Do Students Have Free Speech Rights

  • Mary M
    Mary M

    Teachers in public school have a strict policy of things they are not allowed to participate in. They sign documents. Things like -posting photos of them drinking alcohol on social media -posting photos of their student's faces without parental permission -swearing on social media -acting "inappropriately" off student grounds Imagine being 25 and having to adhere to these policies as a teacher, who can lose their job if a parent taddles on them for nearly anything, but the kids have no accountability. I'm not saying it's a Supreme Court issue, but if teachers are signing these composure agreements, they may require the kids to do so as well.

  • Mohamed Mubeen
    Mohamed Mubeen

    Yes. The supreme Court sided with the student.

  • Ethan McClelland
    Ethan McClelland

    If it was outside of school why does it matter?

  • Liam H.
    Liam H.

    No fr we can get in trouble at school for breaking school rules outside of school why

  • jbee02

    I don't believe school should ever punish a student for something done outside of school grounds. If student did something bad outside of school grounds the parents should be the one to decide if and what the punishment should be. If student breaks a law outside of school grounds than the police and the legal sytem will deal with it. Schools should have no authority over students not on school grounds or on school trips

  • Amelia Paine
    Amelia Paine

    I believe Tinker v. Des Moines was the landmark Supreme Court case that first covered students and their First Amendment rights in public schools!

  • Kris Sisk
    Kris Sisk

    To my mind it's blindingly obvious that the school has no authority to punish students for anything that happens outside of school. Simply put, that's not their job. That's the job of parents.

  • tds russia
    tds russia

    This is ONLY the end of ur Beautiful Freedom America and Russia has been trying to protect u and warm u since April 1945

  • Rohit Pai
    Rohit Pai

    So I've noticed law is more about precedence than about right or wrong. Am I correct?

  • Haylee Enyart
    Haylee Enyart

    Bong hits 4 Jesus

  • Adilosh Bebe
    Adilosh Bebe

    I thought first amendment didn't cover insults and threats.

  • Elo Life
    Elo Life

    While attending catholic school I was told we have no rights until we are 18. What a load of shit

  • Bottle o' Games
    Bottle o' Games

    What if I go to a private school?

  • Major Boiga
    Major Boiga

    Does the school system have real humans running it? They have got to be Facebook robots or something.

  • Engineering Reality
    Engineering Reality

    Schools are the training center for the modern sheep population of the United states.

  • Engineering Reality
    Engineering Reality

    Might be a violation?

  • thatoneguyinthecomments

    Transfer this to a written work. If I write a book at home that is full of obscenities, then someone else takes that to school, who should be held responsible?

  • James Barker
    James Barker

    This case sounds like it has a whole bag of Karen's involved

  • Notable Discomfort
    Notable Discomfort

    Yeah nah, school authority on speech ends when the kid leaves the campus. Any actions past that should be limited to criminal cases based on threats.

  • Hunter Webster
    Hunter Webster

    I'd say no, but I can see how this'll get complicated. A student's private life is theirs and should be left alone. But what if what they did affects the school directly? Like if the kid says "I'm gonna go set Charleston School on fire with this gas" then obviously the school has the right to do something. But where do you draw the line? Threats are obviously fair game, but what's stopping the school from punishing a kid for just saying something negative about it? Or punishing a kid who shares a political view the school disagrees with?

  • Juice10 Sl8r
    Juice10 Sl8r

    *pfft* rights?! In school??! I was 17 and still had to beg and plead if I could leave class for less than 5 min to piss, like it was an option or an inconvenience to them.

  • Tsuiseki Bado
    Tsuiseki Bado

    I tried expressing my second amendment rights at school but it didn't really end well for me. The system is rigged.

  • relser

    And all this is happening right before my senior year of college so it won’t even really be a thing I can embrace :(

  • ndm0001

    From what I remember about this case, the students said some derogatory remarks about the school when she didn’t make some sport’s first team and was placed in the backup team. She was then kicked off the backup team when the comments came to light. I think the school did this because when the student joined the backup team she signed an agreement to conduct herself as a representative of the school. ie. if you want to be on our team, you have to play by our rules Kinda doesn’t sound so much like a free speech issue as a breach of contract issue

  • Komonoff

    If that happened to me in the time i got suspended i wold just post the entire lyrics of subway sexist

  • Disktoaster

    I once got three days of detention and a weird, probably illegal, probationary period at my high school because a teacher heard me say the phrase... "I was 11 years old." That was literally the only sentence I spoke in the conversation in question. When the principal was chewing me out and giving me detention, they told me they would consider expulsion if any more "behavior incidents" occured. I'm sure I should have sued them. Instead I moved hundreds of miles from that town when I turned 18.

