Kim Kardashian Fails Baby Bar Exam
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  • LadyBug

    Baby bar? Is that what their calling the mini bar in the hotel now. Get your drink on!

  • May Longgone
    May Longgone

    The bar is hard to pass. She is a very driven woman. It's sad cause we preach women power but drag women all the way down.

  • Something Intheway
    Something Intheway

    Trying to become a lawyer by being an apprentice as opposed to putting in the work to become one is the most Kardashian thing ever. Stick to pornos

  • Stuff stuff
    Stuff stuff

    NOOOOOOOO STOP GO TO SCHOOL GET EDUCATED DAMN baby bar sounds like an insult it should be because all you did was less then a minimum baby bar

  • Angel USA
    Angel USA

    What a shocker!!

  • Hello It's me.
    Hello It's me.

    She said she's failed it twice

  • Metaphor

    She should study and take it again and she will get it.

  • Dnfpost_here

    I cannot believe these comments they are hilarious

  • Myra in North Florida
    Myra in North Florida

    If at first you don't succeed try, try again. Kuddos to you Kim because you are trying to make this world a better place while your plate is very full. We all need to learn from your example of self -improvement.

  • Sarah Lindsey
    Sarah Lindsey

    If she became a lawyer, it’d be generally unethical

  • fatflapssmith

    Her dad was on the team that got OJ off and her mom made them billions off her wizardry. Why is it a reach she could pass the exam lol.

  • Leanne Standring
    Leanne Standring

    I'm actually really surprised at this. Good for her, trying to follow in dad's footsteps. If she only just failed, she's obviously putting in some effort. Here's to her passing it and moving forward from there, and finally getting to where she wants to be!

  • Alycia Windingland
    Alycia Windingland

    I wonder what kind of lawyer she would be, given the choice?

  • Shane Ellis
    Shane Ellis

    There’s a BABY BAR!?

  • Pedro Varunca
    Pedro Varunca

    Alright so i have one question, Why would anyone think that this is important or in any way interesting

  • Niko Baker
    Niko Baker

    She'll be fine dont worry.. what are u a helicopter mom for billionaires? NOOOOOOOOO ur using billionaire names and matching that with your useless stories... YOU ARE FEEDING OFF THE USELESS BECOMING MORE USELESS YOURSELF

  • bartonstink

    ME: I want my 5 minutes back! ME(again): Oh, the video was only 60 seconds ??

  • Adyot Kumar Singh
    Adyot Kumar Singh

    keeping up with the Kardashians - court edition I'm up for it

  • M K
    M K

    Given her family's use of unpaid labour I doubt she'd do very much good at all tbh

  • Journey to Success
    Journey to Success

    She should give it another go She is a smart woman I’m sure and she has the money so she should give it another try And with her influence she would help a lot of people as a lawyer and she’s also nice so she’ll maybe make a good lawyer

  • Sia Chavan
    Sia Chavan

    question: why is it called the "baby bar" exam

  • Johl Benedict
    Johl Benedict



    I just climbed to top of the everest and still can't see who asked.

  • l0serdude

    Ok but what... is it

  • Olivia Villalobos
    Olivia Villalobos

    My boy kinda be looking like Fred Waterford from The Handsmaid Tale

  • Suzie cream cheese
    Suzie cream cheese

    Oh my God California is in enough trouble without the Kardashians involved in the legal system there. Look at what her father did for O.J.

  • James Boone
    James Boone

    But have you met her? I have. I don't know if it's a bad day or not but she just had this aweful nasty personality towards people.

  • Christian McKee
    Christian McKee

    Imagine you’re on trial. You can’t afford an attorney, and the court appoints you one. Then fuc*ing Kim Kardashian comes in, hips swaying from side to side. Later, in the most valley-girl sounding accent, she says “Ugh, like, literally, Your Highness or whatever, this dude totes didn’t do it.” Aaaaaand guilty.

  • Intergalactic Gamer
    Intergalactic Gamer

    Did someone say "waste everyone's time and money?" I think from context clues we know who your talking about.

  • Kathleen's chaos
    Kathleen's chaos

    I applaud kim, so much is going on in her life. She dont have to do anything but be pretty. So the fact she is trying is the best..always try to improve

  • Francesca Lat
    Francesca Lat

    I can't be the only one thinking of a baby doing pull ups from a bar. Also u go Kim

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W

    If it weren’t ALL for her image I would be more impressed. Like, do more behind the scenes, talk less about it and then we’ll see...

