DOJ Tried to Unmask Devin Nunes Parody Account
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  • Ben Epstein
    Ben Epstein

    Donald J Trump The J stands for Jenius

  • John Kersch
    John Kersch

    Orange man bad.

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard

    Can't find the damn block button

  • XAIE the 3rd
    XAIE the 3rd

    Twitter does some absolutely deplorable shit, but I'm glad for this.

  • J Jones
    J Jones

    It’s amazing counselor. Democrats are all paragons of virtue. Right? You’re bias exposes you as a fraud.

  • snow ghost247
    snow ghost247

    Yeah i hope he getd railed cuz he tried to shut down bad press 100% chance when he found out who it was he would have harassed them until they stopped

  • wes c
    wes c

    Twitter has no idea what protected speech is.

  • Joel Book
    Joel Book

    I could use less politics in my life.

  • Maria Woo
    Maria Woo


  • I'm not here
    I'm not here

    What do you think about your Biden now ? What a joke

  • Rauel

    And you would know about nonsense. Political hack

  • Mike Hat
    Mike Hat

    Just another example of snowflake Republicans. They all require safe spaces

  • J J
    J J

    Democrat Lowyer thinks he knows everything . I’m a Lowyer and one advice check facts so what happen, some one was promoting violence against us president and they wanted to know who . Stop acting like you know everything. Start you’re research then give you’re stupid opinions.

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown

    Twitter wouldn't have a Barr of it 🤷‍♂️🙃

  • Bryan Cline
    Bryan Cline

    A court in California ruled Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising it's platform as a free speech platform. That would be the 1st amendment. Twitter is being sued for falsely promoting that they are pro first amendment....

  • Andrew Wade
    Andrew Wade

    shocking, fascists acting like fascists

  • Valencia Inc
    Valencia Inc

    you really have a lot of bias in your tone and word choice

  • ⠀

    I think all Trump supporters should see this and think to themselves how much they appreciate their freedom

  • David James
    David James

    I would never hire this guy for a lawyer.

  • Chaz K
    Chaz K

    Sorry but we already know that the twitter account belonged to a cow owned by Nunes. I'm confused as to what the DOJ needed disclosing. The account even has a pic of said cow.

  • Jackson Duval
    Jackson Duval

    so what about hunter biden

    • Stephen2462

      What about him?

  • Noel Zmistowski
    Noel Zmistowski

    As much as the left hates trump they can't get him out of their heads huh?

    • Stephen2462

      His cult still dominates the GOP, even though Trump himself is almost certainly done with politics. And of course we want him to be held accountable for his numerous misdeeds.

  • shawn mccarty
    shawn mccarty

    It's not that DOJ couldn't supply the info just that Joey's DOJ is even more politicized then Berry's and they understood it would never make it to a courtroom so why bother but I guarantee if they asked to unmask a Nancy Pelosi parody account it wouldn't have been questioned they would have doxxed them immediately

  • Don B
    Don B

    Kinda double standards to ban Trump from twitter not allowing him the first amendment on their platform but when someone on the other side uses their first amendment it’s alright. I agree that they shouldn’t release their personal information but I also disagree to it being alright banning people whom you don’t share the same political view.

    • Stephen2462

      The first amendment doesn't guarantee you a platform lol. Also, I'm pretty sure the bans you're referring to were done because the people in question were being assholes.

  • Music

    Your pants looked like skin to me and I was wondering why you were doing a pantsless video XD

  • mark fairbanks
    mark fairbanks

    The new twilight zone:When the DOJ lies, and you need a corporation to defend and protect you.

  • Jack Smoke
    Jack Smoke

    take a look at what the Obama doj did with masking. im sure u made a video about it already though.

  • Aïshan

    I like how the person slapping the belt in their hands is a continuation of Devins body whilst hes talking about punishment

  • Mr Fix It
    Mr Fix It

    Fuckin social media

  • Sean

    I saw his khakis and thought he was pantsless

  • James Rooks
    James Rooks

    I'd REALLY like LE to be eaten by a tiger! He triggers me that much!

  • chas sisom
    chas sisom

    That's why they had to take Trump out with voter fraud at all costs to stop the investigation of all the corrupt politicians.

