Huge Fortnite Settlement Might Mean $$$ For You (and What's a Class Action Anyway?)
Have you or your family been harmed by Fortnite or Rocket League?
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  • LegalEagle

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    • Doug Ohaver
      Doug Ohaver

      Could you please answer this question. I'm not a lawyer but it was my understanding while in the military that if a crime took place on Federal Land, then it was a felony. The reason I ask this is that so many of the insurrectionists from January 6th are being charged with misdemeanors even though their crimes took place on Federal Land. Thank you.

    • Mac Mcleod
      Mac Mcleod

      You have someone with a misleading name trying to phish people . Example in my comment on your suit. I reported it as unwanted commercial activity spam but really it's more serious than that.

    • Natasha Francis
      Natasha Francis

      I just got a settlement from a class action against a pharmaceutical company. The payout was based on how long you were on the specific medication in question. Mine came out to just over $1000. Took about a year from filing to receiving the check.

    • Samuel Anstey
      Samuel Anstey

      You should cover Ludwig sues offline tv

    • CaTastrophy427

      Is there an equivalent to Trade Coffee for tea? I do not like coffee at all[fn1], but I love tea and would like to see if there's a better tea for me than what I currently drink. fn1: I know, I know, that's a bad opinion, sue me. I'll get avian representation and I'll see you in court.

  • Neil Wilks
    Neil Wilks

    Well that’s some bs, I was wondering why my friends got 1000 vbucks, I didn’t get squat , but I got the email and I did but In game stuff

  • Lorenzo Catalan
    Lorenzo Catalan

    this was such an amazing video

  • redakdal

    its annoying, I bought rocket league months after I ran out of plus, because I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to feel as if I actually owned it. Years later they give it out for free and give veteran players a bunch of customization items they already have/ are not worth what we paid for. I am sorry if I feel entitled, but I do feel like I am owed something more then cheap skins no one wants, considering I bought it on ps4 and pc years ago anyone else felt thrown under the bus when this happened?

  • Jeff Weitzel
    Jeff Weitzel

    Remember ladies and gentlemen The winners in a class action lawsuit is the layers.

  • Benjamin Pryer
    Benjamin Pryer

    Man that tea part was funny, and by funny I mean we all dont care. about all of them.

  • Benjamin Pryer
    Benjamin Pryer


  • Now as I was saying...
    Now as I was saying...

    Me, my grandma, and my mom all got $2k each because I put our names on a paper and mailed one of these you-might-be-entitled-to-money "cold calls" back. I don't remember everything but the class action was against Kotex FOR FREAKING TAMPONS.

  • brothercannon

    You should be a lawyer on it's always sunny in Philadelphia and debate bird law with Charlie.

  • Ryan Fogarty
    Ryan Fogarty

    Respectfully sir, you are my SECOND favorite bird lawyer and your presumption otherwise is offensive.

  • Natanael Serra
    Natanael Serra

    i thinks always sunny has the copyright on "bird lawyer"

  • Manta Makes
    Manta Makes

    Fortnite: **starts paying people back if not more for their v-bucks** Me, making a small army of fortnite accounts and buying V-bucks on all of them: Guess whos going to college!

  • MotosuwakunNani! A
    MotosuwakunNani! A

    Have seen Roman J. Israel, Esq. yet?

  • GodZHawK

    I didnt get this in The mail so i couldnt join The glass action :(

  • GodZHawK

    Ive spent almost 1400 dollars on these games but i missed The deadline :(

  • GodZHawK

    Ive done both of these but i am bot a minor and I fint live in The US so i dont know how thats gonna work out

  • Asim Ramay
    Asim Ramay

    Virtual game currencies should be illegal and companies should be forced to put actual dollar amounts on virtual items and wallets should also display actual dollar amounts , kind of ridiculous that companies are allowed to make vague what your paying especially when a huge portion of players are teens and kids

  • Mr Alt
    Mr Alt

    Glad I never was notified of this and have to learn 2 months later

  • Kolton Whitmire
    Kolton Whitmire

    I got this email!

  • RyANWaLlEt

    dude can you drink the tea or just keep it down these little baby fake sips you're doing are driving me insane

  • AgentQ

    I thought both are for kids...hahaha

  • Nicolas Hoffmann
    Nicolas Hoffmann

    Okey, but i dont understand what is this settlement about? Why they are getting sued?

  • Aurora MC
    Aurora MC

    I'm a bit late, but this may set major precedent, lootboxs are heavily debated about if they are legal, this may tell company's "get rid of this".

