Charges Coming for Trump?
The New York District Attorney has convened a grand jury with Trump in its sights.
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  • LegalEagle

    🇺🇸 Do you think anything will come of the grand jury? ☎️ Get $25 off of your first month with Ting Mobile

    • Erg Gni
      Erg Gni

      LegalEagle debate me, you coward.

    • Jack Helmut
      Jack Helmut

      It will if some patriot puts his sniper rifle to good use.

    • Badger_Actual

      @Ross Snyder what have they done wrong?

    • Badger_Actual

      @Fredashay Klavierstein right the real domestic terrorists are BLM (bidens labtop matters) and antifa the anti fascists fascists!!

    • Badger_Actual


  • Dale America
    Dale America

    Holy shit... this guy is terrible lol

  • OneCatholicSpeaks

    I want to think like a Lawyer. Are City Governments who defund the police legally responsible for the rise in crime

  • USMC0311CplJackson

    Legal Eagle still talking about trump.. and completely silent on anything the Biden admin has done so far.. Rofl. Hypocrisy.

  • Carbon Cross
    Carbon Cross

    Shame they can't supena Trump to this

  • Mckenzie Boyle
    Mckenzie Boyle

    this man can't even sound as dumb as trump was hes TRYING to

  • blastman8888

    As much as I would love to see Trump behind bars I'm doubting that he will ever be charged with a crime.

  • Star Crasher
    Star Crasher

    Let's all try to remember that even though grand juries are easy to manipulate, 37.74% of New York voters voted for him in the last election despite already knowing terrible things about him. The only way to ensure that any jury in his trials is unbiased is to only get jurors who were voting age by 2016 but didn't vote in either election.

  • Gregory Soble
    Gregory Soble

    That Trump impression made me spit out my beer. That was so good lol

  • Bertrand Zerpersande
    Bertrand Zerpersande

    If Michael Cohen was charged, and was acting on behalf of Trump, then Trump getting charge seems a natural result.

  • Jesse Welch
    Jesse Welch

    Why should Donald trump be in trouble? Because the left manufactured more baseless accusations against a man who was right all along.

    • Jesse Welch
      Jesse Welch

      @dave chongle The only thing that is all over is the constant libel and slander the left have generated for the last four years

    • dave chongle
      dave chongle

      lol all the information of trump breaking laws is all over, you cant miss it. look at his tax records. hes not president anymore and he is going to prison now. keep dreaming

  • KayKo


  • Alex Schmitt
    Alex Schmitt

    So I was going to say that the "grand" in Grand Jury is etymologically descended from the French word for large (Grand/Grande) and that the "petty" in Petty Jury is descended from the French word for small (Petit/Petite). Then I looked it up and it turns out there is no such thing as a Petty Jury, it's a Petit Jury and the word just does not survive an American accent. You can thank the Normans for the words "grand" and "petty" though.

  • Euan Stainbank
    Euan Stainbank

    We never asked for/wanted that impression

    • AvatarJacksonThinksFrogsAreCool

      but you got it and loved it

  • Mark Campion
    Mark Campion

    Intelligent guy who comes across as a decent guy also. But from a legal professional to be so biased against trump and Republicans is extremely worrying/disappointing. Imagine if someone, anyone was biased against Beijing Biden. They'd be destroyed. Im in Ireland so I dont give a shit about yer biases against people, but id expect a legal person to be unbiased. His is so obvious, its incredible.

    • dave chongle
      dave chongle

      facts and general neutral people are "biased" against trump. id say the person who is biased here is you. russian bot

    • nat cr
      nat cr

      is this guy really biased against Trump? as I watched it I realised he spends 90% of the video just talking about how the US legal system works and this would apply to any american citizen

  • bonerhalodude

    Pretty sure former presidents have legal immunity

    • KayKo

      I think it’s only Democrats

  • Steven Victor Neiman
    Steven Victor Neiman

    A very specific question I've been scratching my head about for a while: Supposing Trump was indicted, how on earth would they convene a jury for him? They had a hell of a time getting one for Martin Shkreli, and Trump is vastly more famous and divisive than he was. I'm not convinced you could find 12 mentally competent adult American citizens who don't have an opinion about him already.

