Did Mike Flynn Violate Military Law?
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  • Nightmare Sparckle
    Nightmare Sparckle

    As a military worker the us is kinda serious garbage. So is the military and how it’s run.

  • so tired
    so tired

    Silly mike coups are for real tyrants. Like Castro, Maduro, Mussolini, Mao tse-tung, hitler etc.

  • Bridget Sclama
    Bridget Sclama

    The reality is this: talking about a military coup during a serious crisis to uphold the oath they took to "Defend the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC" is not illegal, it was his duty to speak out on the subject. He wasn't speaking to the general public to riot at the Capitol. He was reminding current military leaders of the oath they took.

  • William Hartley
    William Hartley

    As long as he uses his military rank in his title General Flynn's actions directly reflect on the honor of that title and the integrity of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Especially as a retired General officer he should held to the highest standards. ... Calling for the violent overthrow of the government he swore to protect demands the harshest response possible under military law, the UCMJ

  • Madeline Gardiner
    Madeline Gardiner

    He is a Damm good man🤗

  • B.J. Blazkowicz
    B.J. Blazkowicz

    I didn’t even know retired military personnel could be tried under the UCMJ. I figured once they were out, they were civillians

  • Chris McKimie
    Chris McKimie

    No not for saying that , yes for taking money from foreign countries while on active duty in the service

  • RevolverOcelot2008

    So treason is legal because of the first amendment

  • Victor Santana
    Victor Santana

    Why you don't tell them the truth man to all the American people.. l much they paying u...

  • Liam Marra
    Liam Marra

    Hes retired, so, no. Different spanks for different ranks doesnt work in the civilian world.

  • Brandon Warren
    Brandon Warren

    Hmmm 🤔 so strange, the dems stole an election and r still using the national guard for “protection “ Who performed a coup?

  • jtstar10

    This video tells us absolutely nothing!!

  • 12cm32

    What is your political stance? Do you assess blindly or BY LAW?

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith

    If the law of military code of justice exists at all then this advocating a coup to overthrow the democratic election of the United States seems like the absolute right time to enforce it. I'm not sure what could be worse actually.

  • Connor B
    Connor B

    Field Manual 27 10 Law of Land Warfare says they can and will deceive the enemy

  • Pazzla Solem
    Pazzla Solem

    He is fully retired, there is no way the military can punish him, pure hugwash! Even the civil court cannot! Freedom of speech. Unless he act upon it… common sense! They need to stop wasting their time, period!

  • K.P.

    Claims he didn't want a Myanmar style coup, but he was going to use the exact same tactics, expecting different results?

  • ChibiHoshiDragon

    Given that you CAN be charged TWICE for a crime as the UCMJ and regular court does NOT constitute double jeopardy under the 5th amendment I doubt conduct unbecoming due to a speech is actually protected by the first.

  • Nathan J Martucci
    Nathan J Martucci

    He is not subject to UCMJ after leaving the service. That would be similar to moving to a state and doing something in that state that is not illegal. The state that you lived in previously can't charge you because it is illegal there.

    • ChibiHoshiDragon

      Leaving the service is one thing, RETIRING and drawing a pension in another. So under 20 years, then yes you are correct. Those that did their 20 and draw pension however... They CAN be recalled and subjected to the UCMJ. Perfect examples are: Marine Staff Sgt. Steven Larrabee Marine Gunnery Sgt. Derek Dinger Navy Chief Petty Officer Stephen Begani Larrabee is the one trying AGAIN, as he had already been shot down by SCOTUS in 2019. But given that the 5th amendment has never and currently doesn't protect military members from double jeopardy. You CAN end up both being punished via Article 15 (Non-Judicial Punishment)and then still court-martialed AND you can be acquitted in civilian court and STILL be charged by the UCMJ (though you can't be charged if CONVICTED by the Federal court) The law has always considered the two courts as two different sovereigns and double jeopardy doesn't apply under the Dual Sovereignty Doctrine. Not only that but basically contends that the evidence must be presented to the court-martial authorities TWICE for it to be considered double jeopardy, which is why you can be punished by your CO under an article 15 and also court-martialed. And that is just enlisted... Officers are held to an even higher standard. -Semper Fi


    While it’s true that military retirees can be recalled to active duty for military prosecution for offenses under military law committed before retirement, I’m pretty sure that post-retirement offenses against civil law are not prosecutable by military courts. If publicly calling for a coup is a civil offense when there is no actual, credible threat of a coup, politically it should be handled pretty much the same as when celebrities and politicians publicly encouraged the killing of Trump; ie, nothing beyond Secret Service/FBI warning and public censure.

