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  • Monk of Mayhem
    Monk of Mayhem

    So if your a publicly traded utility company in America can you just decide to shut someones water off becuase they said a no no word?

  • Watching Videos
    Watching Videos

    So if Allah is just the Arabic translation of the English word God, why did the student have to put a foreign word in the pledge? She could just have used English, but perhaps she wanted to get a rise out of folks who value English and our county's pledge as it was meant to be said, per Congressional legislation in 1952. Is she a troubleaker?

  • ReplacedByDrumbot


  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    Enjoy all those new taxes. lol

  • Abdelhakim Akodadi
    Abdelhakim Akodadi

    Am I the only one who thinks his hair looks like Jimmy Neutron's

  • Pól Réamonn
    Pól Réamonn

    Good Luck!

  • Destin Harrison
    Destin Harrison

    Yeah but Google receives government subsidies, so it should be held to similar standards as public companies. (That's just my opinion tho)

  • John Hoppkins
    John Hoppkins

    That's because we don't worship Allah. We worship many different gods. Best just to say God

  • Worth It Candy
    Worth It Candy

    In my book, she was brave putting herself in danger just to get justice. We need more people like her; the fact she is the face of justice will only embolden the police to check themselves. I have been on many ride-along years, and I can tell you that there are many good cops. Police should turn in their own and save face before another building is burned down by right-wing extremists who blame African Americans every time.

  • Rob Ducharme
    Rob Ducharme

    I mean, obviously don't get in the way of the police when something sketchy goes down... I hate it when I see people with their phones recording, getting in their faces. Stand back and record. You'll be surprised how much more effective it is.

  • Jazz DIRT
    Jazz DIRT

    Best example still is John Oliver with "Eat shit Bob!"

  • Vacuzon

    if that gun want there he would have done it again the ladys like he already served his punishment but he never would have been caught if it wasnt for that shotgun .

  • Tiago Miranda
    Tiago Miranda

    You can film a police officer without a license?

  • Nero Jester
    Nero Jester

    Property has monetary value and so do human lives. Dont try to take one if you arent willing to lose either.

  • Reginald addison
    Reginald addison

    Use probable npt possible Never ask the witness for a conclusion

  • Alonso Guzman
    Alonso Guzman

    I love how this has more views than the original lol

  • George Tsagaris
    George Tsagaris

    Sorry you are wrong one nation under God period...

    • Don Cheadle Gaming
      Don Cheadle Gaming

      I feel like you didn't listen to the video

  • Keovar

    How long until they try to make it illegal to record a police officer without their consent?

  • TheRealSpeedy

    You agree to the death panelty by doing a crime.

  • Chas. Saunders
    Chas. Saunders

    At 20:00 he says police can extend/investigate because you remained silent. Supreem Court has ruled otherwise. 5th amendment gives you the presumption of innocence to the point that it CANNOT be used as suspicious activity or probable cause and the police must end the stop within a "reasonable" time to write the ticket and leave if there is no other reason to extend it.

  • 0nyx.Recon

    I was here hoping for news on how to break up the tech companies rip

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B

    What's the legality of you using clips from TV shows?

  • der.Schtefan

    LegalEagle is a perfectly balanced ....

  • harrifongostudios

    Wait a minute, riffing on the pledged of allegiance is viable now? Come on Cum Town Podcast

  • Amir Nemati
    Amir Nemati

    Smoothest clickbait on history good job man you really do deserve to be a lawyer 😂

  • Aiden Potter
    Aiden Potter

    The catch is that you have to be a lawyer

  • Alicia Gomez
    Alicia Gomez

    You need really to study your history.

  • Keith Shannon
    Keith Shannon

    I think the doctor in ER was just trying to get sympathy from the Judge and it backfired on him. I don't think he should get the award....

  • Adyot Kumar Singh
    Adyot Kumar Singh

    keeping up with the Kardashians - court edition I'm up for it

  • Keith Shannon
    Keith Shannon

    Yo being in my house without clothes is super comfy. Absolutely nothing wrong with not wearing clothes at home... but if on a video call you probably should.