    • Steven Victor Neiman
      Steven Victor Neiman

      @The Anti-Liberal Show The actual crime he committed was securities fraud, but he's better known for buying and massively inflating the price of lifesaving medication, and for various acts of public dickishness including the nonsense with the Wu Tang Clan album.

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      @Steven Victor Neiman lol fair enough. Glad you were able to separate past actions from the charges he was facing. That was my problem with Liberals on the Chauvin trial. Many didn’t even look at the evidence for the case & went with the mainstream narrative. I don’t know a whole lot about the Shkreli trial other than he jacked the medication up like 2000% & he purchased the Wu tang album lol

    • Steven Victor Neiman
      Steven Victor Neiman

      @The Anti-Liberal Show Chauvin at least wasn't already infamous for technically legal actions scummier than the crime he was on trial for. I, for example, would hear the evidence against Chauvin before making my decision on the off-chance that it was misrepresented, but Shkreli I'd give the electric chair even if he hadn't committed an actual crime. Also, there was a hilarious article I read a while ago talking about the jury selection process for Shkreli, which included such gems as *mimes wringing Shkreli's neck* and "the only thing I'd be impartial about is which prison he goes to"

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      Shkreli came to your mind before Chauvin?

  • Tanner Clark
    Tanner Clark

    I like you better when you don’t get into politics

    • Team Train-Wreck
      Team Train-Wreck

      @The Anti-Liberal Show And yet, you're still here... I rest my case.

    • AvatarJacksonThinksFrogsAreCool

      @The Anti-Liberal Show haha basic understanding of how IRbin works go brrrrrrr

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      Yeah I’m not a fan. Not sure why he went political. I could tolerate him before but now I just scratch my head thinking, “how can someone who has a law degree and a successful IRbin channel be so incredibly blind?” Who knows. His team clearly deletes any and all Conservative comments. If you organize comments by “top comments” then you won’t find a single dissenting opinion but if you go to “newest first” then you’ll see plenty. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ def not biased tho 🤡

  • Joe L
    Joe L

    Sadly trump is going to keep getting off because of a loop hole known as not actually breaking the law.


    this could lead to trump's return to power

    • KayKo

      I think Biden’s weakness on the world stage and Kamala’s laughter at the border crisis will be enough.

  • Clout Chasing 4 uTube Pennies
    Clout Chasing 4 uTube Pennies

    The impression was spot on

  • Blog of The W3st
    Blog of The W3st

    Have you ever done a show on sovereign citizens?

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne

    Ok, you don't like Trump. We get it. It's getting old and boring...and verging on pathetically boring.

    • dave chongle
      dave chongle

      @The Anti-Liberal Show you are lying, i see plenty of dumbass comments on vids years ago. what are you afraid of anyways? whats gonna happen if he deletes all conservative comments? someone who doesnt understand he first annendment will cry about censorship lol

    • Team Train-Wreck
      Team Train-Wreck

      Okay, you like Trump. We get it. It's getting old and boring...and verging on pathologically boring. :V

    • nat cr
      nat cr

      @The Anti-Liberal Show bro ngl..... you are kinda paranoid rn. OP'a comment has been up for a week and there's literally a guy shouting Trump 2024 some comments you

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      Don’t worry. He’ll delete any conservative comments while leaving any and all liberal comments thereby creating an echo chamber. Pretty easy to see if you sort comment by “top comments” and look through the comments and replies then sort by “newest first” you’ll see the ones that his team hasn’t stubbed yet. Perfect little echo chamber. Not sure what these liberals are so scared of but who knows. Maybe I’m crazy. 😂

  • Good Times
    Good Times

    oh be honest, he is never going to get in any trouble for that....this is america....

    • KayKo

      @The Anti-Liberal Show “Cmon man I thought she was 19”

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      Biden is a wonderful human being who’s never done any wrong. Ever.