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson

    It would only be a coup if it attempted to overthrow a legitimate government. Tossing Joe and Kamala's sorry, illegitimate, asses into the street could not qualify as a coup.

  • JMonkey

    Unless you are inciting actual violence u should be protected under the first amendment. Even If I disagree or I'm offended by what u say, u still have the right to free speech

  • D3fec7

    This guy is a shill

  • Chance Gauge Ryan
    Chance Gauge Ryan

    The answer is NO! This lawyer is a joke UCMJ does not apply to civilians, Jesus what an idiot

  • Brian Fleming
    Brian Fleming

    What coup?

  • GuyJulius

    This guy loved the Trump administration

  • Jarrod Ashe
    Jarrod Ashe

    You stupid Democrats have spent the last 4 years trying a coup

  • Nolan Reach
    Nolan Reach


  • Grant Morris
    Grant Morris

    Stolen election.should sit just fine with you sheeple.

  • Behind The Line Conservative
    Behind The Line Conservative

    Almost seems like Leftist are dead scared the Centrists and Right Wing are gearing up against them. One only wonders why 🤔

  • Benjamin Henry
    Benjamin Henry

    Still has freedom of speech, now being a private citizen. Now if he led the coup.....

  • Asa

    don't mind me breaking 666 comments...

  • holly clown
    holly clown

    The fact he was an officer at one point is scary. Imagine the kind of damage he would’ve done if he was still in.

  • CaffinatedRedPanda

    You talk like vsauce and have the knowledge and ability of a professional lawyer

  • Joseph Lavigne
    Joseph Lavigne

    Come on bro it's on the basis that there was shenanigans in the last election..... It was like no other election..... I've been watching election since 1975 so I would know.... Let the audits play out and let's see what happens.... We actually have a legal process for this...... God bless the United States and it's Constitution

  • GloriousMane

    Betraying and launching a terrorist attack against your country is totally fine and legal. Understood.

  • wes c
    wes c

    There's also an oath to protect the US from enemies foreign and domestic. Flynn was charged and convicted illegally by a rogue group of gov officials which could be considered enemies of the US. I don't know that he threatened the President, this is the first I've heard of this. Is it akin to the "Russian Collusion" fiasco?

  • Michael McGinley
    Michael McGinley

    Mike Flynn is a traitor.


    This supposed attorney legal clown is a propaganda tool Yes sir you are a tool 😃🖕🥂

  • Mark Jamison
    Mark Jamison

    How many military and veterans and law enforcement do you think will or would back sleepy creepy Joe Biden the snow flake commander .

  • Ronald Lapworth
    Ronald Lapworth

    With Barrett, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on the court we are screwed. I have heard that Canada does not want Americans coming in as we are nuts so I may head to Chile. I speak Spanish and love the beach!

  • ruizisrael

    Imagine if people hated free speech

  • Show Town Freaks
    Show Town Freaks

    I don’t think I understand the entirety of it I would like to understand but I don’t get what any of this all means

  • Angie Holmes
    Angie Holmes

    Former military here. He absolutely can and should face UCMJ action. Service members are held to a higher standard than normal civilians and UCMJ is intended to enforce that higher standard. You agree to give up some of you constitutional protections and freedoms when you sign up. Retirees are still bound by it. So long as you retain any kind of military benefits, UCMJ still applies.

  • Archie Mitchell
    Archie Mitchell

    He violated US federal law by calling for an insurrection!!

  • Littlebit

    Mike Flynn violates the laws of nature, of humanity , the law of self preservation . He is not competent . Nor is trump .... they are already gone.....