  • Doom-Slayer

    That’s strange they used a clip of her minus ten lbs of plastic and fat lighter

  • Dennis Hawrylko
    Dennis Hawrylko

    I don’t understand- she can’t afford to go to law school? Or she can’t take the time off from work to go to law school? But she’s apprenticing at law firms? Hmmm?

  • Daisy Perez
    Daisy Perez

    Tbh I don't really care about the Cardashians But imagine going to court and kim helps you win the case

  • Exzaf

    Was anyone surprised she failed? No. HOWEVER, Kim's a mother and a business owner. She didn't become a billionaire from being a reality star alone. She had a busy schedule before she tried this law thing out; genuinely, it was never going to work. I don't think she'll ever pass. I hope she proves everyone wrong though

  • Te Moana Reihana
    Te Moana Reihana

    I really wish her well, in her endeavour to be a lawyer! More power to you Kim; prove us all wrong!

  • Marks Channel
    Marks Channel

    Who cares

  • KynsGuthrie _
    KynsGuthrie _

    Finally she would actually be famous for something

  • Jesse Chowning
    Jesse Chowning

    Wait…you can become a lawyer..and not have even went to law school..? No one tell my brother who just graduated from law school with a doctorate

  • Gabby Chikas
    Gabby Chikas

    Imagine getting a lawyer and its Kim Kardashian

  • That's still TBD
    That's still TBD

    I despised and maybe even despise this family although before the invasion of the body snatchers, I felt like Khloe and I would get along swimmingly...Kim and Kylie I think is her name? They were just the worst. Never seen KUWTK, maybe twice but no longer than 5-8 minutes so

  • Shannon Holly
    Shannon Holly

    AAAAND she failed it a second time.

  • Tropin

    lol not suprised

  • Janet Taylor
    Janet Taylor

    She did take it again. She failed a second time.

  • Dionisios Giakoumelos
    Dionisios Giakoumelos

    Is this about plastic?

  • Dustin Larkin
    Dustin Larkin

    Imagine being rich and famous enough to think you could start one of the hardest jobs without any kind of schooling, training, talent or experience. Just be grateful you haven't wandered into traffic girl 😂 Those Kardashians are so damn stupid 🤣

  • potoker

    I know he wanted to say she came close as being a nice person you would say "you failed but came close" I dont know this but I heard she has quite a long way to go. Rumor is shes doing this on a whim and assumed people would pass her because of her name recognition. The "that persons name I know" type of strategy really only works in sales or branding. I dont know any lawyers who get hired because their family members had a t.v. show and their dad is now their second mom?

  • Liam Brasier
    Liam Brasier

    I normally think the Kardashians are human trash, but if she actually is trying to break out of that mold, I have to respect that.

  • cc cc
    cc cc

    Love this.. I agree do it again!!

  • Suzanne D
    Suzanne D

    maybe try going to law school so you can make sure you learn everything you're supposed to... then maybe you'll learn enough to pass. But I guess some people prefer the easy road (I get it that it still takes work & studying, but when compared to getting a BA & then law degree, it's the easy way. BA + law degree = Respect).

  • vossler25

    If she was my lawyer I’d just be pleading guilty

  • Sagar G
    Sagar G

    Whatever is her life. Lawyer thing was mind blowing for me. If she did it to make some good news about herself, please send me back to my home planet. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • MegaCassie83

    A almost 50 year old woman. What her s** tapes stop making money.

  • Yashur Sun Theamericanindian
    Yashur Sun Theamericanindian

    Who even took this serious. 😆🤣😂. She was lazy, and thought her entitlement by working under real lawyers that went to college would make her a real lawyer. Succubus idiot 🙄

  • Kaiser Rat
    Kaiser Rat

    Yes shes trying but if I ever go to court and shes my lawyer im pleading guilty

  • Lwazi Nhlapo
    Lwazi Nhlapo

    If I was Kim u would actually go and study to become an actual lawyer but I guess having ur own TV show does get in the way of that so..... Glammer life it is

  • charshine

    Wanting to follow in her father's footsteps I see. She's really trying her best I hope she can do it. Almost hate to bring it up, but I think her relationship with kanye and her kids really helped her grow for the better.

  • 504Diva

    She should just go to school. But I am not mad at her for trying it this way.

  • CC Kelly
    CC Kelly

    Keep it up Kim!

  • Adria lee
    Adria lee

    A lot of people dont pass the bar exam the first time. People need to give her a break

  • Lewis Bey
    Lewis Bey

    I don't like the Kardashians and celebrities, but I know that she is doing a lot of good charity work that she's not taking credit for. Sincere charity work too, and not the camera come here and see my good works type charity. She got a lot of innocent people out of prison.

