Drama in the Bill & Melinda Gates Divorce?
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  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson

    She looks like a man


    Jeff bezos,Elon musk and Bill gates all of them finally have something in common


    He looks like he’d tell you no running in the halls but not care about the kids smoking in the bathroom

  • John Suckow
    John Suckow

    It's all for tax purposes.

  • J B
    J B

    The drama is his alleged affiliation with epstein. And his mistress, and his alleged affairs with microsoft employees..Only NOW is it irretrievable.

  • John L
    John L

    Yeah that’s the law and probably her actual feelings since he was banging kids at Epstein island.

  • Lane Long
    Lane Long

    It’s weird you have to almost ask for permission to split from your partner lol

  • Drip Spah
    Drip Spah

    why does this guy always have an anvil on his forehead

  • Kastyn M.
    Kastyn M.

    I'm sorry my states law confused yall.... it just is a dramatic way to say irreconcilable differences

  • Kongdragon

    When he says I’ll see you in court it sounds like he’s threatening to sue me

  • Juan Estela
    Juan Estela

    Now, Melinda Gates can go get a Real American Patriot. That Makes her Scream then Smile after going through the Headboard.

  • •Jay Withnoname•
    •Jay Withnoname•

    Buuuuuut are they not still living together? Correct me if I am wrong…

  • Andrew McAndrew
    Andrew McAndrew

    Bill gates hearing a voice over when melinda hands him divorce papers: Mission failed! We'll get em next time. 😣

  • Operation Dragoon
    Operation Dragoon

    He was cheating on her basically the whole time they were married and I believe he Evan fathered a child and had a couple long term ‘relationships’

  • redrackman_22

    Biggest robbery in my life 2osomthin years in the makeing

  • B Freak
    B Freak

    Say goodbye to half your shit bill

  • Josh Theobald
    Josh Theobald

    Bruh look like how Disney sketches a dad character

  • AnibalTV

    Good way to be the richest woman alive without doing absolutely nothing but spend your husbands money your whole life

  • ShutUp Meg
    ShutUp Meg

    I wish they would stop recommending this clown.

  • Jordon Winters
    Jordon Winters

    Just like hiw business works

  • SuprizeOptomist

    Epstine didn't kill himself. ...But he did hang out with Bill Gates.

  • The Red Goblin
    The Red Goblin

    I mean she said something more dramatic that had to do with an international sex trafficker or something

  • 2MUCHmoisture

    it’s because of Bill’s connections to Epstein that Melinda wanted out

  • Count dooku
    Count dooku

    Her conscience is getting to her knowing he’s a mass murderer

    • Bvv Bbbb
      Bvv Bbbb

      Is he actually a mass murderer?

  • Gallaieous Yehudai
    Gallaieous Yehudai

    Divorce divorce divorce, if everyone wasn't so foolish, but to wait patiently for the right person. Oh such a difficult thing to do. Life, a front row seat to disappointment. Watching the world burn all around me, and itll continue to get worse. Why am I even here?🤔

  • % 3R40r404 %
    % 3R40r404 %

    She’s just trying to get 63. $85 billion I respect the grind

  • CMUK

    Yea, these cretins know how to manipulate legalese. How much of Microsoft is he going to dump after leaving the board of directors and divorcing? Bloodbath coming. Remember, buy when others are fearful.

  • Jack Fonyl
    Jack Fonyl

    This guy is so lame

  • Jack Nogman
    Jack Nogman

    She found out about his trips on the Lolita Express. Solid grounds.

  • guitargodthor2

    A prenup agreement only lasts a couple years at most.

  • Dw

    When we gonna see this guy in court

  • Double Helix
    Double Helix

    The real show will be if someone decides they want half.

  • Labtoad

    The gold diggers sense the disturbance in the force

  • Michael tube
    Michael tube

    She want all his money some straight bull shit she should take HER money and go

  • J T
    J T

    Of course that is what an entitled Karen would say

  • ye the goat
    ye the goat

    I enjoy the production of your videos👍

  • Benjamin Malave Jr.
    Benjamin Malave Jr.