  • aussiemedia1959

    Ok, here's a question. If Trump is charged with anything (probably won't happen ) then his legal team delay any court proceedings until 2024 and he wins office as POTUS again (probably won't happen) would he be immune from prosecution because he's President ?

  • Caroline Guess
    Caroline Guess

    What would jury selection look like if charges are brought against a former president? I just can't imagine any impartiality in Trump's case.

  • Barry Farmer
    Barry Farmer

    Merrick Garland has said that the the DOJ should defend Trump in his defamation case. Why is this as it's obviously not tied to his role as president what-so-ever? It seems to substantiate Trump's claim that he can do whatever he wants as president without legal reprisal if the president is going to have the full weight of the DOJ defending his actions. Didn't Biden state that the AG needs to be impartial? This seems to be far outside of the DOJ mission statement that indicates that their role is to uphold the law and ensure justice rather than defend those charged.

    • Violence Is Fun
      Violence Is Fun

      Fatttty 😂

  • Charles Quinn
    Charles Quinn

    Pro tip: don't pop xanax before you lay down in the tanning bed. You look like your hero (Trump)

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      Don’t worry. He’ll delete any conservative comments while leaving any and all liberal comments thereby creating an echo chamber. Pretty easy to see if you sort comment by “top comments” and look through the comments and replies then sort by “newest first” you’ll see the ones that his team hasn’t stubbed yet. Perfect little echo chamber. Not sure what these liberals are so scared of but who knows. Maybe I’m crazy. 😂

  • Johanna Leopold
    Johanna Leopold

    Objection: I bet former President Trump would love to testify in front of the grand jury after not having much of an audience in the last months, but his lawyers certainly would not like him to :p

  • Steven Tate
    Steven Tate

    for the most part these videos are very clear and informative but I got a question about something I thought was vague. I know a grand jury cant talk about the case while the case is going on but after the case is over can they talk or is it still forbidden. I know I see a lot of stuff on tv were the trial jurist are telling their tales.

  • Hyperb2002

    The lack of bias is both stunning and refreshing.

    • Hyperb2002

      @The Anti-Liberal Show I never actually knew that. I was just referring to the video, which didn't ring any bias bells for me (unless you count the impression, which I don't).

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      @Hyperb2002 Legal Eagles comment section. Yours is unambiguous so maybe not. I’m honestly not sure if you were being serious or not at this point. If you were being serious then I’d challenge you to go through the comment section “newest first” then afterwards go through the comment section “top rated” and also go through the replies. It’s pretty clear that any conservative comment &/OR reply has been removed thereby creating an echo chamber.

    • Hyperb2002

      @The Anti-Liberal Show My comment being scrubbed on- what?

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      😂😂😂😂 trolling right? That’s the only way to prevent your comment from being scrubbed on this page apparently.

  • michael bohannon
    michael bohannon

    This guy voted for Trump. You can tell.

  • InterwebIsPro

    How's the lawsuit over Lafayette Square? You still pursuing that? Lol

    • KayKo

      Are we still pretending that happened?

  • a dumbass
    a dumbass

    that impression had me choking on my tea lmao. i did not see that one coming

  • Nobel Ashraf
    Nobel Ashraf


    • AvatarJacksonThinksFrogsAreCool

      @Erg Gni haha I insult person mom am edgy

    • Erg Gni
      Erg Gni

      @AvatarJacksonThinksFrogsAreCool Lol are you thinking of your mom?

    • AvatarJacksonThinksFrogsAreCool

      @Erg Gni trumps gonna have a heart attack before 2024 lol

    • Erg Gni
      Erg Gni

      Trump 2024!

  • Nicky Priaulx
    Nicky Priaulx

    Great video (pity YT shoved a huge long ad about trading in there-so long that momentum was lost).