  • JT Brown
    JT Brown

    So basically the student has learned a valuable lesson in civics. 1) constitutional rights matter 2) the government can and often does lie to you to violate those rights with impunity. 3) never count on the government to defend your constitutional rights. 4) there's a reason why a lot of people are against centralizing government authority at the federal level. Stop voting for politicians advocating for more federal authority.

  • FerdinandFake

    Interesting is not the word I'd use for flagrant tyranny, but then I'm not a sheister

  • Eragonian1

    They should not be able to punish me for what I say or do outside of school grounds that’s bs

  • z50king29

    I'm a high school teacher and we allow freedom of speech as long as it's not disruptive to other students or staff.

  • The Man Who Killed Kenny
    The Man Who Killed Kenny

    The school can’t do that. I’d sue the shit out of the school.

  • Hud

    Ok I have a question. Can private schools punish them then, since they are not government property?

  • Corvus

    I find that (as a previous trouble maker) if you just show that the teachers don't scare you, they leave you alone. Laugh in their face, tell them that they really don't know what they are talking about and point out the things they are wrong about. Teachers who try to bully students will back off if you bully them back. I learned the hard way that people only bully you if you let them. Break a nose or two, spread a few horrible rumors, plant some incriminating evidence, and eventually everyone will want to be your best friend. (Well, you can't really fight a teacher, but you know what I mean.)

  • picle solder #wone
    picle solder #wone

    If student rights are violated who's to say when they enter adulthood they'll do it

  • tired little moon
    tired little moon

    Damn, I have rights?

  • LKMalapede

    Only if they signed a paper saying they'd be punished for stuff outside of school?

  • Patrick Mitchell
    Patrick Mitchell

    I’m from England and the usual rule is, is that if they were in uniform or the name of the school is mentioned then it’s there business

  • Caleb Fossett
    Caleb Fossett

    Does this apply to private school students even though their school isn’t a part of the government?


    In my school we wear uniforms so if you were recorded doing anything negative while wearing the uniform, yes, you would be penalized. If you weren't wearing the uniform, yes, you would be penalized by the school. Public embarrassment. If it happened in your house and somehow put principal got wind of it............. Yes. You would be penalized 💀

  • S P Killing It
    S P Killing It

    I remember asking a teacher about this. I don't exactly remember why but I asked why we weren't allowed to cuss, and they basically resolved it to "That makes some people feel endangered" which satisfied me at the time but now I realize how stupid it was.

  • Matthew

    Unless you are a conservative.

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname

    All i can think about is that little kid being like, "no saying cuss words!"

  • Supersparkle Superstars
    Supersparkle Superstars

    Y isnt the person who brought the "offensive" subject into school being question? Why is it the one who statement said outside school hours being subjected to "punishment"? After all that person brought it into school.🤷‍♀️

  • Caleb Collins
    Caleb Collins

    Too bad that dosent apply to teachers unfairly treating student who hold different views than them. Because they still hold the grade over students heads making them complicit and afraid to speak out.

  • Irrelevant Urchins
    Irrelevant Urchins

    I know this would become a case. I cursed a lot in school and got in trouble, totally worth it because I'd just sweet talk them some more. Next is the 1st amendment case for drug legalization and I'm happy as a clam

  • Joel Wilcox
    Joel Wilcox

    Holy shit America is wild

  • adolph gracius
    adolph gracius

    if school can do that, the they should do the opposite too and reward you for things you do outside of school, i want my extra points for my call of duty achievements for example 🤣🤣

  • TechWizard312

    You know for being a lawyer. Idk why he doesn’t like trump who defends the 1st amendment so much.