    Seems bogus.

  • Dorian Payne
    Dorian Payne

    So what is it called when he made his wife let him take his ex girlfriend on vacation alone once a year?

  • BeastyQT-CST- OnStix
    BeastyQT-CST- OnStix

    Should have gotten her to sign the prenup billy, that’s what women will do to u.

  • dedsec3777

    She gonna take half his money

  • TruBlu

    Wow! This Channel is so bias. Say nothing salacious when they had an agreement to allow bill gates one week a year with his former girlfriend at a cabin. And he was an Epstein associate.

  • Mr Snakes
    Mr Snakes

    I'm curious, in Washington is there a law against getting married again if you once claimed the marriage was "irretrievably broken"?

    • Olivia Ogden
      Olivia Ogden

      I think it's okay in Texas. When I got my uncontested divorce, the judge told me that I could remarry my ex-husband. Her exact words were that I couldn't marry anyone for the next 30 days unless it was my ex-husband.

  • Jikal

    "HALF!" - Eddie Murphy

  • M3 dunkman
    M3 dunkman

    Please help me understand why there divorce is news Worthy I get the episten implication but who gives a flying f about there marriage if the world spent more time focusing on ones self instead of someone else's problems people would be better off 📴 ijs

  • Tantaburs

    Melinda: Bill our Marriage is irretrievably broken Bill frantically opening and closing all the windows in the house: No wait I can fix it

  • Jon A93
    Jon A93

    Dude realizes he’s gonna be dead in a couple years and he just wants to be a billionaire bachelor playboy before he goes out.

  • fairy changeling
    fairy changeling

    No prenup...oof.

  • ReeusReeus

    Just how he says "and I'll see you in court" sounds like he was being passive aggressive talking about sueing me after I accidentally keyed his car or something.

  • Louisa Catalina
    Louisa Catalina

    The drama was after bills meetings with Epstein

  • Zutraxi

    I hope they will still be working together in their foundation, they have done great work there

  • Joao Santos
    Joao Santos

    It is speculated that his wife has been looking into a divorce for a few years now! It's believed that it's due to his friendship with Epstein! His name is on the flight logbook to the infamous island! Wake up people, the world is ran by nonse

  • Nic Hunter
    Nic Hunter

    They are so old. Is it that hard to stick it out until ur dead?

  • Trevor

    I don't care about that, I want more details on why they're divorcing, who cheated!!!! Who did what and when and where and why, Details we need details, drama is everything I live for.

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike

    No!!!!!!!!!! Y how can this beeeee

  • Lil' Elo
    Lil' Elo

    I wish people would mind their business until it effects them directly, like paying taxes.

  • Jack Ray
    Jack Ray

    Epstein question mark Epstein question mark

  • Josue Martinez
    Josue Martinez

    He went to that island. Thats y she's leaving his ass.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    I’m sure their marriage is broken because Bill Gates was sticking his processor in another slot

  • E S
    E S

    Why is this news!? Who gives a royal crap if they're divorcing!? People divorce every f***ing day. NO ONE CARES!!!

  • John S. Townsend V
    John S. Townsend V

    And somehow I don't feel sorry for them.

  • Jakyboi 125
    Jakyboi 125

    And I'll see you in court Me realizing he knows about the weed I did

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright

    This dude is annoying is hell lol, we get it bro you see nothing wrong with tech censorship and defend a system thats wrong on so many levels

  • sleepier hollow
    sleepier hollow

    If I was rich and getting married I would have to sign a prenup just to be extra Petty

  • Grant A
    Grant A

    One of the prices of being super rich is its super super super hard to stay married

  • Nino Latimer
    Nino Latimer

    Irretrievably broken aka he hung out with Epstein

  • James Hall
    James Hall

    I thought it was called, "irreconcilable differences". Or, is that something entirely different?