  • sunny b
    sunny b

    the sad thing is, they're probably gonna pull a Nixon (if you win/won) and an "accident" will happen which makes it impossible to get most of the information

  • M K
    M K

    Given her family's use of unpaid labour I doubt she'd do very much good at all tbh

  • Suzanne Bryson
    Suzanne Bryson


  • Noah Stricklin
    Noah Stricklin

    Better call saul is amazing

  • Sergio Mora
    Sergio Mora

    Screw you imma watch it twice!

  • Alec Megherdijian
    Alec Megherdijian

    WHAT!? Physicians in Brazil work in their first year 130h/week to receive a salary not 10 F-ing % of this. And keep in mind this is living in Sao Paulo, a place AS EXPENSIVE TO LIVE AS NY... Man this blows my mind


    Jesus native tongue was not English it was Aramaic and he called God he said Allah.

  • Andrea Calza
    Andrea Calza

    ok...DENNY CRANE.

  • Malkaveer

    This reminds me a lot about the differences between what a public good is in an economic sense vs a philosophical sense.

  • Lewis Bey
    Lewis Bey


  • Markus Strangl
    Markus Strangl

    I'm actually surprised they didn't confiscate her phone when they saw her taking pictures. Woudn't have been too unusual for the police to try to suppress evidence..

  • bookfound

    Maybe the civilians should be wearing bodycams, to help keep an eye on police activity.

  • Andewy

    Or this could be a way to trick people into falsely confessing if they believe they are writing down all the possible crimes they think they would be charged of in relation to o e event? Let's boil it down to a simple traffic infraction... say you ran a stop sign... if you were told you would be pardoned of this if you wrote down everything you believe you did involving this one thing... you could put down numerous things down. Failure to maintain control, failure to yield, improper use of brakes, failure to stop, failure to obey traffic signs, etc. This might be what happened and why you should always hire a lawyer. I don't really have an opinion because I just don't know who or what happened.

  • Tom Roberts
    Tom Roberts

    "Boy you guys sure want to get away with a whole lot of homicide! Well, I'll try to help." lol

  • Klint Karas
    Klint Karas

    I think they mean almost always they are offered a plea deal first (to take the death penalty[hereby called D.P] off the table)... and since they choose to reject the plea deal and risk the D.P,they "chose it". Or they are just crazy.

    • Klint Karas
      Klint Karas

      "Or they are just crazy" meant the commenter not the hypothetically criminal.

  • SonoftheWay35

    Cover the episode where Huell get's arrested for assaulting a police officer (who was out of uniform). Would that really happen?

    • Bay Angelo
      Bay Angelo

      Should that have been a crime? No. We both know that assaulting a police officer is a crime _because_ of them being a police officer. If you don’t know that they are there’s no point to the intent (mens rea) behind the crime. Would it happen that a police officer shrieks the crime is assault of a police officer just to get the defendant in more trouble? ABSOLUTELY, and it’s happened uncountable times before, often with not-good results for the defendant. Honestly I think it has to be considered a form of entrapment before. At this rate a police officer in plainclothes could intentionally provoke someone (including by instigating the fight/throwing the first punch) and then get them for “assaulting a police officer”. It’s been done that way before too. How is it not entrapment every time?!

  • Jason Reed
    Jason Reed

    yeah i'm not sure what this video is trying to do... make us feel bad for lawyers for... living in NYC (more than just lawyers manage to live there)? for working 60 hours a week (many 40 hour a week jobs actually put in 60)? for ONLY making 200k (... i'm not even going to dignify that)? i'm missing something...

  • Nightmare Sparckle
    Nightmare Sparckle

    As a military worker the us is kinda serious garbage. So is the military and how it’s run.

  • Andrea Calza
    Andrea Calza

    if they look so hard at righteousness, virtuous behavior, honesty ... why do most lawyers become pieces of shit? "lawyers don't lie" ? .....seriously???I have seen many, many lawyers in my life and virtuous and with real moral principles, I have only known 2.

  • Jonathan Sanders
    Jonathan Sanders

    "Pledging your allegiance" sounds like something North Korea would make their citizens do...not America. It's just weird and creepy.