  • Tokiomi Tohsaka
    Tokiomi Tohsaka

    I never thought I would ever “regret” not playing fortnight.

    • Telris86

      @Tokiomi Tohsaka Apparently not.

    • Tokiomi Tohsaka
      Tokiomi Tohsaka

      @Telris86 Can’t get a joke?

    • Telris86

      Why? Because you missed out on a check that is probably less than 10 bucks?

  • Tokiomi Tohsaka
    Tokiomi Tohsaka

    Big cellphone provider adding 1$ fee to millions? Where have I heard of that one before…

  • Michael Brewster
    Michael Brewster

    Fortnite are the worst they have a history of stealing the dance moves from online professional dancers who have choreographed these dances and not even crediting them

  • Qwerty

    Me who hasn’t gotten anything like this in my inbox but I play fortnite every now and then: “The betrayal”

  • Journetta

    i just checked and i never even got the 1,000 vbucks... even after getting the email

  • Journetta

    im sad i missed the email and didnt even know this was a thing

  • Journetta


  • broke_AF_ Games
    broke_AF_ Games

    My class actioned garnered me $63.00 (CAD) and in the case my identity actually was stolen and used then I would get some other stuff.

  • Damean

    That better be some Yorkshire Gold tea

  • Mike Duffy
    Mike Duffy

    Kinda confused, did you make this video before April? The deadline to File a Claim has since passed so some of the caution talking about the suit and "publicizing" it doesn't make sense. Can't even do anything now

  • The-Mike_D

    I kept thinking someone was bumping the wall or making noise outside the apartment when really it was an unnecessary knocking noise during screen transitions. *Knockitoff with that silly noise or change it to something that stands out as a transition better.

  • MadChickenPictures

    "your favorite bird lawyer has litigated and settled countless numbers of class action settlements" Damn Charlie Kelly has been busy

  • ZoeAlleyne

    It should have been Legali-Tea. Just saying.

  • ZoeAlleyne

    My last email said that I needed to be in Washington specifically to be 'eligible' I guess. Is that just jurisdiction or is that part of the 'class' part? It was also in regards to online currency.

  • egg eggsson
    egg eggsson

    this guy looks like a disney dad

  • RiskyWorks

    Actually arent the makers of Rocket League and Fortnite different. Although, Rocket League is affiliated. But yeah Epic Games suck, considering they can bypass a cut and expect to get away with it.

  • RiskyWorks

    "I will never get that time I spent on playing Fortnite back, and I would love to be compensated on that" Fortnite just got roasted

  • FlowDaFlava

    Anyone know what happened in the final hearing?

  • Jett

    Claim deadline was like April 26th I guess. My little brother has spent so much money on fortnite. Was gunna get him involved

  • Don C DeMarco
    Don C DeMarco

    Question I have spent money on both games how would. Revive the money

  • Vitorruy1

    The class action system is so flawed

  • SebiCreate

    I would like to see how anonymouslawyer6969 represents the case 🤔

  • Phuk Gewgle
    Phuk Gewgle

    When you wrap them all together… The layers win.

  • Allan Adamson
    Allan Adamson

    so I received the claim form & I decided... I'm not going to fill it out.. I know they argued with me.. told me no.. I argued back... they still said no.. I argued again.. they finally said okay (only after I name dropped) & sent me the form.. & now I'm thinking.. I don't care for their deal... and while I'm not going to sue them.. I am going to write the supreme court and that may do nothing at all but at least I can write out my thoughts and send it to DC and who knows

  • Michael Bedford
    Michael Bedford

    Class (anything but) Actions of this type are cooked up by lawyers to make money for themselves.

  • Peter Fraumeni
    Peter Fraumeni

    Lawyers get millions, plaintiffs (the real victims) get $11.64 ea.

  • TheFD

    Thanks for the reminder! I got a post card a few months ago about a class action I was eligible for and I had been putting off submitting my claim.

  • David A. Yorkson
    David A. Yorkson

    Watching this video reminds me of "Better Call Saul" 's first season Class Action Lawsuit against the assisted living facility owner, Sandpiper(?). Would you be interested in helping us understand what is real and what is not real in that lawsuit's representation? Is Jimmy in the right by going through the facility's garbage to recover evidence? Or is he illegally obtaining evidence?

