Another Trump Org Criminal Investigation?
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  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett

    It means all the freaking liberals are pissed... Nobody is teaming up against hunter Biden or Quomo

  • Adam

    Why are you so god damn biased?

  • John Beck
    John Beck

    And... The criminal investigation of the Clintons??? Your head is all jaw, and few, if any, brains. Integrity and core values? Not installed at the factory.

  • ̇

    Poor Trump. They just milk every story they can out of him.

  • Billy Wolf
    Billy Wolf

    It won’t go anywhere 😂

  • Dawahs


  • Rebecca Bush
    Rebecca Bush

    They ought to mind their own business....

  • RoxAnn Duran
    RoxAnn Duran


  • cheryl hinneburg
    cheryl hinneburg

    Still so much Trump derangement going on. Their just trying to make it even harder for him to run again.

  • J Jones
    J Jones

    “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”. Do we really want this to be our new normal in politics? Another attempt by the America hating, flag burning, baby murdering Marxist Democrats to criminalize political opposition with targeted political persecution. This is what happens in all banana republics.


    30 years and the people that are investigating the Clintons magically drop like flies. Want to talk about actual criminals? They sold firearms to terrorists that attacked an American embassy (and didn't sent help to said embassy even though they knew what was gonna happen). They had connections with Epstein. They bombed Serbia for no reason (and don't tell me it was because of the Albanians Bill didn't even know that Albania is a country) they Mexican gunrunning, the fact that Hillary admitted that she helped a pedophile go free and mocked the victim in a private call for every star in space there's a crime the Clintons have committed. But really matters is orange man bad. Edit Wait this guy looks like one of Hunter Biden's friends or associates I swear I've seen him in a picture with Hunter.

  • Mister Smith
    Mister Smith

    It’s so sad how poisoned American minds have become by the media.

  • Mz FranZ
    Mz FranZ

    What is the crime? I guess we can always make one up in New York eh?

  • Tyler Carroll
    Tyler Carroll

    Ikw who this guy voted for. Lol the guy who can't even conjure a sentence without asking for help to finish his thought.

  • rick schumacher
    rick schumacher

    What a joke

  • #somelivesdontmatter sldm
    #somelivesdontmatter sldm

    Greatest president in this world President Donald Trump

  • wes c
    wes c

    It seems that when it comes to Republicans being investigated many times it turns out to be a hunt for a crime rather than a crime that needs to be investigated.

  • Stanford Madden
    Stanford Madden

    Amazing so much work into prosecuting an outsider politician. But no one cares about Biden and his cheese smoking son.

  • Gunny B
    Gunny B

    Why do you only bad mouth Trump lol start talking about biden and his corrupt family you half a lawyer



  • Mario

    I wonder how many years will pass before people stop being obsessed with Trump, both supporters and detractors.

  • William Happel
    William Happel

    Trump 2024

  • Minzy Lawson
    Minzy Lawson

    Shut the he'll up!!!! I love you MR TRUMP!!!!

  • Winnipeg Music Lessons
    Winnipeg Music Lessons

    Fake news.

  • Matthew

    So full of hate you can't let go. Maybe look at Biden and his son and China

    • Zuurker U
      Zuurker U

      His son is not s government official... Trump have several chinese bank accounts... Trump is a Criminal traitor that should be held accountable.

  • David James
    David James

    What a waste of time and money. The statues of limitations will run out before it ever gets to court.

  • 41Fivin

    Honestly I'm sick of hearing about trump and his POSSIBLE court cases . Either do or don't cuz this stuff is so played and I feel like I'm stuck in a time loop. Everyday it's the same and it's boring. I'm not saying your channel is boring cuz it definitely isn't. Just saying the will they or won't they is stale. I won't believe it til I see it.

  • Dan Fernandes
    Dan Fernandes

    Blah blah blah Trump is a bad man blah blah blah fake russiagate hoax blah blah blah twice impeachment failures. Listen bro if they don't indict George Bush jr. For killing millions of innocent Iraqi civilians in an illegal War nobody's prosecuting Donald J Trump.

  • Donna Krueger
    Donna Krueger

    It is a fishing expedition. They are merely trying to keep him from getting back into the White House. Good luck with that.

  • Joe Torres
    Joe Torres

    If you don’t understand a lot of what goes on behind the scenes of this stuff I would recommend the series billions

  • Richard Richardson
    Richard Richardson

    I remember you trying to stay neutral on this channel. You did a valiant effort but man trump was just so slimy and criminal you had to just call a spade a spade

  • C ER
    C ER

    If I was a politician, I wouldn't open this can of worms. They all have skeletons in their closets.

