Follow Tucker Carlson, Go to Jail?
Maybe don't report parents when their kids wear masks.
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  • LegalEagle

    👮‍♂️ Yes, I understand that people say Tucker is joking. See 4:50. I watched the *entire* episode *so* many times and I still can't tell. See also Popehat's Rule of Goats. Either way, let's run a thought experiment of our own: is it illegal?!

    • Sojiro Shibainu
      Sojiro Shibainu

      @Marcus Don't let your ass hit the door on the way out.

    • Sojiro Shibainu
      Sojiro Shibainu

      @Xander Winans ... except when the masked child happens to not be white, in which case the cops will respond every time... with guns drawn.

    • Sojiro Shibainu
      Sojiro Shibainu

      @SCP-173 Tucker Carlson is a rich white man with a media platform. Rich white men only go to prison if they rip off richer white men (see: Conrad Black).

    • Jonathan Jollimore
      Jonathan Jollimore

      @Mark Martin Nah give me 12

    • Mark Martin
      Mark Martin

      @Jonathan Jollimore take ten.

  • Jimmy Simmons
    Jimmy Simmons

    LegalEagle: "...and we worked out a deal.." Me: TAKE THE DEAL! ò-ò it's the best possible arrangement you're gonna get, don't take this to trial!

  • Andrew Melnikov
    Andrew Melnikov

    Devin: "You'll probably not get sued for being a moron but I wish you were."

  • Maxwell Duncan
    Maxwell Duncan

    Objection: Kids are often ignorant or naive.

  • John J.
    John J.


  • Cats Ncats
    Cats Ncats

    Tucker and his ilk aren't making a joke as they really believe this false narrative. Police officers have much better things to do than respond to Karen calls.

  • Robyn Richards
    Robyn Richards

    I have long been saying we should use Tucker to describe a male Karen, rather than Ken or Keith.

  • Voiderz

    LegalEagle, IRbin has been unsubbing me from this channel and this channel only, and I love your videos as well as this style of content, it encourages critical thinking which I admire, I think you should ask people to check if they are being unsubbed or not and see if anyone else is experiencing this same issue

  • andy reilly
    andy reilly

    Your seat looks very comfortable

  • Coffeebean 1852A
    Coffeebean 1852A

    The more i watch your videos the more i realise our legal system is held together with scotch tape

  • Glenn Martin
    Glenn Martin

    I think people aren't pronouncing his first name "Tucker" anymore.

  • Tour Japan
    Tour Japan

    I'm almost positive he is being sarcastic because most extremes come from the left, especially terrorism. Or if he isn't being sarcastic he doesn't believe what he is saying and is doing it for PR. Either way stupid comment for him to make even if he is being sarcastic because a lot of dumb right wingers take Fox news as Gospel. So dangerous.

  • Nikki Iv
    Nikki Iv

    "keep calling until someone arrives" Caller: *Gets arrested

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    Thumbnail gold

  • Ian Armstrong
    Ian Armstrong

    PSA!! This lawyer is a far left liberal who is trying to divide us and create anger and dissention. The video was not a call to make false report. It was a point about how stupid things like cancel culture or other left wing responses to situations. Please watch the actual tucker video and form your own opinion. Don't listen to this sheep who thinks spreading lies and a lack of context is an affective method of getting his point across. This is not a moral method and it's ruining or country because sadly it is a very affective method of swaying weak minded people. Please take everything this man says with a grain of salt. Do your own research and look at the facts as both sides portray them before simply buying either side. This video is the garbage that causes the real problem. Sad part is that if a conservative did this video IRbin would strike them...

    • President-Caliph Dhuku
      President-Caliph Dhuku

      Ok boomer

  • Ian Armstrong
    Ian Armstrong

    You understand he's not being satirical right? He's mocking the left. I started to lose respect for you when you started spouting incorrect rhetoric about the "insurrection" and how trump is liable legally for the acts of a few of the "insurectionists" because he disagreed with the way the vote was handled... but now I am totally done with you. What a joke. You really don't understand tuckers point. I watched this a while ago and I still remember his lead up. His point is that's the liberal way of acting not really meaning do it. Grow up and pay attention to context.