  • AmbrosiaNb627

    Actually a solid impression, lol👍🏽 😂

  • JonFawkes

    The fact that trump would brag about how "grand" his "grand jury" is really demonstrates his understanding of the system

    • Violence Is Fun
      Violence Is Fun

      Lose 200lbs, stop watching so much CP and move out of your parents house!

    • Erg Gni
      Erg Gni

      JonFawkes You're a simp.

  • Mark Yums
    Mark Yums

    If there are consequences for Trump, then there will be 4x the consequences for the Clintons. Not happening.

    • KayKo

      They’re Democrats so no

  • Canis

    I always found the jury naming convention odd. A Grand Jury is the unimportant one, a Petit/Pety Jury is the important one.

  • jenni davis
    jenni davis

    As much as I would LOVE to see former commander Cheeto and his associates go down I doubt it will actually happen. There have been precedents set for people who have never been held accountable for their actions to evade consequences because they've never learned that the rules apply to them. It is infuriating that the perfect learning opportunity is litigated away. At what point do consequences begin to apply with those who have escaped responsibility and dodged blame? I am waiting, hoping for indictment, hoping for justice, accountability, and proper consequence, but also waiting to see what Olympic level linguistic gymnastics his team of attorneys come up with to dash those hopes and ensure that entitled (insert colorful expletive laced description here) people continue to have the concept that rules don't apply to those with means driven home again.

  • Glenn F
    Glenn F

    that impersonation was fecking perfect haha

  • KeanuJeeves

    Holy **** your trump impression is terrible

  • Josh Faust
    Josh Faust

    Hey Legal Eagle, can you do a video on Fauci lying under oath recently to Rand Paul? Or do you just bash the right ?

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      Don’t worry. He’ll delete any conservative comments while leaving any and all liberal comments thereby creating an echo chamber. Pretty easy to see if you sort comment by “top comments” and look through the comments and replies then sort by “newest first” you’ll see the ones that his team hasn’t stubbed yet. Perfect little echo chamber. Not sure what these liberals are so scared of but who knows. Maybe I’m crazy. 😂

    • Garfie489

      And what exactly did he say, and how was it a lie? Because near enough every accusation i have seen completely fails any fact check or simple research.

  • Josh Faust
    Josh Faust

    You should do a video on ya boy Hunter B or maybe Patrice C ? Seems like there is plenty of juicy illegal shit going on there eh

    • The Anti-Liberal Show
      The Anti-Liberal Show

      Don’t worry. He’ll delete any conservative comments while leaving any and all liberal comments thereby creating an echo chamber. Pretty easy to see if you sort comment by “top comments” and look through the comments and replies then sort by “newest first” you’ll see the ones that his team hasn’t stubbed yet. Perfect little echo chamber. Not sure what these liberals are so scared of but who knows. Maybe I’m crazy. 😂

  • ButtercupJr

    Your impression made my day. Thank you 🙂

  • Ken Eaton
    Ken Eaton

    No charges will ever bring trump into court, he and the judges he has in his pocket put the Mexican corruption to shame

  • aciarduce

    13:37 I see what you did there.... . . . . . . . He ended the video.

    • KayKo

      Best part

  • Amateur Overlord
    Amateur Overlord

    Sun up to sun down the sons of a battlecry...

  • Michael McClung
    Michael McClung

    That suit I hope your pants don't look like that jacket.

  • WhoThrewThePewp

    If Trump or family is charged it will cause hell

  • Bullwinke̷le

    Dude, I can't even get 30 seconds through you videos, anymore, you have become such an obnoxious little poo. Go back to analyzing sitcom trials, those were funny.


    It might be jst me ,but , when u do ur trump impression . U kind of look and sound like bill Murray's character in caddyshack. hilarious.

  • Cheryl GirlTech27
    Cheryl GirlTech27

    @LegalEagle I don't like Trump either, but the impression was uncalled for. It invalidates your points by making you look biased and politically driven. I enjoy your content for the facts and information, not to hear your political comedy aspirations. Simply bad form.