  • IIIRoman

    Why even consider charging him under military law?.... what he said is without a doubt straight out TREASON... just charge him under normal federal law

  • inciting a riot
    inciting a riot

    As he is retired the military code of justice does NOT apply

  • NAPU2


  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo

    wtf, he's a retired military leader (who could be called back into service under circumstances) in favor of a coup, he can talk all the crap he wants, but he can't keep his military rank

  • Voro Kusanagi
    Voro Kusanagi

    Kudos to Legal Eagle for actually "defending" Michael Flynn. Did not expect that.

    • Erg Gni
      Erg Gni

      Legal Eagle's an idiot.

  • Duck Soup
    Duck Soup

    If he’s rich there will be no repercussions. Welcome to The US

  • Jeff McCrea
    Jeff McCrea

    I thought when one signed up for the military, one agreed to replace one's constitutional rights with the UCMJ especially while on active duty or under the possibility of recall. This way, the military can control secrets and such with the ongoing threat of recall for court marshal.

  • Janyce Brown
    Janyce Brown

    As long as the last President is arrested, everything's going to be okay 🇨🇦🙏💕

  • Jacob Montoya
    Jacob Montoya

    However this plays out, General Flynn is a disgrace.

  • Soul Reaper Rex
    Soul Reaper Rex

    I am genuinely confused. Not trying to sound like an asshole just confused. So far from reading the comments I heard he “threatened” the sitting us president and that’s why this whole thing was happening. Wasn’t the left threatening Trump for 4 years? I can’t remember who did it but they made a replica of trumps severed head and pretended to hold it on national television acting like they murdered him. When he was elected there were millions of tweets (some definitely by military) threatening to shoot him. I didn’t see any legal action against that. Cuomo said that if trump wanted to enter NY he “better have an army” Joe Biden said that if him and trump went to the same high school he would “take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him” So I genuinely want to know, why is this different?

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White

    Not holding Flynn responsible is a violent slap in the face to everyone in the military past or present that UPHOLDS THEIR OATH! And it wasn't a random insult, it was a specific call for the overthrow of our country! How can people not get this?!

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White

    So powerful, influential military officers can do everything up to actually participating in a coup without consequence? It would seem to me that his position would come with SOME limitations in speech, could he just order soldiers to murder someone and then claim "hey, it's my RIGHT to say that?"

  • L.I. Reynolds
    L.I. Reynolds

    As I understand how veteran benefits and such work... 1 who was honorably discharged is still upheld to the oaths they took. If they violate those oaths to the constitution, even in retirement, the protocol (in extreme cases), is to reactivate the veteran's military status in order to face court-martial. This is done as a means of removing military benefits, usually. So Flynn suggesting a coup against the government is in direct violation of his oaths to defend the constitution. But here's the kicker... Court-martials are typically judged by a jury of peers. Which means he'd have flag officers to decide his fate. So... yeah. Military law is in itself, mind-boggling.

  • Ryan Marshall
    Ryan Marshall

    Love the channel, but enough of the Trump/political stuff. Do something fun. Do Billy Mitchell, the crater from “King of Kong”, and how he is filing frivolous lawsuits to silence his critics.

  • Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia
    Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia

    Objection: (not really an objection)... The client requests Psych season 1 episode 12 "Cloudy with a Chance of Murder" be 'Real-lawyered.' It's a comedy TV series featuring a 'psychic' detective and in this episode they take a bumbling lawyer as a client to help him with his case in court. Alternatively, take any episode of Psych and rate it for breaking the law, because that would be pretty fun.

  • epiccollision

    Does an American citizen( just leave the military out of it)have any legal repercussions for calling for an armed insurrection of the legitimate government?…only if you read silly things like the constitution. But no one wants to do anything about that.

  • Love Forsberg
    Love Forsberg

    You sneaky bastard. Too many Indochino plugs have left me conditioned to think Indochino when I see a cheap butt joke on your channel.

  • TheMightyPinecone

    You should do a video for Big Daddy. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you do this one yet.