    • President-Caliph Dhuku
      President-Caliph Dhuku

      Ok boomer…pretty sure all this lawyer said was 📠

  • Greg Wotton
    Greg Wotton

    Can we go back and retroactively define the forcing of children to wear polyester shirts and corduroy pants child abuse? We may have to arrest every parent of a gen-x child.

  • Asheron Windspear
    Asheron Windspear

    When I heard Tucker Carlson is a Karen and had to hit the like button.

  • mattsmith1318

    According to the Supreme Court Tucker Carlson is full of satirical b*******; to paraphrase.

  • Deathwish

    So, You call out the right but not the left. good to know.

  • Rebecca D
    Rebecca D

    I thought Tucker’s people were all about personal freedoms? Aren’t they the “don’t tread on me” crowd? Mind ya business!!

  • learner of sun tzu
    learner of sun tzu

    i wonder if he was being sarcastic (carlson)

  • Katie Oberst
    Katie Oberst

    Objection! "It may not happen very often, but..."?!?!?! Cops execute black people so regularly these days that it's starting to not surprise me, which also terrifies me.


    Is there a legal empirical definition of child abuse? I feel like this would be so useful to refer to these days if there is. If not, can we craft one, for regulatory and legal reasons?

  • Dale Hartley
    Dale Hartley

    Culture War? Is that a polite way of saying egregiously fallacious political onanism of intellectually and morally corrupt treasonous parasites?

  • rex blade
    rex blade

    To everyone in this comment section: It was clearly a joke and nobody is going to call CPS, get a grip. Your political opponents aren't all insane like you think. And don't pull "should be more careful with what he says", I can pull the same thing with a leftist and you'll defend them. Jokes are jokes

    • Thanos


  • Annette Sharma
    Annette Sharma

    Tucker should be in prison for criminal stupidity.

  • Ryan Boggs
    Ryan Boggs

    Tucker Carlson has said some pretty idiotic things over the years but he’s not the worst personality on Fox News by a long shot. The reason why lots of the media goes after him every month or so is because his stupid show beats their stupid shows in the ratings. At least Tucker Carlson never indulged the election fraud delusions. If you’re going to be political, go after bigger fish man.

  • JARA Unknown
    JARA Unknown

    Can’t help ask, if after someone was exonerated thru use of the Trucker Defense, couldn’t Carlson then be charged/sued for causing the other persons actions? Further, given his tone along with the resources of the Fox News legal Dept/etc, that he/Fox News acted with malice with the intent of causing harm. Or, is this kind of argument something only found on, Fox News?

  • NvWest

    The millionaire paid by billionaires

  • Steven Arvizu
    Steven Arvizu

    I’m actually proud to live in an era where this needs to be explained to people. It makes a stupid guy like me feel very smart

  • Hoa Pham
    Hoa Pham

    Already in nebula! gonna check that video there then!

  • KamikazeNinja75

    Big facts: Kids are really dumb. The wife and myself joke about stuff like this constantly

  • Rocket Number 9
    Rocket Number 9

    That Pennsylvania law is null and void. The part you highlighted yellow had some bad English in it. It needs to be sent back to the proofreader.

  • Adam Sweet
    Adam Sweet

    I hope "tucks" gets his long overdue comeuppance live on national TV and it becomes a world wide meme for utter failure that lives as long as his prison sentence. One day ... one day ... lol

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena

    Who's Tucker Carlson? I've never watched that guy's program.

  • MontcomHorror

    This is sooo cliche of the dying media. Seriously, this is your typical leftist garbage. I'm sorry I stumbled across this lame channel.

  • Franklin Ave
    Franklin Ave

    So in the same sentence in which you talk about TC exaggerating, you use the words lunacy and insanity. Those words have actual definitions you know. The further away from objective law you stray.the less credible these videos become.

  • Gerry Higgins
    Gerry Higgins

    "Anytime the police are called for anything it has the possibility of turning violent if not lethal." - My problem with that statement is that it's sadly true. What the hell happened to America?