    • AvatarJacksonThinksFrogsAreCool

      what???? people other than me are allowed to have opinions???? AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • artlessknave

    objection! trials don't determine innocence. no-one is ever charged with being innocent of a crime. how tf did you get a 500$ phone bill. wow. who are you calling, a moonbase?

  • Rafi

    Trump has to be the most scandalous ex-president I have ever seen in my life

    • KayKo

      Good thing Biden won’t be a scandalous ex-President since he’ll be dead in a few years.

  • James Jeanbaptiste
    James Jeanbaptiste

    Its like if Deadpool was a lawyer😏👍

  • rahmspinat

    Short answer? No. Long answer? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Kujakuseki01

    I really wonder how you can possibly have an undiluted jury if he's up on trial for criminal charges soon.

  • Abhinav Kc
    Abhinav Kc

    Awesome Trump Impression.

  • Don't Panic
    Don't Panic

    I really like your creative segues into your sponsors. Those little, ridiculous contrivances never fail to keep me around, listening to an offer I might need to know about. The meat of your videos keeps me tuning in, but the humor of those segues add such wonderful fun to the exercise. Sie sind wunderbar!

  • Mad Mac223
    Mad Mac223

    Hi Legal Eagle really like your videos, have you thought about doing one regarding what's been going on with Chevron and Steven Donziger lately?

  • Scott Lato
    Scott Lato

    Leagle eagles are can you do a video Paul Penzone sherif. of Maricopa County and how he likely in contempt of court of course you will not cuz you are allegedly part of the agenda that is tearing our apart Operation dark night where China will allegedly with sorrose money allegedly to put people in power via dominion voting machines allegedly and funding death by a thousand cuts allegedly there is a video where they explain to collage students they have to get Trump out and Biden in for operation dark night to work and funny months later we have patriotic funded audits It's amazing how one sided you are and I find it hard to belive the algorithm and other funding is why you have sold your country out to racist democrats and don't call them out on anything you are brain washing our young naive allegedly Just listen to how our troops act when Trump speaks and when eulogy giving racist Joey bribes Speaks cricket cuz ppl like you will ruin their careers as you push this agenda

  • A Fraser
    A Fraser

    Would you willing to cross check your sources with less biased media outlets? It'll lead to less alienation of your audience.

  • Dr. Barry Cohn
    Dr. Barry Cohn

    Bad suit. Donate it to someone's second hand clothing.

  • AeonStar1

    I have a question. New York prosecutors are mostly bound by the rules of evidence, but the grand jury proceeding is conducted in secrecy. Who vets the proceedings to make sure that the rules of evidence were followed, and can a true bill be thrown out after an indictment has been made?

  • Streeter

    Trump: My grand juries are grand, the like of which, nobody has seen the like of which 😂

  • JJ

    I genuinely love how pretty much every Trump impression I’ve ever heard is halfway between drunken slurring and that one stupid member of a cartoon henchmen group.

  • Aston P Y Kwok
    Aston P Y Kwok

    Cool segue to Ting mobile.

  • L P
    L P

    Superb impression

  • Iliketofly04

    Hey question, if someone put someone else into the hospital with near lethal injuries but the victims family decided to use their power of attorney to put the victim to rest and no charges were filed what would happen to the attacker

  • giveme5mins

    I can't...the sheer opening impressions killed me...hahahaha

  • David F
    David F

    Hey do you think you can take a look at the "balloon boy hoax" case? The Internet Historian had a good video a few years ago about how the police/prosecution were corrupt. Recently the family that was charged were pardoned. It is a compelling story.

  • Geist Junge
    Geist Junge

    @LegalEagle Suggestion for a LegalEagle reaction movie: the Wizard of Oz ... Should be lots of legal issues in that ... stealing shoes, killing old ladies with houses/buckets of water ... fraud on the part of the Wizard et c.

  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel

    LEGAL EAGLE! Can you check out some Scam-Games?! Namely 1-3 of the following? 'Dreamworld' 'Earth 2' 'Planet IX' Can you do at least the Copyright-Aspect of them promising you may own the Taj Mahal and other protected places/stuff/thingys?!