  • Mr. Rod
    Mr. Rod

    First time hearing this series. Man that was good! About to start binge watching

  • jerry wang
    jerry wang

    Basic economics definitions

  • Lee Banning
    Lee Banning

    I don't. This whole thing is a fraud. It's all entirely stupid.

  • Max Sanchez
    Max Sanchez

    No one said she’s not allowed to say you idiot, they have as much of a right to criticize her as she has the right to say it.

  • Patrick MacDonald
    Patrick MacDonald

    I know I'm late to the show but what if the dude starts spraying raid on any bees that enter his yard ?

  • Jonathan Sanders
    Jonathan Sanders

    So religious people are dumb??? No way!!! I was not aware of that 😉.

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller

    Go Sox baby

  • Eric

    Objection: the way you analyze Kavanaugh’s temperament is unfair given the allegations against him and the way they were handled by the democrats.

  • Nicholas Parmenter
    Nicholas Parmenter

    No probs broski I won't click the link

  • Christopher Neely
    Christopher Neely

    Who's STaul?

  • Savant Of Illusions
    Savant Of Illusions

    I’m ready to catch a charge

  • no thankyou
    no thankyou

    yay, kill tiktok

  • Rebecca Froehlich
    Rebecca Froehlich

    Your video inspired me to watch the Crazy Ex Girlfriend series. It's seriously fantastic! I would definitely recommend checking it out :)

  • Big Mamita
    Big Mamita

    If an Ohioan civilian reads the ORC cover to cover, does that give that civilian a legal advantage? You always hear "ignorance is no excuse" when no one ever reads the code unless they work in law or law enforcement, so would a civilian who took the time to read it have an advantage?

  • Sadan Yagci
    Sadan Yagci

    You need to review Suction Cup Man 4: Business or Pleasure. It centers around a court case.

  • Conner Turner
    Conner Turner

    ACLU has an app called mobile justice that basically livestreams your video to them so even if your phone gets taken by the cop the video should get released still, good thing to have.

  • Eric Celestino
    Eric Celestino

    Ppl often misunderstand the difference of a oligopoly and monopoly. And think the platform is somehow gov service

  • Nina Alexandra
    Nina Alexandra

    This is completely random but I was having a heated debate with my partner about the legal implications of that Fox TV show "I want to marry Harry". Where does the situation of impersonating someone and lying to "contestants" about their identity lie in the legal/illegal space?


    No, it wouldn't have affected my life. Banning Twitter would also be a great step forward as it's unbelievably toxic and biased. It's also not a human right as they claim. My life got so much better from just throwing my TV away 20 years ago and has saved me $30k which is invested in land.

  • Journey to Success
    Journey to Success

    She should give it another go She is a smart woman I’m sure and she has the money so she should give it another try And with her influence she would help a lot of people as a lawyer and she’s also nice so she’ll maybe make a good lawyer

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown

    Gotham's situation is meant to examine the fragility of rule of law, and how corruption jeopardizes the fabric of government itself. The police understand that if they don't arrest people for things, they might as well be legal, and they mostly seem to work this way, playing very loosely with the rules and laws. Gordon is the only one who does it with ultimately good intentions. Crime is so deeply embedded in Gotham that no legal retribution will ever stop it, because the legal system itself is corrupt. Reducing the problem to simpler parts and kicking the crap out of it is, therefore, necessary.

  • Gilmore Mccoy
    Gilmore Mccoy

    Thanks for sharing 👍🏽.

  • Dale America
    Dale America

    Holy shit... this guy is terrible lol

  • Arelias

    Such a stupid problem

  • tacocaT

    🎶“And I was singing my my this here itchy and scratchy pie…”🎶

  • Dale America
    Dale America

    I realize I'm a young lawyer but this is a terrible analysis.

  • David Ceja
    David Ceja

    Real Lawyer Reacts to the Trial of Tim Heidecker

  • Minuwell M
    Minuwell M

    He is giddy as a kid on a Christmas day morning

  • NPC #9361
    NPC #9361

    Nah, Xiden won't do anything. His masters in China wouldn't approve!