  • Matt

    It’s basically like a “we just grew apart” it’s probably one of the most amicable divorces you’ll see.

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez

    I ain’t saying she a gold digger

  • xrp

    That's how most women billionaires get their wealth, either through divorce or inheritance.

  • Vytrexi

    that's cool matthias

  • Niyi Boots
    Niyi Boots

    So women still file for 80%

  • Karen Flores
    Karen Flores

    To me irretrievably broken just means "the reasons why we are getting divorce are nobody business" from a non legal stand point. That's the generic verbiage celebrities use when they don't want to divulge details which is totally understandable.

  • Tristan Chen
    Tristan Chen

    Looking like the npc in a city building game

  • Henry Castillo
    Henry Castillo

    Days ago Bill got caught having an affair.

  • Can I Spoon You
    Can I Spoon You


  • J Stenberg
    J Stenberg

    Run Melinda RUN! Bill is turned into some weird big government freak that wants to strip our rights away in order to control us. No thanks Bill....

    • Lucian

      And the other day he was in a Reptile suit in my basement trying to eat my children

  • Super locke
    Super locke

    him saying “and i’ll see you in court” makes me worried that he’s found the bodies. but thanks for making me check. the hostage was screaming again.

  • User User
    User User

    Wait they live in Washington

  • Arakwar

    If I see you in court, I hope it will be on my side.

  • carlossolos

    divorce with one of the richest men huh

  • Logan Haggerty
    Logan Haggerty

    This guy is a cross between Ryan Reynolds and Jim from the office

  • J Carter
    J Carter

    The drama is how Bill Gates liquidated some of his assets to Melinda in the divorce

  • Austin Shores
    Austin Shores

    This didnt age well

  • kingstarnoah

    And see you in court!??

  • Chocolate Disco
    Chocolate Disco

    Maybe because Bill Gates was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Maybe she found out about something.

  • Steph Holley
    Steph Holley


  • Sterling M
    Sterling M

    It's pretty funny how Bill Gates also recently bought Tinder

  • jon rudd
    jon rudd

    Seeing that he constantly cheated on her throughout the marriage, and was friends with Epstein and was on his island would probably have something to do with the divorce. She got sick of his sorry ass.

  • Ty Cowley
    Ty Cowley

    I sorry but I don’t want to see you in court

  • Sharon Nycum
    Sharon Nycum

    This guy sounds like Bill Gates paid him.

  • Chelsey Harris
    Chelsey Harris

    Yeah, I'm sure it had nothing to do with him being on epstien's flight logs

  • JoeRyMi

    No prenup? Hire me Bill, I’ll bury billions all over, geotag them, and I’ll only disclose the locations to you. Put me in solitary confinement blasting Tekashi69 all day. I won’t talk. That chick is responsible for zero of Microsoft’s success. This is about principle.

  • SgtRudy0311 Smith31bRet
    SgtRudy0311 Smith31bRet

    Its "Legalese" for it's time to hide the money because the lawsuits are going to be coming fast.

  • Lork

    Why do you say I’ll see you in court it sounds threatening

  • Cole Costello
    Cole Costello

    Had nothing to do with Jeffery Epstein is what he means (drama) LOL 😂 🤥 easy Pinocchio your nose is getting bigger..

  • Dave Porter
    Dave Porter

    Well, we found out that he was cheating with Microsoft employees

  • Phantom97

    She is divorcing him because he became friends with Ebstine after he was accused in 2008.

  • Tosh Mary
    Tosh Mary

    Why.... why are we meant to care about their divorce in the first place lol?

  • Bilpam Jok
    Bilpam Jok

    Almost all of the richest women alive (like literally 95%) became that way from divorcing their husbands which are the richest men in the world. Crazy huh🥱

  • Bennett Deneghue Does Hits
    Bennett Deneghue Does Hits

    It isn’t big news, or even news.