  • Kenneth O'Brien
    Kenneth O'Brien

    Do you ever examine abuses from Democrats or is all just about ridiculing this on the Right?

  • That1powergamer

    If we get him for any amount of time in jail or prison I think I remember that means he can't run anymore so I hope that goes through.

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith

    Please quit using #45's name and call him the ex-pres or #45. He needs to be shunned.

  • Kaiser Sozay
    Kaiser Sozay

    There are at least a half a dozen reasons why that pompous oompa loompa should be in prison. GET ON IT A.G.!

  • James Rooks
    James Rooks

    Bring it on, 'tards! This PROVES it doesn't require intelligence to be a lawyer!😂

    • Angel Hare
      Angel Hare

      All of the offended trump supporters

    • Todd J.
      Todd J.

      The dude simply stated what is going on. This PROVES it doesn’t require intelligence to make a IRbin comment!😂

  • vuvuvu

    The hype to imprison Trump is like E3 hype. You know how it always ends!

  • Kelly C
    Kelly C


  • jim mueller
    jim mueller

    You Trump-hating lunkheads aren’t looking to prosecute the people in the highest levels of the Obama administration, the FBI, and democrat lawmakers who knowingly pedaled a fake Russian Narrative trying to take down a sitting president? They got Subpoenas, warrants and wire taps having to commit perjury in the process and none of you or this liberal shill of an attorney act as if nothing ever happened. If you were really concerned about our country then you would be outraged no matter which side did something this horrific. But you don’t care because, Orangeman bad. You are pathetic and the proverbial shoe will be on the other foot.

    • jim mueller
      jim mueller

      @Angel Hare if you aren’t a troll then you missed your calling. I honestly cannot believe that anyone can equate the Russian Dossier (which was started, as fate would have it, by Hillary Clinton and was later found out to be taken directly from a fictional work by the author of this dossier) and the attack on Benghazi Consulate (which good ol’ Hil’s allowed for the murder our Ambassador instead sending help immediately. She then formulated a cover-up backed by the Obama administration blaming the attack on a IRbin video, which was proved to be a lie.) which Clinton stood done like the cowardly Putz she is and allowed for innocent people to die. At this point, either you are a bot and/ or trolling. If you are not and you are just a simple minded moron too lazy to do even a cursory review of the facts then I can’t fix stupid and you, in your blissful ignorance, will remain unencumbered with the painful reality.

    • Angel Hare
      Angel Hare

      @jim mueller there's more to that then the endless Benghazi investigations

    • Angel Hare
      Angel Hare

      @jim mueller that was real too. There was Russian interference and there were Americans involved. Trump's people knew and some were complicit in in So its reasonable to assume or at least investigation And that Republicans blocked some witnesses is telling Just like they are doing now They are as guilty as hell and we all know it

    • jim mueller
      jim mueller

      @Angel Hare the investigation was real but the entire premise for the investigation was fake. I hope you aren't still believing in that Russian dossier fairytale?!?! If you are then try reading something a bit more recent regarding its validity because even the most, "orange-man bad" media sources have admitted to it being fake.

    • Angel Hare
      Angel Hare

      Because the Russian investigation was real

  • G. Waits4Gainz
    G. Waits4Gainz

    ooooooo pausechamp! hope it doesnt take 4 more years to see something from them. tho truth beats a witchhunt if anything. idk records mhm

  • Brett S.
    Brett S.

    Get him!

  • GlibertTheFrog

    No matter what you think of trump you have to admit some fight shit was going down

  • andrew slater
    andrew slater

    It’s always nice to be scrolling through IRbin shorts and getting a nice tidbit of news

  • krisdestruction

    I'm hearing: "It's either very big or it's very small". Obviously haha

  • dee MAVERICK
    dee MAVERICK

    Civil starts and now criminal. Surprised! I am nor. But knowing how much Trump hates Black people he is getting got by a Black woman. I live it

  • Help your cat to drive.
    Help your cat to drive.

    Goddamn, how much investigation does there need to be. This stinks.

  • pianowitz

    Bro I'm not normally this guy, but let's stop the Trump stuff I was a huge fan before, still a subscriber now but damn you gonna keep these going up indefinitely? Beating a dead horse a bit my guy. Let's change things up

    • pianowitz

      @Jesse not upset, basically an eye roll. It's good for clicks but law of diminishing returns is in play

    • Jesse

      Bro it's a 50 second video informing that there is another investigation. You must really sensitive if that upsets you at all.

    • BeansNToastYT

      He was the president to be fair.

  • cheese3821


  • Christine Yeigh
    Christine Yeigh

    I am so blessed Leticia the district attorney for New York is involved in this investigation of Old 45. I've heard her speak before she's highly intelligent has a very dominant personality and I don't think old 45's ever met a woman like her as he's never met Maxine Waters either. More power to her.