  • LuMa TuBe
    LuMa TuBe

    Why are you on my feed? Lawyer my ass.

  • Kyle Rae
    Kyle Rae

    It's not nonsense, it's fascism.

  • G. Waits4Gainz
    G. Waits4Gainz

    ohh snap, twitter going strong this decade lel

  • Loony

    Listen man.. I like you, but you've been talking about the annoying orange non-stop lately. I get it, he's a charlatan, but it's getting boring. Life's too short to focus this much on a single rotten tropical fruit. It's not you, it's me... unsubbed.

  • Zhu Bajie
    Zhu Bajie

    And now DeSantis is going to fine various social media companies. He's all for business independence unless they contradict this Trump boot-licker.

  • Samuel Luçik
    Samuel Luçik

    You should review Futurama: A Taste of Freedom

  • Lucid Dream
    Lucid Dream

    This seems like one of those lawyers that would tell you, the cops can do whatever they want.

    • Adam Fraser
      Adam Fraser

      Opposite actually

  • deadsmiles

    Twitter is nothing but political racketeering It should be burnt to the ground

    • Adam Fraser
      Adam Fraser

      Yes commrade

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior

    Cool. Now do one that doesn’t show bias

  • bardownsnipe

    I’m almost shocked you’d defend the first amendment but then given the context of this story, maybe not as shocked

  • Chereese Ferreira
    Chereese Ferreira

    Nunes is just another loser cry baby. He can dish it out, but he can't take it. I follow those accounts. 🤣

  • awesomekaly

    Plz help Texas. No one hearing our voices against the heart beat Bill. Plz help what advice as a "friend" can u give to a woman to stand up against the heart beat Bill. Because now they can investigate miscarriages if they feel it force and can be sued up to 10,000 dollars in court

  • Alessandra Garcia
    Alessandra Garcia

    Hey! Can u react to a greys anatomy episode where Callie and Robbins fight over custody over their daughter? I don know if u did this already but it’s season 12 ep. 22

  • Ballin up 619
    Ballin up 619

    ya because twitter is pinnacle of free speech. you hard left lawyers are soo terrible and i hope you don’t represent anyone ever.

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch

    Remeber when 121 Obama administration folks each unmasked trumps defense secretary pick in calls to Russia. Then made up a huge Russia story. Then media pushed it for years Then finally they showed the call and there was nothing in it like everyone said.

  • Singing Time Live!
    Singing Time Live!

    😂😂😂 this guy is hilarious… he’s like those tv judges.

  • Raptorman0909

    Amazing how a group of people that love to charge others with being 'triggered' are always, ALWAYS, the ones that are triggered!

  • Tristan Barnes
    Tristan Barnes

    What the hell is a parody accounts are they pretending to be him or not, I imagine if they're pretending to be someone else that they're not that's not free speech it's identity theft, and not protected under the constitution, if it is then i have no hope for this country🤦

  • Ars Longa
    Ars Longa

    Long live Devin Nunes’ Cow! She seems very nice.

  • Danielle JARAMILLO
    Danielle JARAMILLO

    Because under Trump, this was how our tax dollars were spent. That, and it paid to send his kids all over the world, for a wall that doesn't exist, and jobs for his cronies.

  • waffal66

    awesome vid. Can we get a review of the God's Not Dead 2 trial and Steven Universe trial?

  • Crabser ✓
    Crabser ✓

    Day no. 8 of asking legal eagle to review r/KarmaCourt

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez

    Oh yeah but democrats want authoritarianism and uwu vuvuzela and curious George Orwell's 1984 👻 oooooooo scaryyyy democratssss

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan

    Hey Legal Eagle! Could you talk about the blockfi case that recently happened where they gave out btc to people instead of usd as a promo event that was happening.

  • Patrick Asplund
    Patrick Asplund

    Remember when attorneys who used their office to persecute political opponents got disbarred? Me neither...

  • Lucas Weismann
    Lucas Weismann

    Hey! Where do we submit our legal questions? I love your show and have a specific question I'd like to ask.