  • Eddie M
    Eddie M

    7:23 lmao

  • C Cac
    C Cac

    He is definitely joking for more viewers, just as you are looking for more viewers. Guess what it worked!

  • n0minal

    i dont like tucker carlson and i dont like you

  • IA_Gunner_

    I don't watch him but I don't have a serious problem with Tucker, I firmly believe most of the time hes just screwing with people Just to see what happens.

    • Pisto Lero
      Pisto Lero

      He's the caretaker of hundreds of thousands of mentally disabled human beings. You'd think he'd be a little more responsible.

  • Jerry Bryson
    Jerry Bryson

    So sad none of his marks did that where I get to participate

  • Linda Harwood
    Linda Harwood

    are you kidding? give me a break, THIS is the best Fox has !

  • Gabe Heller
    Gabe Heller

    So, um, how can parents force their kids to do things? When does force become child abuse?

  • coolguyhino92

    LegalEagle Movie breakdown: National Treasure 1 & 2. Would LOVE to see the bottomless crime pit that is Benjamin Franklin Gates. Stealing the Declaration of Independence and kidnapping the POTUS is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Eric Dennis
    Eric Dennis

    Damn. My kid heard you say that the domelight being on isn't illegal. I'm ruined. I'll need a disclaimer on any Santa related videos.

  • Charles Jarrett
    Charles Jarrett

    Who the hell is Tucker Carlson talking to you giving instructions to other people how the hell do you have that power have your wife do it the same one that was at dinner with Matt gaetz when he had an underage girl with him

  • Albert Felsen
    Albert Felsen

    I met three people like Tucker Carlson last year. It was near the supermarket, I was still in the car, my wife was walking to the supermarket. They yelled "Corona virus", stopped her, crowded her, even started touching her up. I ran over and started fighting them off. Them being preoccupied worked great because the first blow landed right on the jaw of one of them and took him out of the fight. A couple other strikes broke their will to fight, and that was good, because I'm not sure I could still outfight three determined attackers. Putting out the lights on one already injured my wrist somewhat. They're dangerous brainwashed fanatics, just as stupid as people storming the capitol over being told some dumb shit, or screaming 'defund the police' after being told some dumb shit.

  • Travis Keena
    Travis Keena

    Teaching your children that brown people and women are lesser IS child abuse. Tucker should be arrested. I AM Soooooo tired of libertarians being complete and total hypocrites. RIP Ron Paul (turning in his grave) How is being naked in public dangerous?? It isn't, but it's not legal.

  • Sw1nkz

    I love how LegalEagle uses old memes and yet makes them fit in so well

  • John Aeryns
    John Aeryns

    Shame and submission...... You realize that a necktie and collared shirt are straight up fashionable signs of slavery right? It's literally a leash and collar. But it's normalized and ok.

  • Doug McDowell
    Doug McDowell

    The news is not the facts. It's a program for the masses.PERIOD emfisis on the program part people!

  • Leroy Griff
    Leroy Griff

    Police don’t just show up and shoot people, implying this is pretty irresponsible of you. Shows your leftist bias as well.

  • Lady You Go
    Lady You Go

    Is he Tucker Carlson going to jail 🙏🙏

  • Miner-Gamer one-in-only
    Miner-Gamer one-in-only

    Good thing there is just thing as a Karen act. Now if you excuse me, I’m going watch some Karen get busted. *sits back in beach chair and eats popcorn*

  • Carmen Pace
    Carmen Pace

    I love your videos. Thank you for being great!!

  • Joan W. Johnston
    Joan W. Johnston

    Grateful that people are still currently allowed to use satire and to speak their opinions, somewhat freely. Perhaps it's just that so many have been dumbed down that their discernment and critical thinking has been all but erased.

  • Kendrick Hummer
    Kendrick Hummer

    I liked you better before you started recycling Jimmy Kimmel and WaPo talking points that were designed to divide us.

  • Jackie Chance
    Jackie Chance

    Take things out if context much? I thought lawyers knew what hyperbole was?

    • Thanos

      It was NOT taken out of context. Cry more.

