Giuliani's iCloud Seized
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  • Clayton Williams
    Clayton Williams

    Cool 100,000 says he wins

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam

    It's ironic given how Rudy and the FBI bugged mobsters, now he's getting the same treatment and no surprise, he doesn't like it when it happens to him. Karmas a bitch

  • J. Moore
    J. Moore

    Giuliani complaining while trump’s DOJ gets phone records from Dems and their family members to find out where leaks are coming from-criminals complaining after committing crime after crime.

  • Natas Nico
    Natas Nico

    It’s funny they couldn’t get Hilary’s emails the same way 😏

  • Angela Hall
    Angela Hall

    It would only happen to anyone if they were doing crimes. So only criminals need to worry about this happening to them.

  • Nunna Beeznes
    Nunna Beeznes

    Ironic he's complaining about that. He had no problem with them going after democratic lawmakers information.

  • Renan Mendes
    Renan Mendes


  • Brandon Corley
    Brandon Corley

    Where is the prescribed warrant?

  • zaac smitz
    zaac smitz

    Fukin finally, this man a gonddamn pervert he deserves more than prison, but being the elite he is he'll jus be shuffled off to some country club jail with three full meals an a whole ass indoor swimming pool

  • schlong

    Scary that the doj can do that tho...

  • u know who don't you?
    u know who don't you?

    Remember when Germany accused innocent people of crimes and executed them?

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    Man... you’re a smart person, but you should rly stay out of political topics if you won’t truly engage in what truly happened... then you’ll end up looking like a fool.

  • ChiefChizzy

    They just wanted to smear him loser.

  • Heavenly Kai
    Heavenly Kai

    Yup they wanted to see what he had because people who speak out are a threat to the elites.

  • jarrod Wilburn
    jarrod Wilburn

    The law these days are worse here than it was in Hitler's day and country, the whole system needs a enema so we can get back to the fact that we the citizens run this bi$#% not the other way around, The sneaky ways the kaw breaks itself is out of hand

  • No Longer Human
    No Longer Human

    Hey maybe you should of pardoned Edward Snowden lmfao

  • madeye Moody
    madeye Moody

    I hope we see Rudy Giuliani in Court

  • Rafael Polo
    Rafael Polo

    For those who scream the laws should apply to everyone equally and it should, ask yourselves honestly, where were you when it came to the clintons and now the bidens?

  • Scott Lato
    Scott Lato

    When you have to take your children to the gas chambers so they understand what happens when the people loose power like my mother did me and my siblings you'll understand Look up Valkerie What happens when you try to coarse correct Next time China will be in power so no U.S. of A to invade to stop it

  • richard Harriszz
    richard Harriszz

    Ironically though they took only Rudy's items and not Hunter's. Hmm I love how legal is only legal when it fits an agenda. There is no justice and if we continue this Clown Show then there is no Amerca. It was washed away by greed, lies, and power hungry morons.

  • smoraptor

    Jesus the witch hunt really is on, Biden is out for blood.

  • Nihility Mandate
    Nihility Mandate

    I think what Giuliani was stating was more about how they didn’t have a probable cause or belief that he would destroy the evidence. I mean he held onto the information that he had for like 2-3 years at this point. He said that if he wanted to destroy it it would’ve been long destroyed. In addition, he also claims that when he offered the FBI tapes of Hunter Biden they were like nah.

  • Clint Gillespie
    Clint Gillespie

    What if the DOJ is corrupt and just rubber stamps probable cause no matter what, just to go after their political enemies.

  • Resonate

    Legal Eagle is one of those people who always side with things you don’t like about the law, and will tell you he’ll see you in court if you disagree. Worst kind of lawyers lol

  • Pete Rock
    Pete Rock

    What’s shocking is the amount of references pertaining to CNN!! Pls stop being lazy and research on your own from all sides before obtaining your opinion!

  • Sammy Ebonyhorn
    Sammy Ebonyhorn

    Damn has he ever tried smiling???

  • azura

    me who names everything 'ehdhsj': guess I'm safe.

  • sirrednexx5

    We can only hope

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung

    When Rudy goes to court I want to see that academy award winning performance

  • Star Wars345
    Star Wars345

    I want to be a lawyer when I grow up can you make a vid of the process you went through to become a lawyer

  • Mostly Peaceful Neanderthal
    Mostly Peaceful Neanderthal

    Alternate channel name LegalCuck

  • Keith D. Meyers
    Keith D. Meyers

    Another brilliant example of American "freedom".

