Epic v. Apple v. Banana
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  • Simon Lau
    Simon Lau

    Why are they so stupid

  • John Beck
    John Beck

    I guess, when you talk about bananas, we could call you a "slip-and-fall lawyer," right?

  • flipnotrab

    Good thing they didn’t use the eggplant…..

  • First Shifter
    First Shifter

    Puns 100

  • Ryoten99

    So your telling me, they dedicated time, to a Virtual Banana?

  • ghostkilla93

    Apple literally grasping at anything to not lose

  • Addison Hyden
    Addison Hyden

    You're going to jail also

  • garlicbreadluke

    Peely is legit gonna become the 2nd fortnite icon and apple is going to sue fortnite over a... comically large, friendly, over saturated living banana

  • People Party
    People Party

    Hurt feelings dont equal being right. Only idiot lawyers think that

  • Adam Brady
    Adam Brady

    He looks like a manger out of a city building game

  • Ace Cat
    Ace Cat

    The puns 😅🤣

  • Alwayslg

    Is that a banana on the table? That’s s3x toy.

  • MommyOfMutants

    Peely P*rn? Does this mean LegalEagle is a SimplyNailogical Stan? 💅🏻💿🌮

  • SebiCreate

    USA: Freedom! Guns! F'yeah Also USA: *Isn't that inappropriate to show a naked banana in a game?*

  • DemolitionDustCloud


  • Catburritto

    Apple just needs to give up and settle smh

  • Richard Cavicchi Jr
    Richard Cavicchi Jr

    Hahaha they should have armed Peely with an apple peeler.

  • Kieth Mergard
    Kieth Mergard

    So many puns

  • Dom Lemon
    Dom Lemon

    We need attorney Tom to weigh in on this

  • Yachirobi

    You should be disbarred for those puns. Shame on you.

  • Kristinapedia


  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Did anyone else see Deadpool behind the bookcase?

  • Arogon Flames
    Arogon Flames

    Um can we fine for dad puns by any chance?

  • WidgyDJ

    _"It's just a banana ma'am."_ *Vsauce music* _Or is it?_

  • my pfp is cringe
    my pfp is cringe


  • king hydra
    king hydra

    I don't like either side

  • Rodolfo Leon
    Rodolfo Leon

    Is apple ever gonna allow fortnite to be on the Apple store or no?

  • king_crimson

    Are you telling me epic and apple had a debate over a banana

  • Kronaz

    it's a banana though

  • Wade

    All in favor of making “It’s just a banana” an actual saying now, say I.

  • ツBanukaii

    this is stupid

  • Jared Thompson
    Jared Thompson

    I firmly believe that bananas should wear pajamas - but to each their own 🤷‍♂️

  • Mrstates Theobvious
    Mrstates Theobvious

    Why is this a thing.

  • Dustin Klintworth
    Dustin Klintworth

    No words

  • benracer

    Honestly. Felt like apple was being very petty at times during the trial

  • Heather T.
    Heather T.

    Apple was reaching there lol.

  • Guis Larcia
    Guis Larcia

    Considering everyone takes offense to anything these days, I’m not surprised they wanted to censor or remove a banana character 🤦🏻‍♂️ even inanimate objects are no longer safe from being “cancelled”

  • NOUR

    Actually yeah, naked or not, its not even a living thing, just a banana

  • Noob_booiii101 - YT
    Noob_booiii101 - YT

    I wonder why fortnite comunity is kinda low on iq


      That was apple argueing plus they know the game isn’t dead

  • El


  • Tapshyon

    feels like a line from the ace attorney games

  • drake 2.0
    drake 2.0

    *Le epic* lawyer

  • JoEybEArz

    Plz stop ✋

  • Léonie Perreault
    Léonie Perreault

    I don't like Fortnite but I gotta respect that banana character is hilarious and apple is stupid 🤣

  • AngryDog GoodBoy
    AngryDog GoodBoy

    This would be hilarious, if it wasn't a symptom of a deeply sick purity culture and harmful christian sexual "morality".

  • Enrique Diaz
    Enrique Diaz

    "If it doesn't peal, you must acquit."

  • Ixed Tea
    Ixed Tea

    Apple is just doing anything at this point to win. I personally feel apple is in the wrong for taking all that money from developers large and small.

  • Hunter Withrow
    Hunter Withrow

    Bottom line, I hope something sets precedent to change some laws surrounding what constitutes valid copyright claims around dance moves. Epic had stolen so much shit and made so much money off said stolen shit, it’s old.

  • Dancing Tree
    Dancing Tree

    I may not like fortnite but damn I don't hate it that much to file a lawsuit over a damn banana character. Another reason why apple is a horrible money hungry company who doesn't care about anyone. (In my opinion at least.)

  • The Architect
    The Architect

    can you do a full length video on this please

  • Land_crock

    H- he's just a banana not a cucumber

  • L.D.C Films
    L.D.C Films

    I like how epics attorney is just labeled as "epic attorney" like ok what a flex

  • Eric Farkas
    Eric Farkas

    They need to be careful. This could prove to be a slippery slope.

