General Flynn Endorses Coup?
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  • Richard Koen
    Richard Koen

    I assume you morons are talking about the rambunctious tour group on the 6th. No big deal really. Not even 1 Walgreens got burned down.

  • Apeck AK
    Apeck AK

    Whenever you tell the story you know that your liberal biased shines like the sun. I would not hire you as a lawyer.

  • me myself and i
    me myself and i

    Yes it's coming...if they dont release the disclosures u will see a coup

  • Connor Nichols
    Connor Nichols

    When a congresswoman tries to insist violence because a criminal was killed by a cop

  • Roy Morales
    Roy Morales

    Were people so quick to discount Hitler

  • Julia McGuigan
    Julia McGuigan

    Sure, it might not be incitement, except when it's a former military general, then it might be a problem. 14th Amendment § 3 comes to mind, along with a few others. This guy had top secret security clearance.

  • Blaise Clark
    Blaise Clark

    This guy is a Joke. He's so political it's disgusting

  • Ram Jet
    Ram Jet

    Hate to break the news to you dummy but the crazy people are in the white house right now

  • Huren Sohn
    Huren Sohn

    oh ok so its only illegal if the insurrection already happened lmao. the US is wild.

  • Encik Tara
    Encik Tara

    I thought he was endorsing a car at first

  • Jack TheOne
    Jack TheOne

    So if you incite crazy ppl nothing can be done about it, I see what I must do;

  • Raid Zero
    Raid Zero

    Just wait until the fraud evidence comes out. I'm going to enjoy this

    • Raid Zero
      Raid Zero

      @kappabara not long now I've already seen it

    • kappabara

      How much longer do you have to wait if there is all this evidence? Its been over 6 months

  • Raid Zero
    Raid Zero

    The election was stolen. Full stop

  • Dwayne Hecker
    Dwayne Hecker

    Isnt it funny how if you hate your country and you try to burn it to the ground your a peaceful protestor but when ypu love your country and the values that it used to stand for your a facist or just crazy? Isnt that weird?

  • One Stop Shop Property & HOA Maintenance
    One Stop Shop Property & HOA Maintenance

    I support General Flynn, 💯%

    • Gordon Crouch
      Gordon Crouch

      Then you are a traitor to your country.

  • Seth Hopkins
    Seth Hopkins

    Snow flake city!

  • Jordy

    When are you going to go over the Clinton murders and whistleblowers

  • Mikey 101234
    Mikey 101234

    You are a lawyer and know that owning guns is protected by the second amendment, and the democrats want to abolish the second amendment which is illegal, so technically the democrats(and based of what you said includes you) are crazy and thus Biden can be impeached for that

  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell

    His brother was my CG in the 25th. I will let you draw whatever conclusions you feel fit from that.

  • Bella Hermosa
    Bella Hermosa

    “Thief who robs thief 100 years of forgiveness”... coup? Ha! More likely a favor....

  • Bugle Boys
    Bugle Boys

    Yes sir General Flynn

  • SlanderMan

    Hey legal eagle, how is your foia request going? What about Lafayette square?

  • moicus29

    Do you think the way your dem allies at the DoJ treated him or the atmosphere towards the right for the last 5 years might have had any effect on producing this kind of response?

  • moicus29

    Do you think more transparency in local govt and less tech censorship of the right in fall 2020 could have abated some of the sentiment on the right? Or do the ends justify the means your you?

  • moicus29

    And Kamala endorsing and promising to bail out violent rioters?

  • justin phillips
    justin phillips

    If flynn is just a crazy person what do you say about all the democrats that actually insight violence? I know you're a lawyer, but you could at least try to be morally equal.

  • Vets Haul Junk Indiana
    Vets Haul Junk Indiana

    This is a blatant lie. He never advocated for a coup. The information is out there. So you’re either a lier or lazy.

  • Maria Woo
    Maria Woo

    One crazy person saying crazy things to lots of crazy persons = Stochastic terrorism. Stochastic terrorism 101: * Say outrageous violent thing. * Retract or claim it was a misunderstandig. * Wait for it ...