    • Llewelyn Shingler
      Llewelyn Shingler

      Even accounting for Hyperbole, Carlson is arguing for a dangerous stance.

  • Faerie Knight
    Faerie Knight

    As some someone who HAS been swatted (over passing someone in a Mario Kart 8 match), I have no respect for such idiocy. And Carlson's "call the cops for child abuse" thing falls under the same level of dangerous idiocy.

  • Wymar Sane
    Wymar Sane

    There was a poll last year which had women named Karen as one of the demographics least likely to vote for Trump. Karens are based now.

  • Jon Norris
    Jon Norris

    Tucker is the absolute antithesis of a Libertarian, yuck. We do NOT claim him 😂

  • Joe Cap
    Joe Cap

    Tucker Carlson is the best keep up the good work Tucker. These are just liberals who can't handle the truth.

    • Thanos

      @Joe Cap Am I defending her? No. Nice deflection, though. 🤡🤡

    • Joe Cap
      Joe Cap

      @Yahir Hernandez thanks for the information

    • Yahir Hernandez
      Yahir Hernandez

      Fox news said no sane person would take what he says seriously lmaoo!!!! GTFO

    • Joe Cap
      Joe Cap

      @Thanos you mean like Maxine Muddy Waters?

    • Thanos

      "Yeah Tucker, promote violence. Go Tucker! Go Tucker! GO!" 🤡

  • Linya Fernandez
    Linya Fernandez

    Can't believe Anti-Karen Laws are a real thing!

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    Tucker is anything but libertarian matie

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama



    Fast forward to today now they are worried about Hunter Biden lying in a gun registration form 6+ years ago OVER an investigation into Jan 6th Will it ever end?

  • Nathaniel Ford
    Nathaniel Ford

    Tucker Carlson should go to jail

  • Diablowarstar

    Can tucker be sued for misinformation or something similar?

    • Snacks256

      No, Fox News lawyers have already argued that Tucker Carlson's show is "political hyperbole" and nothing on it can be taken as sincere or factual.

  • SpetsnazTTV

    I rather like tucker carlson, hes pretty funny and some of the stuff he says is unironically true

  • CFraser

    We are in some crazy times. It's like the culmination of several "In the Future" movies, both serious & funny.

  • Wa ge
    Wa ge

    As a far center libertarian I'm actually offended by how you describe guns here

  • Lord Khaeles Drakos
    Lord Khaeles Drakos

    It wasn't satire, it was hyperbole

  • Örs Jakab
    Örs Jakab

    I just realized that Tucker Carlson talks and in general behaves the same way as Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid's Tale show.

  • Julia

    Oh man. I know that probably, nothing will come of it, but just the thought of Tucker Carlson in jail ... of course, chances are he has a lot of fans there. Still, what a heart-warming image! It's actually a lot more relaxing than trying to mediate on an italian wine yard or a beautiful beach or stuff. Who'd 'af thought.

  • Ginny Jolly
    Ginny Jolly

    I hated most sweaters as I grew up, but when I found out I could wear a long - sleeved shirt to mitigate scratchiness, I wore potentially scratchy sweaters. 😊

  • Ginny Jolly
    Ginny Jolly

    He's no Andy Rooney. But then again, Andy Rooney had TV banners introducing the opinion section of _60 Minutes._

  • Colby Allman
    Colby Allman

    The intense gopher, now THAT is something I haven't seen in a while

  • darter9000

    If someone makes a “Tucker Report” and somehow manages to win the argument that they are a reasonable human being (heh…)-wouldn’t that undermine the Fox News defense?

  • Listener

    How are there "limited funds" for Child Protection Services? I can't imagine many places that tax dollars could be better spent.

  • Jaskarvin makal
    Jaskarvin makal

    Tucker does some weird stuff but he's still not even half as bad as CNN, or 1/1000 as bad as TYT

  • Billy Masterson
    Billy Masterson

    I know Fox News propaganda has reached its peak when even Legal Eagle genuinely has gotten his feathers ruffled as you can clearly see and hear the annoyance on his face and in his voice thanks to the is it or is it not satire that drives Fox News and Tucker Carlson. And I’ve already seen all of his takes on other Republicans. Nothing has come close.