  • prototype _
    prototype _

    Why Just why

  • TheRedCommand

    Mario is quivering in his shoes right now

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D

    Go watch adventure time. There are naked banana guards and its not porn

  • U pressed over a comment
    U pressed over a comment

    The fact that they went to court about a damn banana is sad to me

  • Aidan Combs
    Aidan Combs

    Alright bud, I liked the video and then I hate to take it back for the dad jokes😑

  • DhamCaleb 86
    DhamCaleb 86

    I will have to agree with epic's lawyer.. Just because i hate fortnite dosnt mean i will blindly accept anything apples said. Justice is where the truth are.

  • lmaomydadleft

    Imma kms

  • M.C

    The judge must have told the prosecution and defense “your driving me bananas over here!”

  • easyLiving Life
    easyLiving Life

    Hes not just a banana. I was in a relationship of 3 years with a beutiful gf. Every night we would play fortnite. I was always curios as she always said certain skins and characters were “hot.” But i never did anything. It all changed when Peely came to fortnite. The game... the skin... consumed her. It wasnt unt I woke up at 2am one day to find her, out of bed. Playing fortnite... but that wasnt all. Imagine the horror of my face as I hear my gf moaning “what are you doing step-nana” as she pleasured herself. Quitely, and defeated, I went back to sleep. Now I knew why we hadnt made love in 3 weeks. Why our relationship was failing. A few days later, no sleep, as every night I would hear her moans. I confronted her, tired from lack of sleep. It didn’t go as planned... she said “peely is so sexy and confident, hes a bannana, but a better man than you.” Those are the last words I heard from her, as she kicked me out. I’m writing from the local meat store’s router.. to warn others... about the slippery slope... of cartoon porn.

  • dizneyprincess92

    U gotta be kidding me.

  • phillip kaufmann
    phillip kaufmann

    The man's died 100 times just let the banana rest

  • DARKASM The transgender
    DARKASM The transgender

    Me: *pulls a banana out in public* Random guy: iTs NaKeD

  • EmBEARassed

    Apple Lawyers (thought): We did it boys. Bananas are no more.

  • Devoid Buckler
    Devoid Buckler

    ahaha haha 😑

  • Brett S.
    Brett S.

    I'm gonna use that one next time I get an indecent exposure.. Look at the time.. Where is my blasted trenchcoat? Gonna be late for the next footie game!

  • Joshua Turnbull
    Joshua Turnbull

    I hope apple wins


      @Joshua Turnbull that would make most players sad and then probaly have the parents sue epic for making them have to take money out of their bank to give to apple

    • Joshua Turnbull
      Joshua Turnbull

      Cause I feel like it, no real reason



  • Carmelo Rock
    Carmelo Rock

    The apple logo apple is naked !1!1!1!1!!1!11

  • Halo player of legend
    Halo player of legend

    Nice banana pun

  • MusicGuy20

    I’m glad their priorities are straight 🙃

  • 3 strikes strider 1 Trigger
    3 strikes strider 1 Trigger

    But *it's a banana*

  • Fat fluffy Bunny
    Fat fluffy Bunny

    That's like furry/animated animals not wearing pants but shirts,iS tHaT pOrN

  • MasterRoshi

    😐 … ka….me……haaaa…..meeeeee….-

  • Peels

    I'm just a banana Stop

    • Outer Space
      Outer Space


  • M.WhoZyfch

    Peely appealed slippery

  • StalStan

    f o rt n i g h t

  • Cam Bryan
    Cam Bryan

    It's just a banana ma'am. Sir this is a Wendy's.

  • Emerald

    This is the same court case that gave us the phrase "Unspeakable Games"

  • Bricko Games
    Bricko Games

    I hate fortnite, but I agree, it’s just a banana ma’am

  • Austin Cripanuk
    Austin Cripanuk

    I don't like fortnite but it just goes to show how far people will go for a boost in life.

  • [~ Daphne ~]
    [~ Daphne ~]

    Listen, Peely wanted to be fancy for court, so he put in a suit. Case closed.

  • Liam P
    Liam P

    Looks like apple tries to get off topic because they probably won't win the sue or something, there is nothing wrong with a banana, but they are like it's more important than apple removing the game, and epic sueing them

  • Goose RB
    Goose RB

    What has this got to do with Apple tho

  • Jessie Lastern
    Jessie Lastern

    Wtf ppl dumb

  • John seo
    John seo

    Sorry but the banana looks hot-

  • Wise Ferret
    Wise Ferret

    All fruit is porn. It's literally the reproductive center of a plant.

  • Courage W
    Courage W

    Corporations and politicians wonder why sometimes their opinions aren’t taken seriously. This is why

  • REDSightZ

    I thought I was watching an animation on the top until I realized, its all real

  • Zahven

    What is going on lmao

  • Adrian Morales
    Adrian Morales

    He was such an "Epic" attorney

  • Hammer Hammer
    Hammer Hammer

    I am chair

  • Sorrow


  • - hero -
    - hero -


  • WatermelonSugamamaXD

    Oh my god🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr.Winter 2000
    Mr.Winter 2000

    This again , can they not just leave shit alone, I would love an explanation on why people want to slander everything including a rock and everything under the damn sun

  • Nox Equi
    Nox Equi

    Those puns nooooo

  • Ricardo32

    I shit you not I'm just about to drink a banana smoothie. As soon as this appeared.

  • Brianna 99
    Brianna 99

    Adults are the ones who make everything seem like a sexual innuendo 🙄🙄🙄