  • Joel S
    Joel S

    You are terrible

  • D-Real-Moop 78
    D-Real-Moop 78

    The new york ag and new york da are actively investigating a former President, while totally turning a blind eye to their own active Governor who has killed thousands of seniors, and ordered the cover up. SMH I can not wait to all of these morally corrupt people get what is coming to them.

  • ventana2u

    Or they are teaming up because they don't have anything.

  • Andrew Swander
    Andrew Swander

    Trump hasn't done anything wrong, if you do your research go now that Trump hasn't done anything wrong.

  • Mariusz Krawiec
    Mariusz Krawiec

    Lock him up!

  • Zakumei

    i hope they get his ass

  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson

    So basically the criminals are trying to accuse someone of crimes they dreamed up.

    • Randy Thompson
      Randy Thompson

      @Mn M Leftism is truly a terrible mental disorder that makes the afflicted see everything backwards and upside down. Trying to educate you people is an exercise in futility

    • Mn M
      Mn M

      @Randy Thompson Tax fraud (that he's bragged about), embezzling money from charity, racial discrimination (in his housing) and a variety of cases around Trump University being a scam. He has lost and had to settle in a bunch of lawsuits linked to the aforementioned cases leaving no doubt he is a criminal.

    • Randy Thompson
      Randy Thompson

      @Mn M Wait ,let me guess ,you are convinced that the New York A.G. has no corruption in it's system at all,right? And that all Democrats speak the truth. This would explain your backward point of view. If Trump committed a significant number of crimes , why can't you name one? I'll wait.

    • Mn M
      Mn M

      @Randy Thompson No they aren't criminals and no they aren't accusing people of a crime that they made up. They are investigating the actions of a man who's already been caught committing a significant numbers of crimes. So it's neither made up not an accusation. So on your sentence three different points were wrong.

    • Randy Thompson
      Randy Thompson

      @Mn M explain what you mean by, "No"

  • Mark E
    Mark E

    and they're being chased by the statue of limitations

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess

    Seinfeld post. This is a video about nothing.

  • Grunchy

    I see the collaboration between DA and AG being publicly announced less as a warning to Trump and more as a plea for anybody with evidence to come forward. Like, "anybody with any info please come see either of our offices."

  • 872215juan Contreras
    872215juan Contreras

    Legit would like to see the fake news👌ppls comment.💁

  • Dovar

    You people, behave exactly like a cult.

    • Mn M
      Mn M

      What are you talking about? Do you know what a cult is?

  • Creme Brulee
    Creme Brulee

    Is the text in the blue boxes out of focus for anyone besides me? I can't read it at all.

  • Neon Shadow
    Neon Shadow

    Trump seems to be able to avoid any consequences for anything he does so even if this went forward, he would someone get away and lay the blame at someone else's feet while he flees.

  • Jonboat Morava
    Jonboat Morava

    Wonder what would happen if the investigators were investigated.....

  • Ed Dale
    Ed Dale

    I can only hope

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones

    My wife is convinced that there will never actually be any substantive charges. That he is going to skate yet again. Part of her pessimism is related to the amount of time that has passed since Jan 21. Are you able to provide some context as to how long it takes to assemble a prosecutable case and why the legwork wasn’t completed prior to Jan 21? Thanks!

  • Jud Crandall
    Jud Crandall

    Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  • Kat Rand
    Kat Rand

    So from this I take it there is a possibility that Trump still might not be prosecuted. However, Letitia and Cy seem to be dedicated 2 bring him to Justice so I and very hopeful for that

  • Orden Just
    Orden Just

    I don't remember any big-name prosecutions of New York City Mafia dons while Trump was in office. Nor Russian mafia either. I guess that's just coincidence. But these investigations now do my heart good. Nothing irritates me more than the sight of a corral gate left open and swinging in the wind, even though the horses have long since escaped. So, by all means, AG's, show us the might and majesty of the law!

  • MrSlowestD16

    The NY AG is a ball of hot air a lot of the time, she's always hung up on politics and her image - actions walk.

    • MrSlowestD16

      @Geoffrey Sorkin Ah, gotcha, makes sense. Yea she's always adding politics where it doesn't need to be, but if her end-game is Governor it makes sense. Fuckin hate how political positioning and posturing always seems to make its way into DA and AG offices.

    • Geoffrey Sorkin
      Geoffrey Sorkin

      She wants to run for governor, so she's attaching her name to the Manhattan DA's investigation so she gets her name in the press when he indicts in a couple months.

  • Ugly German Truths
    Ugly German Truths

    Wait what? They are known to announce more cases than they bring before a court? Maybe that should be on your future list for deeper dives?