  • Y Diesel
    Y Diesel

    I love this channel 😄 I’m a 1L and your content is always fun and interesting to watch!

  • Gregory Brannan
    Gregory Brannan

    Tucker is NOT a libertarian, in any sense of the word.

    • Icalasari

      I think that was the point of that bit - Basically pointing out how Tucker is the exact opposite of libertarian


    LOVE the 'tuckerface' on the thumbnail... must have had some fun with the crew taking that...

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma


  • FoxxxyDragon

    "Kids are dumb..." rotflmao

  • christian wolf
    christian wolf

    excuse me i must visit the restroom and take a tucker carlson

  • Margot Rosendorn
    Margot Rosendorn

    I can say from experience that CPS isn't gonna do a damn thing. When my first grade teacher called them over the bruises my dad left on me, they asked a few questions, shrugged, and left. There were plenty more beatings he got to dish out until he finally lost custody on my teens...

  • sleepy dragon
    sleepy dragon

    it's funny,. you could say "he is being ironic" and that still doesn't actually clarify anything

  • Elron LaVey
    Elron LaVey

    Imagine making a video about someone saying something absurd meant as a joke except you decide to take it as a serious statement or a call to action. You spend 18min pointing out the legal consequences for that joke that you are for some reason pretending was a real thing and then you call the guy who was clearly joking a Karen 🤘🤪

    • Ariel guico
      Ariel guico

      Total agreement! @legaleagle has an army of libturd Karen sheep who can’t figure out what satire or joking is Liberalism is a helluva drug... It’s probably a good thing most on the Left complied with the Socialists’ agenda and got The Shot. Thinning out that side of the herd is much needed for humanity. 😂

    • Ariel guico
      Ariel guico

      @AliensAreNoobs I think you don’t know what you’re talking about, noob 😂

    • AliensAreNoobs

      @Elron LaVey I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. But hey don’t let me stop you. Please, continue.

    • Elron LaVey
      Elron LaVey

      @Bert Hubnip Explain whats funny about a joke to you? That’s a total Karen thing to say like “I wanna speak to the manager”😂 Jokes don’t have to be funny for them to be considered a joke I imagine the majority of jokes aren’t funny It’s subjective dude Getting your panties in a bunch over it is what a Karen does.

    • Bert Hubnip
      Bert Hubnip

      @Elron LaVey Just saying dumb shit isn’t a joke dude. You don’t think it’s funny, you agree with it. That’s not a joke, that’s just being a petty idiot

  • Elron LaVey
    Elron LaVey

    Notice how it’s Only lefties who are unable to tell if he was joking or not. “He can’t be joking he’s not on Comedy Central😩” That’s how stupid most of these comments sound lol

  • Elron LaVey
    Elron LaVey

    Wah! 😩😫Tucker told people to break the law😩 He’s trying to hide behind “humor” just like the hitler did

    • Elron LaVey
      Elron LaVey

      @Llewelyn Shingler Neither was “Wah”

    • Llewelyn Shingler
      Llewelyn Shingler

      ...Hitler was never mentioned.

  • Mark Ironside
    Mark Ironside

    Is it true that Lawyers are lazy ?

  • Jimbo

    So smart so stupid

  • Roger Sledz
    Roger Sledz


  • Breadtube Review
    Breadtube Review

    A liberal friend I have told me he heard Tucker Carlson said that, and I immediately said "there's no way he said that and if he did, he was using it as a point to point out the absurdity of requesting non-maskers to be arrested" and I looked up the clip thats exactly what he was doing. I can't believe a respected lawyer youtube channel made a whole video about this. This makes you look really stupid. Do you really watch 10 second clips out of context and believe them? you're a lawyer.

  • Ryan Haecherl
    Ryan Haecherl

    Where's the Maxine Waters video of her saying beat up every republican you see? Oh that's right you never made one and won't, why? Because it doesn't fit your regularly scheduled program. Keep click baiting for money... You've been a joke for the last 2 years, stay out of politics, you were better at reviewing old cases or even movies.