  • clkbunny

    The military likes to use the rule of Conduct Unbecoming as stated in the UCMJ. Flynn could be found guilty of that and not guilty of any 1st amendment violation. Ask someone who has served as a JAG.

  • EasyCoast

    Free speech is free speech. No one should have it taken away. People are so sensitive to things they don't agree with.

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important

    People under the UCMJ lose a lot of their constitutional rights. That is a longstanding and accepted document.

  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel

    LEGAL EAGLE! Can you check out some Scam-Games?! Namely 1-3 of the following? 'Dreamworld' 'Earth 2' 'Planet IX' Can you do at least the Copyright-Aspect of them promising you may own the Taj Mahal and other protected places/stuff/thingys?!

  • Lilith Mitchell
    Lilith Mitchell

    He probably won't face any punishment because if they try he will throw a big pissbaby temper tantrum like the POG he is, and the military has more important things to do right now than dealing with a traitor's tantrum.

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson

    An unskippable 16 second ad on a video under 1 minute in length? Come the eff on.

  • Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer
    Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

    Military men take oath to protect the constitution by all means like above kings and queens and abolish tyranny. This former military man want tyranny, that's is against his own oath. Take his pension away, he can't get what he done as national treason.

  • reaper you fool
    reaper you fool

    could an investigator legally use his statement as a justification to see if he has any involvement with the riot

  • Arve Eriksson
    Arve Eriksson

    o_O Is there a law he has NOT broken by now?

  • Renard Leblanc
    Renard Leblanc

    My first thought was: "if the video is only 0:53 long, and that's all it takes to sum up the issue, I somehow doubt Flynn violated military law." Colour me pleasantly surprised by the conclusion. :) Is it sedition yet?

  • trick willis
    trick willis

    Butt. giggity

  • BigMamaDave X
    BigMamaDave X

    00:47 ...but... 😂😹

  • Keith Crowell
    Keith Crowell

    Most simply no. You are fooling yourselves buying this junk. Maxine Waters got an active soldier in duty shot and didn’t face a single hearing. Nothing will happen to Flynn. You’re brain dead if you think otherwise.

  • AMWOOD co
    AMWOOD co

    Thank you, my questions are answered. Mind you, I have few questions on the matter. I've a little distance between me and U.S. issues.

  • Leader of Communist China
    Leader of Communist China

    *B U T*

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Officers are commissioned till they are 72 I believe. He could be recalled and court-martialed. Theoretically.

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod

    Given the extremity of his statements, I think they should recall him to service, demote him, and send him to Northern Alaska to a remote one person research station.

  • Quite Quiet
    Quite Quiet

    Unless it’s in times of war. When typically law frequently falls silent. The issues here are actually more serious and even can be considered dire because the issue is not concerning such things as treason, conduct unbecoming of a officer and so on... but rather a potential manipulation in order to sow divisions and create a polarized environment. The current world situation is one rife with economic warfare and exploitation. It is also rife with psychological warfare and social cultural engineering engagements that facilitate dysfunctional environments and political conflicts that are spiraling out to control in order to create chaos and disunity. While many people are quick to blame whom they think are the usual suspects... in reality that’s based upon confirmation bias and propaganda. Which is supported by the political economic social back and forth and to and fro actions and reactions which is essentially a political symptom of people maintaining the political concepts that they are familiar with... but not necessarily the factual reality of the time that we are living in. I suspect that the General made his career by political social networks and water carrying. Not by being the sharpest tool in the shed and selected for his qualities and competence. This fact will not be necessarily recognized by national defense coworkers at the time... nor will it be easy to reveal such ingrained political military industrial intelligence complex workings. All to often people are essentially involved in a country club atmosphere and supporting their political influence factions over national security interests and priorities. Thus people are selected for their connections rather than being selected for their qualities. Which is how and why certain people once taken off leash so to speak... fail repeatedly in the actions that attempt. Previously they were protected, guided and essentially just mouth pieces and puppets. When they are left to their own devices and choosing their own words and economic exploitation opportunities... they are not successful. They will do the kind of things that they participated in... but not be competent enough to successfully navigate through the situations and environments. Thus creating a gap through which a series of failures and scandals emerge. Which then can lead back to unknown previous episodes and events that people got away with. Which is the difference between long term operations and short term operations. Often people are incapable of recognizing themselves being played by a adversary in a long term plan. Thus creating a cascading failure of events that they are blind to because of cognitive bias issues. Even as the patterns emerge people are more comfortable maintaining their confirmation bias issues than putting together the situation with the benefit of the available hindsight. Thus many people are quite likely to be unaware of real purposes behind years of manipulation and grooming.