  • roy rogers
    roy rogers

    Can the AG investigate someone without a crime in mind but just because? That seems like targeted legal harassment.

    • Geoffrey Sorkin
      Geoffrey Sorkin

      The crime is tax fraud. They have been investigating tax fraud for years. Just because OAN says they are harassing Trump doesn't make it so.

  • 10cody7

    everyone and everything around trump has faced criminal charges and people still think he is a perfect gift from god....and those people literally can't be helped

  • Ealain studios Art
    Ealain studios Art

    im so thankful he who shall remain nameless isn't in power...with the Palestine/Isreal conflict he would have started another war.

  • George Wang
    George Wang

    Unless someone is actually being convicted and sentenced, i'm not paying attention

  • Gail

    They are just trying to prevent him from running in 2024.

  • Giraffinator

    I never expect anything good when it comes to Trump and any kind of legal repercussion.

  • Loki the Cat
    Loki the Cat

    It will be the Best RICO Suit ever. No one else will have such a great Suit.

  • tetleydidley

    Prosecutors engaging in stupid publicity stunts because their office is elected? Only in America.

  • Just another commenter
    Just another commenter

    It's like watching the fall of the Roman republic in real time

  • Day Late Gamer With Will
    Day Late Gamer With Will

    Lock him up

  • Brand Taron
    Brand Taron

    Who's Trump?

  • Sebby Plays
    Sebby Plays

    Idiot lawyer Trump is innocent

  • Nick Llama
    Nick Llama

    Burn Trump burn, Trump Inferno

  • Gerg Guy
    Gerg Guy

    Well at least they’re not putting BBs in the hands of people that think differently of them anymore at least they’re just going to terrorize him until maybe he doesn’t have enough money to give to his children good thing they’re successful on their own

  • polemius01

    It's a BIG if! Trump has always gotten away with his crimes. So far, there is no reason to thank that situation will change.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Trump will never see a single night in jail/prison. I'd love to be proven wrong but I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen.

  • tom builder
    tom builder

    thanks for all reports!

  • Lane Capps
    Lane Capps

    I'm not a fan of Trump. I can tell he's anti Trump. These lawyers have to be non bias. Hate him or love him, this lawyer is an ass. As a Biden supporter myself, there's a lot fellow democrats that done bad stuff yet he doesn't follow it. This guy is a disgrace.

    • нυмαη ƒєllα
      нυмαη ƒєllα

      @Lane Capps So it's unprofessional for lawyers to have opinions and if they share them it's rude? Forget taking it up with the 1st Amendment, what you need, Karen, is to talk to his manager.

    • Lane Capps
      Lane Capps

      @нυмαη ƒєllα I know what you mean. I'm not saying he's shouldn't be allowed to say that. Just saying it's unprofessional and rude.

    • нυмαη ƒєllα
      нυмαη ƒєllα

      He's not part of the defence or prosecution, he's not part of the investigation in any way shape or form so he can have any opinion he wants. Got a problem with that take it up with the 1st Amendment.

    • Jesse

      Hes covering the legal aspects of it because there are legal actions being taken. If you want him to cover biden why dont you tell me what's happening with biden in court right now? What biden court case could he cover? And its obvious you're a trump supporter lol. You're subbed to Trunp's personal news: OAN along with other conservative echo chambers like the daily wire and ben Shapiro. It's also obvious when you have to try to state you're a democrat when you express your opinion.. youre lying

  • stalbaum

    Those pants make you look naked below the waste in your thumbnail. But not why I clicked.

  • Sixxygrrl PDX
    Sixxygrrl PDX

    Or it could possibly be because they are sour that he wasn't impeached. Just a thought.

  • BuoyDix

    He won't see jail. Not unless they want Obama, Bush and basically any other living president to see jail.

  • Brendan Stubbs
    Brendan Stubbs

    They really trying to kill Trump legally

  • Offline Pacifist Online Fussifist
    Offline Pacifist Online Fussifist

    How terrible is his son.

  • John Grogan
    John Grogan

    At least Trump isn't trying to turn this country to socialism like Biden.

  • Simon the Blind
    Simon the Blind

    It's nice to know that, after clearly embezzling money, engaging in political extortion with foreign leaders, and provoking an armed insurrection in our nation's capital, someone has finally decided that Donald Trump -- or somebody close to him -- may have actually done something illegal.

  • Bubblegum Witch
    Bubblegum Witch

    Trump's fans are going to scream that it's all fake news and rigged.

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders

    Not sure why this videos is in portrait mode, because you can easily rotate your phone but you can't your TV or monitor. It's really a shame because I enjoy your content, but hardly ever watch IRbin on my phone.