  • just another stranger
    just another stranger

    The teachers at my school were on serious power trips, allowed because the head master thought he was a god. They would CONSTANTLY try to punish students for things outside of school and I even had a teacher try and kick my friend out of an aldi because she was in there and didn’t want us there? Then because she didn’t leave try to give her detention in school, safe to say that did not play out well for the teacher

  • Jack Nogman
    Jack Nogman

    This guy loves Biden so much, I want to check the lolita flight logs.


    If this poor child is found guilty and punished then I will lose the last bit of hope my soul can offer

  • aalmi002

    I think it’s a slam dunk for the student since it was outside of school and the school has no authority to police your conduct outside of school.

  • Mr Goof
    Mr Goof

    I feel like the student or any student should be able to say what they want outside of school it’s not the schools business it’s ur own life and and a school shouldn’t be able to barge into YOUR own life it’s got nothing to do with the school or anyone at school

  • Dogecoin Collector
    Dogecoin Collector

    1st amendment rights only apply to purple haired lefty weirdos apparently. Try being a God fearing conservative in school you will just have to shut up.

  • 조안나

    This I really want to know because I was silenced on school! It was 15 years ago and I'm still salty!

  • *Thát voįcé íń thé bãck øf yōür héãd*
    *Thát voįcé íń thé bãck øf yōür héãd*

    In the school I went to it wasn't uncommon for students to swear right in front of a teacher without the teacher even giving them a look. A lot of times the students would even make sex jokes and stuff and as long as it didn't get in the way of the lesson nobody cared, it really helped overall and I can't imagine someone getting in trouble for saying this stuff OUT of school.

  • That's Me
    That's Me

    Doesn’t everybody and school should be shut down cause they claim to take away all of our rights when we go there

  • Speedor Scales and Tails
    Speedor Scales and Tails

    If anyone is wondering what this cases name is, it's Mahanoy School District Vs. B.L.

  • HH DarkHawk
    HH DarkHawk

    It was out of school that is like getting demoted because you were rude to someone at another business

  • binghamtonblows

    The last person to get punished for something that happened outside the school ended up living with his Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air

  • Viva La Neva
    Viva La Neva

    I live in a not so great area in New York City and there are often a lot of fights at my school. now there was a fight that occurred across the street a block down from the school yet the students involved in that fight we’re still suspended but I had $20 stolen from me in front of the presence of school staff and they said because the person ran out of the school building it’s out of schools jurisdiction to reprimand him. please explain the logic

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh

    They tried something similar once in my school i remember there being around 30 parents that being in the principle office looking like they are going to beat the shit out of him 😂😂

  • Rayhan Lahdji
    Rayhan Lahdji


  • GlibertTheFrog

    I would get it if this girl was a nazi or sm but seriously?

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse

    Imagine if the school heard how kids actually talk... 🤣😂 awe a kid said a cursey word I’m shocked.

  • Callsign Phoenix
    Callsign Phoenix

    Yeah no fucken shit. Now Private schools? Those are a different story.

  • Paradox -Fox-
    Paradox -Fox-

    Oh great I can't wait to hear all the losers teenagers in school start saying "your silencing us" or "your violating my rights." As a senior in are a student your rights don't fuckin matter other then you know the rights to not get beat up or hit by the school but if they tell you shut up just shut up don't take it to court

  • Matty

    You don't have Rights till you are 18 though

  • Naked Zebra
    Naked Zebra

    Something not being pointed out is how many rights you sign away each school year. Read your syllabus. In most places Not only Is Social Media addressed but they make you sign things. Would be interesting to see this play out. More than just the Stoic Social Justice Warriors.

  • Jacob POLICE
    Jacob POLICE

    Can’t wait to see the outcome

  • cherie davidson
    cherie davidson

    In this situation, the school is in the wrong, but in cases such as blatant racism or homophobia, etc. freedom of speech, not freedom of consequence

  • jdoexrayvision

    Barring a murder investigation, minors' social media should be inaccessible to any court of law. Minors are stupid. They say stupid things and do stupid things. The fact that social media exists now and that minors decide to record their every action and thought publicly shouldn't be held against them. At least not in the court of law.

  • Phat-motoXer

    The media has been attacking republicans for years and silencing our first amendment rights

  • NomadicSkies

    I feel like during class a student shouldn’t be using vulgar language or disrespecting someone by insulting them. Also, don’t parents sign a contract allowing their kid to be disciplined in school for inappropriate action.