  • Mr. Ben
    Mr. Ben

    I bet judges will also like to see her in court 😈

  • MJ R
    MJ R

    I'm rooting for her too

  • J Z
    J Z

    Who cares?

    • ZzChillzZ


  • tusnpa

    is it just me or does the dude look like a cartoon character? i cant remember the name :/

  • Christian Vasquez
    Christian Vasquez

    WTF is wrong with this guy.

    • ZzChillzZ


  • Dark Highwayman
    Dark Highwayman

    She's a phony.

  • Aiden Adkisson
    Aiden Adkisson

    I feel like the "kim k" stans are going to go kill people in hopes the store gives them credit for using the kim k law department.

  • Empress Lioness
    Empress Lioness

    I don't agree with this law that you can do an apprenticeship ( skip law school) and then take a baby bar exam....the bar exam should be the same...the apprenticeship should prepare you to take and pass the actual bar exam I love how she is putting in the effort so she can help people wrongfully incarcerated👌🏾👏🏾

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith

    I'm all for freedom of speech but...just no, don't encourage her

    • ZzChillzZ

      But she could do alot of good.

  • Glen Jones
    Glen Jones

    A criminal lawyer hummmmmm!! I'd rather rep myself and get half the sentence.

  • Ross Payne
    Ross Payne

    It worries me that she could become a lawyer

    • ZzChillzZ

      She would do good. If she passes she would be a good lawyer. No one around it

  • Daniel Lane
    Daniel Lane

    I freaking hate them all but cudos for trying to improve

  • Dominic Ybarra
    Dominic Ybarra

    She's trying to find her next boyfriend while at work.

  • Johnny Fire
    Johnny Fire

    Dude get a life

    • ZzChillzZ

      What did he do?

  • zanzah

    As a lawyer I understand the hard work and dedication. Hats off to Kim for not giving up, she has a platform to do SO MUCH good! I wish her well.

  • avtech31

    Why not just go to school?!?

  • sarah Hanes
    sarah Hanes

    Yyuuuh get it too itt Fresno I live there......I swear it's not all ghetto and gangs that's downtown 🤠

  • Uisce Preston
    Uisce Preston

    I am rooting for everyone associated with "reality tv" to be abducted by aliens and kept in an extraterrestrial biodome where they fight to the death. For real.

  • Niome Brown
    Niome Brown

    So the whole purpose of this vid was to say she failed so many celebrities who you could talk about ,like Rihanna who went to Harvard and graduated, but let talk about kim and what she didn't achieve

    • ZzChillzZ

      People have and did talk about Rihanna. Are we only supposed to look at one topic ever?

  • Don't be a casualty, cut the cord
    Don't be a casualty, cut the cord

    This brings me so much joy! I couldn't care less how hard she tried to pass, she's letting criminals out of prison!!!

  • Betzy Lopez
    Betzy Lopez

    Shes a celebrity that has dreams and doesn't want it all to be the easy way

  • Lexi Smith
    Lexi Smith

    She failed her second attempt as well. Ayyee

  • Dani Love
    Dani Love

    Leave Kim alone. She took the time out and ACTUALLY studied. So what she didn't pass the baby bar exam, she will get it and im very proud of her! Great job Kim. Keep up the good work! Why is everything always about negative stuff???? She has come far

    • ZzChillzZ

      No one is bashing her

  • slaven simic
    slaven simic

    well done to her, for her kids i imagine

  • wishtopublish

    I wonder if her dad being a lawyer inspired her to take this path

  • Ely Ranch
    Ely Ranch

    I'm glad for the turn this video took. I'm by no means a fan of Kim K, but I hate the way we tend to kick celebrities just because they're famous and doing something different. I hope she succeeds.

  • skinny legend
    skinny legend

    Her Dad got OJ off the hook

  • azaria27

    Who cares

  • Orlando Palacios
    Orlando Palacios

    Hell a satanic person no

  • William Davis
    William Davis

    Freaking go to school … put in the effort

  • Flow boi
    Flow boi

    She would free mommy beaters

  • KrysDlite

    For me it depends…what TYPE of lawyer is she wanting to become? And honestly with her money, I’d rather go through school. I know the internships are important because of the “real world” aspect, but she’s got the money & the time to do it. Might as well go big!

  • Bläk Kneit
    Bläk Kneit


  • Darryl Williams
    Darryl Williams

    Nobody give af

  • Marki Shedd
    Marki Shedd

    Please stop.

  • elena

    only 21% actually pass the baby bar. Kim's even taken it twice and it's supposed to be even harder for repeat takers.