  • Brad Imsicke
    Brad Imsicke

    This guy is brainwashed by the system read the declaration of independence and tell me if the people on that document were crazy? People who agree with this jerk aren't willing to acknowledge and accept that we are under a corrupt government and need to stand up for ourselves. Apparently many people don't realize that everyone in this country is a slave to the system and if we come together its easy to get out

  • Jason Crampton
    Jason Crampton

    There is so much misinformation going on in this comment section, it's astonishing. Michael Flynn never committed one single crime. James Comey had him interrogated in his office. The interrogation discovered that he told the truth to every question asked of him. That information was taken back to Comey who was told in no uncertain terms that the man was innocent. This was the direct evaluation of the investigations. Comey then began threatening Flynn's family until he confessed to a crime that he did not commit. All of this information is available and public knowledge. Insult me, call me a liar, but I know the truth and you can't handle the truth. If I can change just one person's mind about who the real danger to society is then I have done more than most people do in a lifetime.

  • Michael McGinley
    Michael McGinley


  • Leo the Lion
    Leo the Lion

    Trump 2024

  • Maggi Petty
    Maggi Petty

    Seriously...maybe it's the old Topeka State Hospital ward clerk in me, but I think there is sufficient evidence to put Trump, Flynn and Bill Barr on a Psychiatric Assessment hold. They have all 3 demonstrated they're a danger to others by their consistent speech. This is heinous that people in our government could be this uninsightful.

  • redman0324

    You fools don't realize how much you owe General Flynn, many of you with your lives depending on where you lived in 2011. When Flynn speaks it's not out of his ass and for you to depict him as a fool is disgraceful and shows how ignorant and partisan/ brainwashed you are. Yes, usually when their is a coup as was this multi faceted communist coup that occurred on November 3rd there is a counter coup, albeit usually not successful.

  • Eric Rock
    Eric Rock

    Leftists will burn and rightfully so.

  • Spikey Badger
    Spikey Badger

    Honestly general Flynn, is well respected and it has been proven, that he did nothing wrong in the Russian collusion case, it was witch hunt to take down a patriot. Also, maybe he just knows way more than the average person does, Information changes reality.

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin Roberts

    Michael Flynn was just speaking the truth

  • Riley Howell
    Riley Howell

    There is no accountability on the left. Change my mind.

  • William Stacy
    William Stacy

    Yet another video of you talking out of your ass and not truly understanding the situation.

  • Bob Teo
    Bob Teo

    He will be known as a PATRIOT & HERO.... America can thank him later

  • Daniel Stone
    Daniel Stone

    So if a crazy person leads millions of crazy people to capital insurrection or a military coup then they just don't have to go to court because everyone was crazy? Or should crazy people be held accountable for the crazy dumb s*** they're doing

  • Marty Cuhntzmart
    Marty Cuhntzmart

    It's only "crazy" until the truth is shown. Keep those eyes closed and stay woke boi.

  • Jarrod

    What about your god joe biden, he says crazy shit all the time lol. Oh wait yal dont actually report on anything except your opponents...

  • Miguel Beretta
    Miguel Beretta

    Doesn’t BLM call for violence and nothing happens to them?

  • Mask Off
    Mask Off

    It's what we need.

  • Wanyudo Monk
    Wanyudo Monk

    Reading these comments makes me glad most of you are not lawyers. You can't even understand the words in the law let alone the law surrounding the words

  • eljayess 1972
    eljayess 1972


  • Wesley Na
    Wesley Na

    LegalEagle on Tiktok = CCP Propaganda ×2

  • Adam Reagan
    Adam Reagan

    Flynn was right. Good for him!

  • Gary Moore
    Gary Moore

    This is deal peice of shit

  • Jeffery Harper
    Jeffery Harper

    So many lovers of tyranny commenting. Big govt good, individual liberty bad. Remember that the founders were traitors to great Brittain. You folks would support Brittain today. Education is the key to liberty. Get one.

  • Vytrexi

    matthias speaking facts

  • WM Paco
    WM Paco

    He's entitled to his opinions his ff's, it's not going to anywhere, crazies listen to fellow crazies.