  • Bee Happy
    Bee Happy

    Americans know what they're looking for

  • Jon S
    Jon S

    Remember when seeing Rudy Giuliani in court was a threat to the other guy? At least that version of Rudy was useful.

  • Tristan Chen
    Tristan Chen

    My man looking like a thousand year old muppet

  • umama a.
    umama a.

    He sounds so much like the crash course dude

  • nangua xiao
    nangua xiao

    Rudy is the BEST American heroes and NYC hero. STOPPING YOUR PROPAGANDA DemocRATS

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams

    Love this guy

  • Mark Omvig
    Mark Omvig

    Destroys the long-haul concept of clients attorney confidentialities totally legal totally uncalled for for two years he offered to address the issue for which they supposedly rated his apartment I told miscarriage of anything that would be conceptualized as justice but we don’t have a department of justice now we have a department of?

  • Matt Horan
    Matt Horan

    Rudy is the man. They need him to clean up New York again

  • Rob G
    Rob G

    Big BS. FBI only targeted "data" during his service of Trump. Target actually Trump. 🙄🙄🙄

  • John Bogensparr
    John Bogensparr

    So basicly keep you illegal shit of cloud services

  • e schwarz
    e schwarz

    Perfectly said; they always use that logic "if me then you" well I try to avoid sketchy illegal activities

  • Mdmelastrange

    And a bunch of mafiosos giggle hysterically....

  • Michael Bates
    Michael Bates

    Thats because we have seen the proof. You people are ok with having communist terrorists occupying the white house slamming through order after order granting themselves a permanent status? Pitiful

  • Chantel H
    Chantel H

    Well let's hope he doesn't show up in drag with his mascara running down his cheeks. 💃😂

  • The Train
    The Train

    Do a video on whether or not it's legal for Biden to inappropriately touch EVERY single child he comes into contact with

  • Jack Dough
    Jack Dough

    Not only have democrats convinced the world they are the good guys but are now doing everything possible to cover their own tracks. From the media to everyday people, the 1% will always control you

  • Justareader

    I wonder why they weren’t interested in Hunter Biden’s laptops

  • Jared Emmett
    Jared Emmett

    The irony here is that he probably had a not-so-insignificant role in passing laws that allowed for this. Like I'm sure he was all for the Patriot Act when that was passed but now that it's being used against him the fool be like, "HOW DARE YOU!?"

  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson

    The 1990's called and they want their style back.

  • ijustcant buyaholdensorry
    ijustcant buyaholdensorry

    Can you comment on hunters laptop.

  • Feralbam1

    They did not take Hunter Biden's laptopt though that information is left alone ^^

  • 872215juan Contreras
    872215juan Contreras

    To see Hillary Clinton's email messages seems like a double-edged sword now... 😬Lol

  • CitizenOWorld

    File names and email subject lines are not metadata!

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    I hope Giuliani goes to prison

  • James Rooks
    James Rooks

    I realize you are terminally stupid, but Guiliani is claiming the DOJ HAD NO PROBABLE CAUSE!😡(doi!doi!doi!)

  • Djibouti Ball
    Djibouti Ball

    i'm so glad that he covered up guiliani's bottom teeth 🙏

  • Night Blizzard
    Night Blizzard

    Omg. I’ve got video evidence of aliens, the shooter on the grassy knoll, Big Foot, and both Trump and Hillary’s long lost marbles. Time to update the security on my cloud.

  • IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers
    IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers

    The treasonous doj is still the sellout italian roman islamic vatican spy agency.

  • ngwoo

    This is why I keep all my criminal activity off the cloud.

  • AussieAnnie62

    Your deliberate use of unflattering pics of Rudy gives me life

  • donald garcia
    donald garcia

    So how is to say ther is balanced, is ther a comedy group to vote in that action or is it up the one persont to be submitted some info that they go by that assuming it right and correct that that chute believe and thats that.... I question that move every time specially beeing brown.

  • 7ordank

    I used to like this channel but now it's just politics

  • Franklin Ave
    Franklin Ave

    This will end up being as legitimate as the FISA warrant for Carter Page.