  • Heath Byrd
    Heath Byrd

    Yep this guy is a left wing hack

    • Jesse

      You one of those people that think twitter violated trump's first amendment by kicking him off their privately owned servers? Because your first amendment rights arent protected on private property. Companies dont violate free speech by telling you to get off their property ya know. It's the government that cant censor you

  • The Ninja-Pirate
    The Ninja-Pirate

    Thoughts on Tucky Carlsons "Why dont we have a real insurection, at some point." comment?

  • ShinmaWa1

    Since Devin didn't define it and it isn't used often colloquially, an ASUA is an Assistant US Attorney with the Dept of Justice.

  • MadiCat247

    Imagine being so butthurt you threaten a parody account

  • Ellie B.
    Ellie B.

    The Cons are the EPITOME of Cancel Culture Divas

  • Simone Cau
    Simone Cau


  • Hannah Jordan
    Hannah Jordan

    I feel the whole Devin Nunes fight can be summed up as "entitled man learns people don't like him, he tries to sue for such an injustice, discovers that said dissedents aren't playing the same game as he's always known, gets his ass handed to him, has a tantrum rather than learning anything"

  • John Criton
    John Criton

    Idea for an episode: Review the legal arguments in Silicon Valley. A good episode would be season 2 episode 2. It deals with a (potentially) frivolous IP lawsuit against a startup, used as a business strategy. The idea being that the startup would have a hard time in their series 1 funding with an IP lawsuit hanging over their heads.

    • John Criton
      John Criton

      They end up in arbitration in season 2 episode 9

  • teitake

    You have to do a full video on the new Texas abortion bill. The issue about the standing, damages and more. I also would like to hear your take on what this law will mean for pro-choice lawers. There is so much to unpack here and with the SCOTUS decision, I guess it makes sense to wait until the decision comes, but please do an explainer. Thank you for your videos.

  • Ricky M
    Ricky M

    Lol 1st amendment, but yet Twitter bans free speech on the daily, what a joke this left wing channel is

    • Ricky M
      Ricky M

      @Jesse well at the time he was the president so to ban the speech of a president to the entire nation, how outright stupid can you get, anyway I can tell your a lefty, enjoy millions of Mexicans pouring in through the boarder and high taxes and gas prices, il be over in England watching your once great country turn to shit because you voted for Biden, you only have yourself to blame

    • Jesse

      Is that a joke? Twitter and facebook can ban whoever they want, they own the servers. Private companies and citizens dont violate free speech by telling people to be quiet on their property, that only applies to the government lol. Why do you think the trump appointed supreme court didnt do anything about it? I'll make it a little more clear since you seem to be too dense to understand.... Twitter owns their servers the same way you own your house. If you dont like what someone is saying in your house, you can kick them out. If you go into a store and start spewing shit they dont like, they can kick you out. Same with twitter: they can ban whoever they want from their servers that they privately own. It's only a violation of free speech when it's the government. If you're on public property, your free speech is protected. If you're on private property, the owner of the property can tell you to be quiet or leave. No rights were violated. Educate yourself before you start crying about rights snowflake

  • Amy

    Don't be fooled. Twitter are only pushing back because Trump's administration filed the request. If it was Biden, they'd happily hand over the information.

  • Gengarzilla

    Well, that's disturbing. How could we even be sure of this person's safety if the Trump administration got hold of them? Thank goodness Twitter finally grew a pair when it comes to handling that autocratic government.

  • M Fenn
    M Fenn

    Go after a parody account to “protect a congressman from threats?” GOP nods Properly investigate an insurrection/mob that stormed the Capitol and caused a race to the safe rooms? GOP is not interested.

  • Kristina Emilie
    Kristina Emilie

    Would love to hear your opinion on "making a murderer" on netflix. Anyone seen it? So much injustice it seems :(

    • fearlessjoebanzai

      2016 agrees!!!

  • PizzaHut Honoka
    PizzaHut Honoka

    _Insurrection at the US capitol._ DOJ: Nah, nothing to see here. _Devin Nunes Cow._ DOJ: A literal threat to our democracy.