  • []StRrRlit[]

    This actually happened with me at my school this year where I said a cuss word and was suspended for it but when I brought up freedom of speech they claimed that I as a student do not have freedom of speech and so I got really mad but being the student that I was I couldn’t do anything

  • Gameofsy

    That would mean that if any of us hot expelled/suspended for self defense we could take it to court

  • Sir Sneaky Beaky
    Sir Sneaky Beaky

    "You might not know this but students have first amendment rights." I mean if theyre US citizens. They technically has ALL rightts granted through the amendments. No?

  • Et tu Brutus
    Et tu Brutus

    I expected Abraham Lincoln to have a deeper voice.

  • Dee Ravenwolf
    Dee Ravenwolf

    Imagine the child swearing, and imagine this goes to court. If these cases ever go to court it had BETTER be about the lake of parenting and placement of that child in a home with a responsible adult!

  • Jonathan Berrios
    Jonathan Berrios

    Imagine if US schools actually taught students the laws of the country they live in

  • jacob popa
    jacob popa


  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones

    God America is such a sh*t show. Everyone get upset about everything and takes everyone to court. In the uk if you say something bad about one or something you either punch them or walk away like ok bye

  • Lewis

    I mean using inappropriate language in a school zeroing VERBALLY is a punishable offense. What happens off campus or online (while out of school) is not the business of any school what so ever.

  • Cursed Gameing
    Cursed Gameing

    My old school punished kids for online smack talk that happened outside of school it could be as harmless as calling them ugly and the school would punish you if the person reported it. Ps I left that school system before I started high school that was quiet a few years ago but got back into touch with old class mates and found out teachers were threatening students they didn't like to fail or get expelled evan to the point 1 person killed themselves. I feel bad for the younger generation because of the school systems failing them.

  • xyfuras

    I do hate it when school systems believe they have say in after school actions.

  • Tom Ruta
    Tom Ruta

    The DRIP

  • cript crum
    cript crum

    i was punished for posting my suicidal thoughts on Snapchat and my school gave me iss

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P

    Try telling my university that students have free speech. The university president told the student journalists that free speech didn’t apply to them. He refused to let them attend the town hall meetings; that were supposed to be open to the public. It was because the adjunct professors wanted to form a union, and the student reporters were writing articles about it nearly every week. This was maybe 6 or 7 years ago.

  • Jacob Camarillo
    Jacob Camarillo

    Establishment shill

  • Nick Kline
    Nick Kline

    When you curse out Jerry’s misogynistic comments on Snapchat and now the SCOTUS decides if you get ISS

  • russian coin collecto r
    russian coin collecto r

    Ive heard freshmen exchange some choice words IN CLASS so punishing her for saying something outside school is ridiculous

  • MJ Almighty
    MJ Almighty

    Imagine having a communist government, after some time you will lose all and every right. Good luck

  • One Hefty Demonic Meatball
    One Hefty Demonic Meatball

    *AP U.S Government flashbacks* ah yes, Tinker v. Des Moines

  • Salt Rush
    Salt Rush

    I remember being told as a student I have zero rights and it always made me angry

  • Drinking water
    Drinking water

    I mean I think students should have freedom of speech until they start saying slurs or discriminatory words.

  • Where's Waldo
    Where's Waldo

    No they can’t it’s that simple

  • Silly Gustavo
    Silly Gustavo

    But if I was to start saying curse words in school whenever then that could be disturbing the peace correct?

  • Illogical Thinking
    Illogical Thinking

    IS SWEARING NOT ALLOWED?! I don't swear, cause it's unnecessary, but specifically not being allowed to communicate in whatever way you want as long as the content of the conversation does not contain any kind of threat should not be the case. (I didn't mean to use fancy words, but I'm not gonna replace them either.)

  • Nommis

    Lol, that line

  • Favorite Mustard
    Favorite Mustard

    Sr. trip, went to 6 Flags... a friend gave me a shirt to wear: If you liked George & Ron, you'll love Charlie! Over Charles Manson's face was a ***CHARLIE*** FOR PRESIDENT ...we were asked to turn them inside out. In different parts of the park. It was private property, they argued, so... Yeah. Who wants to sit on the bus?