  • Stuff&Stuff

    Isn't Giuliani a lawer, shouldn't he kbow this himself

  • cheaper by the thousand
    cheaper by the thousand

    Actually as he is a lawyer, a warrant is not enough. This required a subpoena and therefore was illegal.

  • lolzorsPwnage

    This comment sections is full of idiots that will complain one moment that the government is spying on us and that cops(aka government) have way to much power but then will clap when that power being used against their political enemies

  • waldo

    Yeah this should be illegal uts not what America stands for anyone who has read the constitution would agree with me

  • We Need Patriots
    We Need Patriots

    Anyone else concerned that 46 is weaponizing the DOJ to suppress conservative think?

  • Josh King
    Josh King

    The beginning to the new secret police

  • bluetrilobite

    I see that youtube is automatically scrubbing comments discussing counterarguments to leftist topics like this (17seconds after posting). That is how you craft a false reality and have people believe it. Remove all counter arguments and make people believe that your side is what all believe. Hopefully none of the above triggers the auto-censor.

  • JustIn credible
    JustIn credible

    All the Democrats know how to do is cheat

  • MatthewOfGilead

    Orange Man Bad. You're all the sheep from Animal Farm and the Establishment are the Pigs.

  • Allan Neill
    Allan Neill

    Land of the Free 😁

  • Martin

    Trump hating NAZIs

  • MFP

    Sounds like you’re all for the Patriot Act.

  • david beckham
    david beckham

    Legal eagle has a smidgen of liberal bias

  • Witch Doctor
    Witch Doctor

    To bad his role as Grinches father was cut

  • iShaymus

    Congratulation on completely missing the point. iCloud data is meant to be encrypted. If that got his iCloud data through a warrant then Apple has a back door in iCloud encryption. That’s clearly what he means by if it can happen to him then it can happen to anyone.

  • chad freeland
    chad freeland


  • Dale Babcock
    Dale Babcock

    When you work for criminals you become a Criminal

  • the Sheriff collector
    the Sheriff collector

    Hehe he said peena

  • Chrundle T. Great
    Chrundle T. Great

    So whats good for us isn’t good for you? Definition of double standard.

  • Youtube is Trash, JM more so
    Youtube is Trash, JM more so

    Rudy Giuliani looks like the kind of guy to blow his nose with a tissue then wipe his face with the same side.

  • Ethan McClelland
    Ethan McClelland

    I would say that's a violation of the 4th amendment. I feel like the 4th amendment should make it so they have to notify you at least.

  • Dr. Jill Biden
    Dr. Jill Biden

    Funny all of your videos are about Republican's 🤔🤔

  • 99.6% Survival Rate
    99.6% Survival Rate

    How about discussing Biden and China or Ukraine. How about his sons dealings with 10% for the big guy. Make yourself useful.

  • Scorned Ghost
    Scorned Ghost

    Imagine if the DOJ had done this to hillary clinton. You think democrats would be ok with it? Doubtful

  • Sknerus McKwacz
    Sknerus McKwacz

    1. Snowden 2. ... 3 ...

  • Josh

    Why is your content exclusively about Republicans?

  • OF CV
    OF CV

    A warrant like the one fraudulently obtained to spy on Trump campaign? Political corruption at highest levels with no consequence + video blurbs implying credibility from DOJ. Where’s Hunter?

  • jtee

    Thanks tips. The Fed's do as they please. Big surprise.

  • Trav Mak
    Trav Mak

    It's funny how you say he's "complaining" unfortunate word to use for peoples libertys and rights being stripped. Youre definitely not a lawyer I would recommend.

  • Dillon Beylefeld
    Dillon Beylefeld

    Can't we see him in a coffin

  • Luke Honnor
    Luke Honnor

    So why did they not take hunter Bidens laptop? I will wait?

  • Junious Griggs
    Junious Griggs

    Snowden told us about ALLL this shit almost 10 years ago. Rudy is just to old and out of touch

  • hostar2

    This is what you get for using Apple.

  • Cajun Patriot
    Cajun Patriot

    We all all know the real reason why they went after Giuliani is to get anything they can find on TRUMP who they cheated out of the election, BOTTOM LINE! DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER STOP TIL THEY OWN YOUR ASS

    • kappabara

      You guys still belive that shit? Move on, jesus...

  • A. R.
    A. R.

    This is the relentless left attempting to harass and pester him, but he is better than that...