  • Mnogojazyk

    In my opinion, for acts committed while in uniform, it is not unreasonable for a person to be tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice; with possible remanding to civilian court under well-defined circumstances and conditions. For acts committed after discharge, I think a person ought to be tried in civilian court. But I’m only a civilian. I’m stupid and I don’t know what I’m talking about. (With apologies to Eric Idle’s fishmonger’s wife from Monty Python,)

  • Benjamín Prieto Palacios
    Benjamín Prieto Palacios

    As someone from a region that's known for it's many military coups and dictatorship, believe when I say: this guy is dangerous and should definitely be locked up.

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy

    Thanks for the update! I was wondering about this. :)

  • nosuchthing8

    Yeesh. Why do we even HAVE laws when people can call for a military coup? Its ridiculous that is protected speech.

  • Alex Samaris
    Alex Samaris

    Wait I thought advocating for a military coup would be a call for incitement of violence....isn't that illegal? How can that be protected by the first amendment? Not all speech is protected and inciting violence is one that isn't right?

  • Paintnamer

    It is the measure of how many people are not happy, I wonder if they really know what they are not happy about has to do with government or the "news".

  • Martin Spamer
    Martin Spamer

    That seems just crazy to me, that what amounts to both fighting words and a conspiracy is protected speech.

  • evian pullman
    evian pullman

    🔒 LockthatphuckUP 🤡🦧🍕🇺🇸🙃

  • Matt L
    Matt L

    I feel like legal advice can be mostly summarized as “maybe” or “it depends”

    • Area609Joe

      It does depend doesn't it? How much will it cost. A lot of lawyers will tell ya that.

    • Love Forsberg
      Love Forsberg

      You don't go to the experts to get answers you alrady know.

  • BriarDan

    He back peddled ... that fixed it. If that would have failed the standby that never fails for republicans "I was joking." Case dismissed.

  • Mr_Meng

    Please please please do a video about Oregon representative Mike Nearman especially now that a video of him coaching the insurrectionists before Jan 6th has come out.

  • John Schmalbach
    John Schmalbach

    Sir, I think you may be forgetting that under the "Orloff rule" (Orloff v. Willoughby (1953) ) the armed forces can implement policies largely beyond the reach of judicial review. This has included limiting First Amendment such as restricting "contemptuous speech" towards elected officials. They have also used the sections of "conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline in the Armed Forces,” and from “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman" to restrict political speech.

  • Laird Cummings
    Laird Cummings

    As I understand the UCMJ (Having lived under it for a long time), that a retired person can only tried for offenses against the UCMJ that occurred *while* subject to the UCMJ, i.e. offenses commited *BEFORE* retirement. Flynn is scot-free from any threat of Courts Martial, as his statement took place well after he retired from military service.

  • Billy Chase
    Billy Chase

    Can you do a video on the whole USA Today and the FBI thing... Why would a law enforcement agency need to know that info

  • Flyingclam

    Advocating for a coup is literally Treason defined in the US constitution. We need stronger enforcement laws that cover BS like this

  • William McGinnis
    William McGinnis

    Speech should be as protected as possible.

    • Joshua Green
      Joshua Green

      Threats are not free speech.

  • Nathan Crossen
    Nathan Crossen

    Laws mean nothing and are there for appearances only. Got it. What a filthy, tangled system we have.

  • Marc M.
    Marc M.

    What about recalling a retired officer to active duty? Is that also being challenged? and if not, wouldn't that be a backdoor to this?