  • Sirach


  • Vichtz

    I don't really listen to you anymore, I'm just here for your fashion sense. It's impeccable my dude. I mean navy jacket on black pants wtf! The unmitigated gall! And you're still killing it my dude.

  • Kimo Bush
    Kimo Bush

    Paid commercial some how. News has become at least the mainstream news,

    • Kimo Bush
      Kimo Bush

      Are nothing more than propoganda and commercials

  • tiladx

    While you or I could say what Flynn said with relative impunity, he is retired and drawing a military pension. Under 10USC802(a)(4), he is subject to the UCMJ as long as he is drawing pay, therefore if what he says is in violation of the UCMJ then he can be prosecuted under military law.

  • gxulien

    Flynn's speech was intended and likely to cause imminent danger of tweet, shares and news reports. 🤔

  • m donahmj
    m donahmj

    Recall to activate duty and charge him under the UCMJ. It's at the very least behaviour unbecoming. He's an absolute disgrace.

  • Space Wiz
    Space Wiz


  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams

    As a Canadian, I just want to say, Republicans and Democrats are equally disgusting people. Sorry.

  • Phil Harrison
    Phil Harrison

    As a person living in myanmar, i guarantee that a coup is one of the worst thing that can ever happen to a nation.

    • Wanyudo Monk
      Wanyudo Monk

      Yeah and if people knew what it was like they wouldn't be calling the January 6 thing a coup.

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson


  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    OK so we’re all crazy if we support Flynn and make it out to be KKK members I mean come on so now if we support the country we fly a flag were racist bigots maybe you’re the one that’s inciting violence by your words

  • Incognitus

    But when democrats incite violence towards any republican that's fine right.

  • Walking Prepper
    Walking Prepper

    So Patriots are now deemed "crazy people" by pussies who have yet to pick up a rifle and swear their induction oath?! Ok...tell me why, those of us Patriots who are armed to the teeth are worried about offending these sissies rather than kicking teeth in and fixing this country!? General Flynn, this soldier is still faithful to his oath and will take all lawful orders, SIR!

    • Vaan

      “Patriotism” causes wars. The death of nationalism is well overdue and I’m happy it’s on the way out.

  • Boba MacLeod
    Boba MacLeod

    But one crazy person inciting a bunch of crazy people usually gets crazy people to do crazy things.

  • Cynthia Estrada
    Cynthia Estrada

    Crazy person's talking to Karens

  • Peter Hoff
    Peter Hoff

    The "crazy people" Flynn is talking to are the people who did Jan 6. Seems like a real straightforward incitement to extremely possible violence to me.

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson

    Even though he's retired, they can recall him and try him under the UCMJ.

  • flesh vehicle
    flesh vehicle

    I wonder why he advocated a coup ... should’ve atleast explain why instead of just calling him crazy

  • Singularity

    I like the way America is headed. 😉

  • Fook Yu
    Fook Yu

    Hopefully he isnt seen in court but at the podium in congress in battle garb ;)

  • GnarlyBurrito

    Glad you call people who just disagree with your beliefs crazy...TOLERANCE

    • SSTKxKINGZeus

      Gotta love it... Or be called racist if you don't.

  • Sketch

    I liked you a lot more before you started doing these "too cool for the room" shorts where you get way too political.

  • K Laplante
    K Laplante

    Your a shill.

  • TheWinged Hussar
    TheWinged Hussar

    Lol and trumpers support this How can they claim to be American

  • plain jane
    plain jane

    What makes him a crazy person? Just askin?

  • Michael bagley
    Michael bagley

    The name General Flynn is synonymous with treason.

  • Konelio Lui-Yuen
    Konelio Lui-Yuen

    Y is he crazy? Because u don’t agree with him

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker

    We may see him in a tribunal though

  • G. Waits4Gainz
    G. Waits4Gainz

    cheers. love that people keep gettign crazier. but man cant wait ot see how it goes unless it tunrs into treason yep

  • laylo4000

    So, All Of BLM members should be in prison then.... Because their HATE SPEECH people burned down half the country.... why doesn’t the CRAZY LEFT want to ever talk about that?!?! This Lawyer Is A Democrat For Sure...