  • Ricky M
    Ricky M

    Bollocks nothing will happen

  • Krzysztof Olech
    Krzysztof Olech

    every episode: well, it depends. the end

  • RusTsea196T

    Who else watches these for the segues to the sponsor?

  • Kalepsis

    Come on, we all know exactly how this grand jury proceeding was leaked. As soon as they informed whomever in the Trump organization is about to be indicted that they have a right to appear before the grand jury they leaked it to garner sympathy for Trump from his fascist voter base.

  • redwolfcanisrufus

    If you didn't have a visual I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between your impersonation and the real thing

  • Amarianee

    8:17 as Emily D Baker would say, "the federal government doesn't f*** around."

  • joseph meany
    joseph meany

    all lies, Trump is and always will be the best potus ever.

    • AvatarJacksonThinksFrogsAreCool

      @Garfie489 ya

    • Garfie489

      Theres only maybe about 45 who were better than him

  • Clay C.
    Clay C.

    You know your info about various lawyerings but I don't think you want to go toe to toe with me on bird law.

  • Computer Nerd
    Computer Nerd

    I loved how you segued into your sponsor. 🤣

  • The Chumps been dumped.
    The Chumps been dumped.

    Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  • g00gle minus
    g00gle minus

    Trump for prison 2021

  • CEB Said
    CEB Said

    Here's the real question, was the impression an actual quote or not?

  • Nicholuas McNiel
    Nicholuas McNiel

    You do a great impression, I needed that laugh today. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lilly P. L
    Lilly P. L

    you should react to law school (korean drama) on netflix!

  • Klefthoof Robert
    Klefthoof Robert

    As long as Cuomo, Ilhan Omar, Rashida, AOC, Fauci and other democrat dogs are free and still have their job considering what they've done, there's no coming after trump unless you want civil war you communist freaks :) this is just posturing, dems know they will get civil war if they arrest trump...i hope they try i can't wait :D

    • Klefthoof Robert
      Klefthoof Robert

      @Darth maul Fair enough, i agree.

    • Darth maul
      Darth maul

      @Klefthoof Robert more like three worlds. A republican one, a democrat one, and then the real world where the centrists live

    • Klefthoof Robert
      Klefthoof Robert

      @Django Fett I could same the same for democrats but politicians and the media have made sure to create 2 different realities where republicans and democrats will never get along, all that we're left violence, and i welcome it.

    • Darth maul
      Darth maul

      So what you are saying is that you want south v north 2 electric boogaloo. I hope you know that you’ll lose

    • Django Fett
      Django Fett

      anyone that is still a trump supporter at this point you really are just so low IQ that there's no hope for you

  • Huge Ugly Gorillaz
    Huge Ugly Gorillaz

    Please do a video on the "For the People Act". Everything i see on it talks about how much we need it and how it'll fight corruption, but it doesn't explain what it is. I tried reading about it and I just got confused.

  • Renáta Tóth
    Renáta Tóth

    Can you do X-men

  • Dillon Schulz
    Dillon Schulz

    Are you sure the charges aren't Trumped up?

  • coolguyhino92

    LegalEagle Movie breakdown: National Treasure 1 & 2. Would LOVE to see the bottomless crime pit that is Benjamin Franklin Gates. Stealing the Declaration of Independence and kidnapping the POTUS is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Jesse Lifsey
    Jesse Lifsey

    Would you mind reacting to the trial of Dank and Dabby in Disjointed Season 2 Episode 4?

  • Rain Ortega
    Rain Ortega

    You have perfected doing Alec Baldwin doing Donald Trump lmaooo

  • Boris

    Humpty Trumpty takes a great fall and all the kings lawyers and all the presidents man will not keep Trumpty Out of the Penn

  • Martin Zarate
    Martin Zarate

    Never do that again.

  • orz4567891

    Sorry to say, but your Trump impression is one of the worst I’ve ever heard. But I love your videos!

  • Mike D23
    Mike D23