  • Irrational

    I can’t focus on the actual settlement because I’m too busy laughing at it

  • ChumblesMumbles

    I had a class action mailer come in for a car I used to have - the "damage" was they thought the passenger side air bag sensor was set too high, so small adults wouldn't trigger it and it would go off. The "compensation" was a free service provided by the dealership - not a repair or replacement, but to turn the sensor off. So the passenger airbag would ALWAYS deploy. Keep in mind, the reason you have that sensor in the first place is so it won't deploy unless a person is sitting in that seat. Because you want to protect the passenger but don't want to waste $1,500 replacing the airbag if it wasn't needed. Also airbags are potentially hazardous to little kids. That's one crappy settlement. Unfortunately I lived far from the district where it was being heard, so I couldn't show up to give the court a piece of my mind about that awful deal. The attorneys were getting something in the millions out of it.

  • prpenaflor

    Can you go over the recent capcom lawsuit next?

  • Sue McCashland
    Sue McCashland

    "a lawyer is only as good as his last cup of coffee" sounds like something godot from ace attorney would say

  • delroland

    Claims had to be submitted by April 26.

  • aaron bedson
    aaron bedson

    Objection: class actions are not only for many people harmed in “small ways” Monsanto, Flint, PE&G those sought compensation for life changing harm in which if individuals went after the company would have left the individual in a David vs Goliath battle in which the individual would be buried in legal cost far exceeding the compensatory gains.

  • Sonikku2008

    Oh man, that mention of Geocities. There's my childhood.

  • josh1000100

    Where do mashups of songs land on copyright law?

  • Zarathos

    Would love to see you react to the movie, "The Whole Truth" with Keanu Reeves!

  • Aurtisan Miner
    Aurtisan Miner

    I’m not getting shit. I dont even know what type of game that is.

  • Randy Campbell
    Randy Campbell

    LE: Not to worry, you're off the hook for making people "aware" of the lawsuit. At 09:35 you flashed up the claims page and I had to stop it and look closely but yep, the deadline to submit was April 26, 2021 :)

  • Jethro Alcantara
    Jethro Alcantara

    I'd love to see you take on the Billy Mitchell v. Twin Galaxies + Literally Everyone Else saga that's been going on for the last few years

  • Carel Bekker
    Carel Bekker


  • coolguyhino92

    LegalEagle Movie breakdown: National Treasure 1 & 2. Would LOVE to see the bottomless crime pit that is Benjamin Franklin Gates. Stealing the Declaration of Independence and kidnapping the POTUS is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Mega Mangos
    Mega Mangos

    Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait: V-BUCK!S?!?! They can give you V-Bucks for a Class Action Settlement?! I'm glad it's only an option, but that seems like a really poor way to 'punish a business for bad practices.' Because instead of having them pay with real cash, they could pay with a currency they make, meaning it's not really lost funds. It's more "potential funds they might have made." But like piracy, probably not because people weren't going to buy it regardless. Yeah, that's sketchy as hell!

  • Joss Bird
    Joss Bird

    Rip published after the deadline

  • Jini in a Bottle
    Jini in a Bottle

    The shirt chafing sounds are excellent ASMR.

  • Stephen

    Mine was Geocities/heartland/meadows/2413, Steve's Pet Info. I'd copy info from library books about animals and post it.

  • Eric Whitney
    Eric Whitney

    Objection! I’d never touch Fortnite, but Rocket League was free for PS+ a couple years ago, so there must be several million PS4 players alone. Good luck getting a $1 check - if you’re even lucky enough to get that much. Anyway, onto my point: I played it several months, but does it only count if I actually paid real money for the in-game currency? What if I had gotten a little in-game currency free through like promotions or other means? Also, WHY would they reward you with MORE in-game currency if that’s part of the legal matter?

  • nicholas Taylor
    nicholas Taylor

    literally emailed my friends about the settlement after about half of this video. Sucks for epic games

  • ContagiousRepublic


  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins

    There's lots of other sketchy stuff in games. The example that comes to mind if we're talking about Fortnite is gameplay significantly changing after you've spent a significant amount of money on the game, or effectively forcing you to purchase certain items if you want to keep playing because not having them would be a huge disadvantage. I got back into Fortnite and bought a battlepass just to get Groot, because would you believe that in a game involving ranged combat in forests, playing a man with bark for skin might give you some kind of advantage? It was a limited time thing, so if I wanted to get back into Fortnite later and I didn't have this camouflaged character I'd be at a disadvantage. Same goes for Fallout 76 and the camo clothing, although there are worse examples in that game.

  • fawkes the plot phoenix
    fawkes the plot phoenix

    Most people get these and toss them as junk mail. Legal eagle sees them and gets excited he doesn’t have to write a video

  • d


  • vgernyc

    Oh so you're NoobMaster69

  • John DoDo Doe
    John DoDo Doe

    Sadly, I clicked hoping this was the class action filed by a game company to reduce Apple monopoly over selling of iDevice apps.