    • EN- 35
      EN- 35

      Becuase what you said is nothing but right wing propaganda

  • Bob Job
    Bob Job

    This idiot forgot he was a general. He s really pushing his luck!

  • Reanetse Moleleki
    Reanetse Moleleki

    Is "crazy" a legal term?

  • Hayder Almullahasan
    Hayder Almullahasan

    i think its safe to say that america is a failed democracy

  • Ewar Woowar
    Ewar Woowar

    He says it's protected speech but I guarantee if you or I talked about enacting armed insurreection we would absolutely be, at a minimum, arrested and interrogated by the feds. But Flynn hasn't been and probably won't be, coz one rule for them and all that.

  • mlouden03

    Any chance you could cover the Baltar trial from Battle Star Galactica?

  • Steven Myers
    Steven Myers

    Wandering Blather might be a real thing, rofl

  • gnshapiro

    Advocating the violent overthrown of the US government is protected speech? Who knew?

  • Mac May
    Mac May

    I'm impressed by your optimism that even after all the violence you still think it's harmless to tell crazy people to go out and kill people.

  • Hunter Stevens
    Hunter Stevens

    These guys get away with everything,the Laws don't apply to them...

  • Wizard Tim
    Wizard Tim

    Legal Eagle: Flynn is a crazy person talking to crazy people. Me: Gee, last time that happened was right around... Jan, 6th? Can't recall if anything happened then...

    • Wizard Tim
      Wizard Tim

      @Steve Smith Before that last time, I'd agree. Now? No, I disagree. Because I believe he's fielding the idea and letting it take root. We should be treating both situations seriously and as identical as possible.

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith

      Rallying a mob actually in front of you to attack the white house is plausible Having the military stage a coup is completly outside Flynn's influence Different types of crazy

  • Brian Shields
    Brian Shields

    Me: *sits down to catch up on new videos* Me: why is there a little red and white logo where the timestamp is supposed to be? IRbin: nope, you can't watch a story on your Chromecast. Stop doing the thing you want to do if you want to watch this video

  • Kevin Reagan
    Kevin Reagan

    Wait, so we won't see him in court anytime soon because this former Army general and former National Security Adviser to the POTUS is "a crazy person?" Damn. It sounds like we might not see anyone in court for encouraging a coup ever again because doing so means they're "a crazy person." Good to know. Don't tell the people who are on board for that sort of thing.

    • Kevin Reagan
      Kevin Reagan

      @Steve Smith Is that the requirement? Does it have to be "likely to happen," as opposed to a realistic possibility or reasonable plausibility? If so, what delineates the likelihood of the threatened action to occur? He is a prominent military officer with ties to a former presidency that encouraged an attempted coup... encouraging a violent military coup. If that isn't inciting violence, I'd love to hear what clears that bar! Do you think that a US general recommending a violent military coup similar to an event in another country that _just_ happened is equivalent to "threatening to shoot with laser eyes?"

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith

      It has to be likely to happen. The military isn't overthrowing the US government anytime soon Same reason why a death threat has to be realistic I threaten to shoot you with a gun. Thats a death threat . I threaten to shoot you with my laser vision....that's crazy talk

  • Erik Raudr
    Erik Raudr

    Not in regular court, court martial is still a possibility

  • Jeremy Baumeister
    Jeremy Baumeister

    Amazing his family hasn't forced Flynn to get a cognitive abilities exam yet.

  • Joshua Nash
    Joshua Nash

    A damn general wants to overthrow the entire country and that’s not imminent lawless action? Yeah right

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith

      @Joshua Nash also Flynn wasn't even in power when the election was going on and all this talk of coup was happening. He was in jail and then pardoned.

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith

      @Joshua Nash in which case it clearly didn't happen so it wasn't imminent

    • Joshua Nash
      Joshua Nash

      @Steve Smith this case is talking about how he wanted to orchestrate a military takeover while he was in the presidential cabinet. It doesn't get more direct than that

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith

      Ex general. Ex arrested general. Who has no power and has been saying garbage like this for months.

  • Joseph Wolf
    Joseph Wolf

    Even idiots have free speech

  • ridgebhouse

    Is it true that he could still be court-martialed because of his military status even when retired?