divide and conquer.

    • Samuel Kidane
      Samuel Kidane

      @69 Ye but the media will make it out to be BLM cause that’s what everyone wants to hear. And thanks

    • ItsCael

      @Samuel Kidane ah okay thank you

    • 69

      @Samuel Kidane the people who were rioting in the streets were not actual BLM supporters they were just there to riot and cause chaos. But I agree with everything else you said.

  • Tim Turner
    Tim Turner

    You must not be in the states that ar in lock down

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson

    The name is to long to be successful three words come on Say less

  • Mussa Musumeci
    Mussa Musumeci

    I love your hair Bro !!!

  • HK Studio
    HK Studio

    Just asking as you are a lawyer after all

  • Michelle Crich Fuqua
    Michelle Crich Fuqua

    Tick rockers are liberals

  • Michelle Crich Fuqua
    Michelle Crich Fuqua

    So many deceived mentally ill ppl, sad

  • joshua jones
    joshua jones

    God some people are so dense that they just can’t help but to keep stepping in it no matter what they say

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day

    when you listen to a guy that doesn't understand (life) or any concept besides money

  • Nuka

    Imagine getting sued for trademark infringement by Legal Eagle. You already lose as soon as you see the cease and desist letter.

    • evilSWA - beyond pandora films
      evilSWA - beyond pandora films

      So you’re one of the dumb ones that thinks that he came up with that phrase? So the legal Eagle Law award that has been around since before this guy ever practice law or ever came up with a IRbin channel? What about them? What about the literal registered trademark movie legal eagles? What about the fact that legal beagle comes from peanuts? It’s literally from a snoopy comic…?

  • Zakumei

    ill crowdfund you if you do and ill even appear as a witness

  • yoloSwag

    Can't you sue her for taking your Name?

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano

    What a weak spineless narrator. Can’t call yourself a man or defend yourself purely pathetic

  • rylog8

    Conservatives: we need to get rid of all these warrior activists I government Also Conservatives: WARRIOR ATTORNEYS

  • Lost on Earth
    Lost on Earth

    I was not expecting someone to make a knockoff version LegalEagle in a million years.

  • Peter Maget
    Peter Maget

    Aren’t the lockdowns not laws?

  • Tyrone321

    Is that McDonalds Kloof Street? 👀 Cape Town represent

  • Mikayla Bansie
    Mikayla Bansie

    Subbed you bc that gold chick stole your channel name. Indeed rude!

  • Xxshort

    These people are legitimately crazy