  • GhengisJohn

    Legal Eagle: "I want a coffee that taste like hot chocolate." Me: *Hands him a package of hot chocolate.*

  • Shadow Tech
    Shadow Tech

    I'm sorry but this is really one of those cases that should have gone to trial. The discovery of Epic Games practices involving loot boxes is something that really should have been made more public, I can see why Epic wanted to settle so quickly.

  • Sean Patterson
    Sean Patterson

    Legitimate question, are these noticed designed to look like scams (at least in part) so that fewer people will actually sign up to participate in the class? Is that an actual motivation some of those working on this have?

  • EeeYeeRee

    when you realize that the form submission was closed a month before this video was uploaded

  • Warmachine

    I got in on one of these for the Nvidia GTX 970 lawsuit over false marketing of the card's video memory.

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H

    As much as I’d love to be apart of the class in this lawsuit, I’m glad to say I’ve never played Fortnite or Rocket League.

  • GcubePlayer8

    "Which means I probably played fortnite or rocket league which I don't remember which probably explains why I woke up in a ally one evening"

  • Cianitrihs Khour
    Cianitrihs Khour

    This seems small, but at least some good is done. May take a while to get anything, but not too worried anyways. After all, never spent extra money on these games for good reason.

  • Chris newton
    Chris newton

    I got a case of 4 12 oz red bulls in the mail randomly one day and remembered 3 years prior I had signed up on a class action against them when Red Bull didn't give me wings!

  • TendedKibbles0


  • Derek Peterson
    Derek Peterson

    Thanks for letting me know a month after I could have made a claim. What an eagle...

  • Jar OT
    Jar OT

    I was in one of the top tiers of a class action suit once and got a substantial sum of money but the topmost tier got something in the tune of seven figures. This was all settled in litigation, where we as the top tier groups had to remain inside of a conference room for thirteen hours without being able to leave. No tv, no streaming services on cell phones yet, and I was the only one who brought a media device. Was interesting to say in the least. The suit was about bad company practices at our apartments that caused structural damage and mold. The guy in the top tier was badly injured while employed by them and is now permanently disabled. Don't worry, it's not that debilitating, he just can't keep his balance standing still anymore. I was in one of the multiple class representative households. Or maybe that guy was the rep. I don't remember so well. They had three tiered payouts and I was on the second.

  • Jar OT
    Jar OT

    Before I watch: It's about the loot crates isn't it?

  • Adam Rab
    Adam Rab

    I cannot believe playing fortnite for like a couple months means I can make money.

  • S T
    S T

    Sorry LegalEagle my favorite bird lawyer is Harvey bird-man

  • Krushak8888

    I got one about my model of car, I called the number and I was in their databanks if my engine ever catches on fire, I get money lol

  • spardathedevil

    I liked the video just for the tea cup...

  • Pat Nichols
    Pat Nichols

    Can I get a settlement for having to put up with fortnite videos on my IRbin stream? I think I need compensation for my suffering and anguish. 😃

  • rafalpanwojny

    April 26, 2021 Deadline to File a Claim May 6, 2021 Final Approval Hearing little late on the trigger there LegalEagle :D

  • Mike Dowd
    Mike Dowd

    So what happens if you are part of a "class" that *LOSES* it's lawsuit and the defendant wins court costs and damages from the suit? Are YOU now on the hook for that?

  • Robert Friel
    Robert Friel

    If you load up your coffee with tons of milk and sugar, you don't need a "perfect' roast. You put enough milk and sugar into muddy water, and I'll be tasty.

  • The_Bard_In_Bows

    I was almost involved in a CAL. About 9 years ago, I worked for Panera Bread and it was the worst year of my entire life. A few years later, their parent company was being sued for violating California labor laws (they got dinged on SEVERAL things, many of which I experienced or witnessed. One violation even resulted in me needing a doctor's visit that I absolutely should have sued over, but I was young, broke, and exhausted) I called the attorney's office the minute I got the letter and told them I'd be happy to add my stories to the complaints. But either it got dismissed or they settled before I officially got added onto the plaintiff's roster, because I never heard from them again. Also... don't go to Panera, y'all. They treat their employees like shit and everything is frozen and in a bag.

  • Joshua Stribbell
    Joshua Stribbell

    I‘ve played League of Legends instead of Fortnite or Rocket League for years now and I’m about to RIOT