    • Bruder Number2
      Bruder Number2

      @Slytherin mom I'm guessing your the one who wants what blm and Antifa want

    • Slytherin mom
      Slytherin mom

      @Bruder Number2 um I don't think you understand Chicago's problems . . Or how body cam footage works . . . Or just life in general

    • Sam Stephens
      Sam Stephens

      @Bruder Number2 strong opinion from someone who doesn't know the difference between "there" and "their"

    • Bruder Number2
      Bruder Number2

      @Shawn Elliott no cops are afraid to do there job because black people keep saying they did nothing exactly why blm and Antifa want to get rid of body camera from the police so black people that do do illegal shit can get away with it exactly why Chicago is a shit place and people are getting shot just for cutting there grass

    • Shawn Elliott
      Shawn Elliott

      Cops are afraid of angry black people, but courts are afraid of angry white people.

  • Ceoil

    Holy cow!

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar

    Maybe you can chime in on the Ripple XRP SEC lawsuit.

  • MarysArtOnWheels

    I liked that short, just one little thing, could you please refrain from using visuals of a man threatening someone with a belt or similar triggers related to child abuse and domestic violence. This is a terrible and widespread trauma and could bring unnecessary distress to survivors. You don't need imagery like this to get your point across. Thank you and keep up your otherwise great work!

  • Doctor Biobrain
    Doctor Biobrain

    Nunes said that all these Twitter accounts were part of a secret Democrat conspiracy with the media that he was trying to expose. It’s truly sad how much effort conservatives take to fight their own shadows because they assume their enemies are as devious and unethical as they are.

  • Covle

    I like the complete random stock footage in these shorts.

  • Jaws10214

    Not only nonsense my friend, they wanted his identity so they can try and blackmail him into shutting up. This is straight criminal.

  • Beck Mal
    Beck Mal

    so sad that LegalEagle went from being entertaining channel about constitution and law to Trump-hating shitshow

  • Anthony Beaudry
    Anthony Beaudry

    GG thank you for your

  • poHATEos

    Consequences for politicans???? Yea right

  • fu que
    fu que

    day no. 7 of telling legal eagle toreview r/KarmaCourt

  • TylerSmash

    "possible threats against a congressman" lmao, we have congressmen and women (Marjorie) stalking and harassing her own coworkers, along with their contributions to Jan. 6th, but yeah, let's pretend it's about THEIR safety. Nunes is a snowflake.

  • Nare Chitturi
    Nare Chitturi

    will you make a video about the legal implications of Isreali settlements in palestine

  • Quiet

    Fat chance the law will work in service of justice...

  • Adrian Espinosa
    Adrian Espinosa

    This was a re upload right?

  • dosgato

    Can you do a vid on the Ripple vs SEC case?

  • Adam Seubert
    Adam Seubert

    There never will be consequences for these guys, never have, never will.

  • tom builder
    tom builder

    he was worse than tricky dicky!

  • bookfound

    Déjà vu

  • culwin


  • Manintheboxjunkie

    THIS IS THE 3RD TIME YOU RELEASED THIS ONE! Stop getting my hopes up about new content.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Here I thought the Republicans respected the constitution.

  • Tachibana Ukyo
    Tachibana Ukyo

    I don't understand what's wrong with using my official gov powers to pursue my personal enemies...oh!

  • IShoot TheyScore
    IShoot TheyScore

    OBJECTION: The known crank and crackpot Shiva Ayyurdurai is suing Twitter for taking down his account for repeated lies. Since the state representatives asked twitter to do so, the judge in his case has said that this part of the case can be looked at. Any chance of comparing this case to the Nunes one, maybe as part of a look at whether the 1st Amendment is protecting things that it shouldn't do, such as blatant lies and misinformation? It seems that deprogramming the clueless pillocks that buy in to that takes much more work than simply showing counter information

  • White Raven
    White Raven

    I’m sure NunesAlt was sweeting bullets for a hot second

  • Sophie Robinson
    Sophie Robinson


  • Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca
    Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca

    While Barr is gone, these type activities should be investigated to see what other DOJ staff were involved. This is clearly unacceptable behavior, and nobody involved should be allowed to remain.

  • whoah an ant
    whoah an ant

    The best part is that a lot of people didn't know those accounts existed and now that he tried to sue Nunezalt and his cow, tons of people have discovered them. He just brought more attention to them and positive attention at that.

    • Ramboost007

      I love it when idiot public figures don't know about the Streisand Effect